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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Phyllis Donovon Letter To The Editor August 22, 2009:

I found this Letter to the Editor most interesting and thought I would post it and comment on its content. First, I do agree that Clan of the Hawk in Evansville, Vermont is a blantant mockery of Native American Culture in general and more specifically Abenaki Culture. I do agree that Clan of the Hawk is a loose group of people, who have NOT PROVEN genealogically that they connect historically to any documented Abenaki people................ Phyllis Donovon goes on to say, "Nor are these followers related by blood to each other as are all other legitimate Native bands and clans."
Now, that last sentence I have to comment on. NO, these other alleged Native bands and clans HAVE NOT as yet either proven to anyone that they are genealogically connected to any Abenaki historical family or historical communities. So, this Letter to the Editor by Phyllis Donovon of Wheelock, Vermont seems to me , to be pointing the finger at Ralph Skinner Swett (not that agree with his historical or contemporary goings-on either) it appears that three fingers belonging to Phyllis Donovon are pointing back at whatever as yet unnamed "groups" she proclaims to be "other allegedly legitimate Native bands and clans". In my next post, I'll show a bit of documentation on Clan of the Hawk, Inc. so that readers of this blog can get a little bit more understanding....based on FACTUAL DOCUMENTATION.

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