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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another 'Wannabii wji Wannabiak' (or Wannabe of the Wannabe's) ... Hannibal F. Woodward ( formerly known as Anthony Jon Picanso)

Can you tell the difference between reality, a distortion, a lie, and or a manipulation? 

Can you tell the difference between an actual record document and Adobe Photoshop altered “evidence”?

Recently, while on several "Abenaki" and or "Wabanaki" Facebook Group Pages, I came across a prolific commentator by the name of Hannibal Woodward. 

A Wiccan Practitioner, who led others in that, for up to 22 years ...

Paints his face, wears a kilt ...

August 25, 2015 
2:56 AM
"Good evening, I came across your site from a friend of mine.  I happen to know Anthony Picanso from an ungodly amount of  years ago. As this is an image of myself with Tony.
I have no contact with Anthony/Hannibal, or however he is currently known. 
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to your reply." 

How Interesting to get a reply ...
I surmise that this woman wishes NOW not to be associated in any way with "Hannibal Woodward" and I do wonder why? Out of courtesy to this woman, I have 'blurred' her facial image in this photograph ... 

September 9, 2015 
10:08 PM
Subject: Re: Attn Hannibal picture

Good morning,

As far as Frith is concerned I have been considering how to respond. I have known him a long time.  His stories about his grandmother are true I met her personally about 17 years ago, his father who shares his name married his mother when she was pregnant and at the time it was scandalous. They did not fess to it until he was an adult. They even hid the baby for a year to "clear the air". They were devoted Catholic in an era where you did not do that. His step father is a very abusive raging alcoholic. 

As far as his stories about being native, he certainly believes these stories. If he is lying it's not conscious. He could be taking stories from Gram out of context while he was trapped in his body, he could have dropped his basket and did something with stories of being young. These stories of his grandmother however are real. So it may be a question of whether the grandmother was lying to her grandson. He was raised by her in the kitchen because of the abuse in the family. 

He was a Wiccan priest. This is true. 
He viewed the love of the land, the honoring of women, and community aspect of it as being a natural way of being in the world. 

The Frith now is not who he was back then. The accident has broken his spirit. 
True or not true, it is his belief in his Grandmother that is keeping him alive today and giving him a will to live. 
I am sad that he is so aggressive now. I feel I have lost someone important in my life. He has died even though he's alive.


September 9, 2015
10:11 PM
Sent: Wednesday, 
Subject: Re: Attn Hannibal picture

You are using my picture that has a beautiful memory of a beautiful time of someone who has effectively died ... to defame them. If you really are a man of honor, please take it off. 

Terradon [Birth Name: Shelly Johnson]

Take it off. I am contacting blogger to report your page and the image violations. 

September 9, 2015 
11:43 PM
Subject: Re: Attn Hannibal picture

I went back and looked at the page…  this page is harassment of Frith, a cyber-stalking and bullying of him.  
I am not Wiccan nor have I been for years.  But that is not my issue here. And neither has Frith been for years.  

And posting my previous name… has it occurred to you in your Spanish Inquisition that there might be a reason that I changed my name? 

This is completely irresponsible. Call your attorney, you are breaking the law. 


This woman "Terradon" a.k.a. Shelly Johnson implies that she (on August 25, 2015) to have "no contact with Anthony/Hannibal" AND YET on Google+ there is Jason Iler who she "spiritually" married and "Hannibal" has replied to her posts and so on. 

SO SHE IS DEFENDING HIS STORIES OF Bullsh** "Abenaki-ness" ... 

So he survived, and recuperated from the near-fatal Plane Crash ...

Suddenly since mid-to-late 2014 he discovers the Abenaki
He suddenly claims to be 

does a mtDNA test 
claiming his Grandmother taught him so much ...
Suddenly he's become 
a Super "Abenaki" 
with no genealogical proof
nor genetic indications
Nothing supporting his claims 
assertions, and stories

While I understand, from his posts that he has implied and claimed he has been doing video-taped 'hand-talking' and subsequently attempting to pick up in conjunction, the Abenaki language ... recently I began to inquire as to who he actually was and is. 

