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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lewis Henry Bowman and Joseph Edward Bruchac Research Time Line Part 8

Specifically, go to 33.55 and also more importantly 39.21 of this event and speaking engagement of Joseph Edward Bruchac III.

I also bought and read Joseph Edward Bruchac's books over the years:

I've also reviewed many published documents by his sister Margaret Marie Bruchac-Kennick:

One more round of applause for the Bruchac's?

I think not.

Let's make this very clear. The ONLY accomplishment they have done, to my thinking, is duping the public and Native People's into believing as they do, that "Jesse Elmer Bowman was an Abenaki."

Which is not true.

It has always been a figment of his grandson Joseph Bruchac' imagination, published in his books.

March 20, 2015
From an Abenaki man from and of Odanak:

"It's not about hating ... it's about the the truth. 
A family of cultural profiteers to the detriment of my cultural and heritage. 
They [Bruchac's] are not sympathizers to the cause but usurpers for profit. 
Like the sayings goes, repeat a lie long enough and it becomes a pseudo-truth. 
They say they got the support of Odanak, unfortunately that's not true. 
The only support they got up here is from one family, the vast majority of our band are not duped by them nor will they be.
Saying your Indian at heart doesn't make it so!"

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