June 13, 2015:

He claimed that a tattoo on his leg, was 'Gluskabe' using Adobe Photoshop, when in reality the tattoo is in fact Wiccan, and of the "Horned God" of which by doing a simple google search (can educate someone who is naive) shows that this tattoo is very much in the likeness of "Pan" the Greek, goat-hoofed and horned / usually male human 'amalgamation'. 

He goes on to claim that the Wiccan ceremonies were 'mixed' into the Wabanaki traditional ceremonies. 

[While the Wiccan MAY have mixed Wabanaki ceremonies into Wiccan ceremonies, I doubt very much that the Wabanaki would have mixed the Wiccan ceremonies with their traditions, and ceremonies.]

While I understand that as individual human beings, of the Wabanaki area or not, to become or be 'Catholic' or 'Protestant' or 'Wiccan' is a personal choice and / or interest.

Wiccan is not of the Wabanaki Peoples, no matter how one tries to imply it so.

So, then on June 10, 2015, this "Hannibal Woodward" mentioned me in a Facebook conversation, that initially I was not a part of.

Hannibal Woodward: Neorah Elaine Tremblay, García, Kmett Mett, Diane Cubit, Douglas Buchholz, Sherri Stone M, (stone him, shall we stone him???? ) 
I am not stoopid enough to say huge bold claims, and not be able to back it up!!!! and I have Many Many More Bold things to say, so go head, SHALEEYE STONE ME, CAST THAT STONE, I AM A GREAT CATCH, AND IT, COMES RIGHT BACK)

Douglas Buchholz Why are you mentioning my name Hannibal Woodward in this thread of conversation?

Hannibal Woodward: Douglas Buchholz talking with friends??? I thought ... did you not find that interesting?? Nid8bak?

Douglas Buchholz: Where do your Woodward's come from? Is that an adopted surname or your birth given surname? My people are Woodward's on my mother's side. My late father was genetically a Smith whose ancestors came from the Netherlands in 1630's like many did.

Douglas Buchholz: Awani kia Hannibal Woodward? Kwatam?

Hannibal Woodward: Kwai nid8bak, Douglas Buchholz, I wish I could tell you we were blood kin sir. When I married, I took my wife's names, as I had been changed at a young age to my Portuguese Step Father who was horrible, the worst kind of childhood, so I did not wish his name. But perhaps we will find being inquisitive and passionate about restoration of our lands, a good enough bond Nid8bak.

Hannibal Woodward: Hannibal,I took cuz I followed Molly [Molly Ockett's mention of Hannibal Hamlin of Paris Hill, Maine], I was named after a pope I was supposed to be a Catholic priest, and served with bishops, My Abenaki Grandmother served him at her table, we were deeply involved with the church, but I was too wild, and was brought to meet a High Priest of the official coven of Beverly, Ma. where my schooling was passed, and I finished seminary.

Douglas Buchholz: Again, I will ask you Hannibal, awani kia? You are being seemingly evasive. Who are your people, mother's name, father's name, grandparents? If there is to be transparency and openness, then answering this is not going to be an issue and you will not hesitate with the answers.

Hannibal Woodward: Douglas Buchholz. I don't feel the need to answer to you please give some qualifying credentials, who do you think you are?

Douglas Buchholz: You are being elusive, deceptive and not transparent in your wordage herein Hannibal. I asked you a direct question. You are giving me ONLY indirect answers. This is not what a person who is connected to medicine, does. Kwatam nid8ba?

Hannibal Woodward: I am under no obligation to answer to you. I am not deceptive at all, I am simply ignoring your question.

Douglas Buchholz: Obviously I know who I am, and I do not hesitate to answer truthfully. But your hesitation is apparent, therefore I have to hesitate, and question your "credentials" both on this side, and the other.

Douglas Buchholz: Ego and or arrogance Hannibal? I rather surmise there is both on your part.

Hannibal Woodward: I know your history and know you've been denied and are bitter ... please sir, stop hurting other wabanaki, please calm your self.

Douglas Buchholz: Yet another wannabiak, I do think. He can't and won't answer a very simple question. Frauds don't much like transparency or direct question(s). I have been denied of what? Being a part of the wannabiak nonsense in VT and NH? Thanks but no thanks.

Hannibal Woodward: Douglas Buchholz, sir I am asking you to stop, and take this to another page, I love and respect your free speech, it is not for this forum, stop on this topic now sir.

Douglas Buchholz: You brought me in here Hannibal. You don't want to be truthful and transparent with me, yet you imply that you are my friend? How have I hurt the W'banaki when I am in communication with them? I do not play 'games' with wannabiak. And I will NOT apologize for putting the Wannabiak Dynamic out there and the actual physical documents, manipulations and lies out there. Obviously, you misconstrue my words what with your brain injuries Hannibal. As a Veteran you wearing the American Flag as a breech cloth or diaper, is very much disrespectful and I have alerted other Veterans to your video.

Now, I know that Hannibal Woodward knows these 4 Wannabiak groups in Vermont and has posted URL's of and advocates for these groups,  and of course, regarding Rhonda Lou Besaw (who married Anthony Grimes, and then later after divorcing her 1st husband, married later to Charles Francis True Jr.) 

... so this is what he meant apparently, by claiming 'I was denied'. 

Whatever ...

Mentioning his wearing the American Flag as a Breech Cloth let's show you those screen-captured images from his Youtube Video's:

To you honorable Military Veteran's out there, I inquire:

Is wearing the American Flag as a Breech Cloth appropriate? 

Anthony Jon Picanso a.k.a. "Hannibal F. Woodward" is a seemingly himself, a U.S. Armed Forces Military Veteran.

It's pretty damned pathetic, shameful, and disrespectful to see a veteran, disrespect the American Flag in such as way as Anthony J. Picanso aka Hannibal Woodward has done, as seen in this Youtube video. 

To no surprise to me, he, upon my question of "Awani kia?" (Who are you?) in Abenaki (as in, who were/are his parents and grandparents) Hannibal Woodward 'blocked' me from viewing his posts on the social media site Facebook any further. 

Suffice it to say his action did not deter me from becoming aware of the man himself. I have been evaluating his claims and assertions for some time now.

So let us begin:

April 17, 2015

Anthony Jon Picanso
Hannibal F. Woodward
"I, in no way, wish to misrepresent myself ..."

May 04, 2015

Notice that Hannibal Woodward did NOT provide any Haplogroup result of his (or possibly his mother or sister's) genetic FTDNA results in this image. Why not?

May 22, 2015

Hannibal Woodward subsequently used Adobe Photoshop Program on his computer, to then begin to alter the original image

He began adding arrows and the alleged (implied) "Tribal Identifier's" ... such as Abenaki, Mi'kmaq, Penobscot, Wampanoag, and Passamaquoddy.

This is when I began to realize, that this man, is not being honest, transparent, open, or truthful about his FTDNA mtDNA results. 

He lied about himself as well as his own ancestors!

Hannibal Woodward then posted the same image, "For the fellow that was inquiring ... my blood is Wabanaki" ... 

[Lies No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] It's pathetic that a man (or his wife Angela Woodward) spends the money to do a mtDNA test, and because they don't like the result, attempts to "hide" the results, and bastardize their own ancestors, to perpetuate their "Abenaki" Identity Theft. 

A woman posted a comment, asking legitimately of Hannibal Woodward, as to where did he find a genetic company who could test mtDNA that would or could identify tribes based on one's genetic test results.

Obviously, she didn't get so much as a reply or an answer to her question of him.

I will answer to her question: It is impossible

Apparently, she hasn't heard of or seen someone altering an image within Adobe Photoshop.

Humilitie (nee: Wheaton) from ENGLAND.
Mary (nee: Webb) 
Susannah (nee: Sheffield)
Rachel (nee: Blood)
Ruth (nee: Hall)
Ruth (nee: Leavens)
Eliza D. (nee: Winchester)
Jennie F. (nee: Ginn)
Iola Louisa (nee: Libby)
Pearl Francis (nee: Harlow)
Ruth (nee: Pearson)
Lucia Anne (nee: Vallone)
Anthony Jon Picanso a.k.a. Hannibal F. Woodward

Now, I will show you people what REALLY is shown by FTDNA, a very decent Genetic DNA testing company, upon testing results becoming available to an individual, testing their mtDNA https://www.familytreedna.com/mt-dna-compare.aspx (mother's direct female line), ... yDNA https://www.familytreedna.com/y-dna-compare.aspx (father's direct male line) ... or atDNA http://www.isogg.org/wiki/Family_Finder or https://www.familytreedna.com/family-finder-compare.aspx (both mother and father's ancestry through Random Recombination):

Notice that the mtDNA Haplogroup for the genetic testing party is SHOWN, right on the webpage for the Migration maps.

"The mt-DNA frequency map shows the frequency of certain haplogroups in the FTDNA database and is not a reference to the haplogroup determined for one individual through the mt-DNA test

A person can only have one mt-DNA haplogroup and will never have percentages of different mt-DNA haplogroups." 

When you 'mouse' your cursor over the pie chart's and click, then open in a layered effect, and it gives percentiles, generally for the whole of the FTDNA database. Again, this map is NOT the percentages of the Haplogroup of the individual tester's results. 

For example, Hannibal Woodward formerly known as Anthony J. Picanso, through mtDNA testing couldn't have actually determined both of his grandmother’s, their grandmother’s and their grandmothers through this mtDNA test he took. 

He can ONLY get the mtDNA result of his one biological 'genetic contributing' mother, who is in fact, Lucia Anne (nee: Vallone) Picanso, she got the mtDNA from her genetic contributing mother, and so on ... going directly back through the female ancestral line. No males included. Understand?

mtDNA is in RED

Everything I have shared and stated in this post is independently verifiable by other qualified genetic and genealogical researchers about mtDNA and about "Family Finder" at FTDNA. What it does, and does not do.

"It hurts us as a people when stories are made up, traditions are made up, and incorrect information is spread, but at the same time, we ask ourselves who are we to judge?" 

In conclusion:

If it hurts you all as a people when stories are made up, traditions are made up, and incorrect and unsubstantiated claims are spread about as truths, and yet you all do not address and confront these wannabiak, the problems and identity confusions become larger and more dangerous to you as a people. 

IGNORING or HOPING the 'Abenaki Identity Theft' by Culture Vultures of the Wannabiak/Pretenders ... will not make this reality or dynamic go away or disappear. It's easier to pretend the problem doesn't exist. Apathy ... 

Anthony Jon Picanso a.k.a. Hannibal Woodward's Adobe Photoshop altered image ought to look truthfully  as follows:

Yet another up and coming self-proclaiming "Chief" ?
 Howard Franklin Knight Jr. 
Nancy Millette - Cruger - Lyons - Doucet 

He refers on a PUBLIC Face Book website to his father as a "shit bag" and his own mother as a "whore"

And yet, he derives his alleged "Abenaki" ... Penobscot ... Mi'Kmaq ... Passamaquoddy ... and Wamapanoag genetic contributions 

This is Tradition? This is Respect? This is Love? This is Honor? 

All these "tribes" of wannabiak ...

coming out of the woodwork ...

claiming to have been "hiding" in plain sight

like termites

all dressed up in leathers, feathers

and beads ....

claiming they have traditions 

from Grandma Said So stories ... 

while Grandpa laughed his arse off silently ...

at the sudden appearances ...

of these Wabanaki Pretenders ... 

Can you tell the difference? 

This man, who is in fact Anthony Jon Picanso born July 26, 1969 in Beverly, MA and took the name of 'Hannibal Woodward' (February 09-17, 2009 per his marriage to Angela D. Woodward) today, and now calls himself 'Comet' ...

(He claims and implies genealogical decent from "Metacomet")

1. Disrespected his own genetic mtDNA testing results by way of FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) 
2. Disrespected the American Flag as a veteran of the Army. 
3. Disrespected his own mother and father.

This is just another wannabiak, amongst the many wannabiak claiming to be Abenaki, etc.

I know what/and who he is ... 

And I also know what/ and who he is not. 

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