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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A genealogical romp into the Rines-Ingerson folks from Littleton, N.H. and Jefferson, N.H.:

1st document: Ebenezer Rines married to Susanah "Susan" Smith on September 25, 1845 in Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire. He was the son of Henry Rines born September 10, 1772 in Lebanon, York County, Maine and who married to Alice "Ellis" Miller born in Alton Bay, Belknap County, Maine. Henry Rines died September 10, 1851 in Jefferson, Coos County, New Hampshire. Alice (Miller) Rines died August 01, 1858 in Jefferson as well. No they did not die in a Teepee nor in an Abenaki Village....
Ebenezer Rines died September 04 1863 at Point Lookout, Maryland and his wife died November 11, 1895 in Monroe, New Hampshire after having remarried to William Sherwood on March 01, 1869 in Dalton, Coos County, New Hampshire. It was William Sherwood's first (unknown) spouse that he had Emile Sherwood who married to William Stephen Rines March 13, 1866 in Lancaster, Coos County, New Hampshire. William Stephen Rines was born April 24, 1846 in Littleton, New Hampshire to Ebenezer Rines and Susannah Smith. His second wife was Emeline Merrill whom he married in December 1873, and later he married a third time to Emma Elliott on March 03, 1888. This 3rd wife Emma Elliott was a sister to William H. Elliott, who first married to Flora Ella Woodward, daughter of my fourth great grandparents brother and sister.
2nd document: Almira Rines was born in Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire on August 21 or 29, 1850 (NOT in some alleged Abenaki Village in Jefferson, N.H. as Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet would have folks assume/believe/think). This Birth Record is from Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire right where Nancy Millette-Cruger was employed at the Littleton Coin Factory, The Littleton Pizza House, and as the Littleton, N.H. "Town Promoter" for a number of years. Why she could not have discovered these genealogical records of her own Great-Great Grandmother Almira Rines-Ingerson is quite puzzling......then again, perhaps she had a story to tell, and if these records came to light, well that would have spoiled her endeavor with these folks from Swanton, Vermont led by Homer St. Francis Sr. and his supporters. She had a Show to put on, leathers & feathers, and all that, for the Littleton, N.H. Politicians, and the general public.
3rd document: This is from the William Presby of London, England & Taunton, MA & his descendants 1690-1918 by Joseph Waite Presby. Rutland, Vermont. Tuttle Company 1918. Obviously, Nancy Doucet never found this book, and realize that Flora Una Ana Ingerson - Hunt was actually Flora Eunice Ingerson - Hunt. Then again, since 1918 this information has been published in a book. Regardless, Nancy Doucet (formerly Cruger and Lyons) merely wanted to go about "In-di-an-izing" her Great-Grandmother Flora's middle name, etc. Kind'a like what I did with that whole Salmon Raven Deer business years ago.
4th & 5th document: This is the 1880 Federal Census done on the 14th day of June, 1880 in Stewartstown, Coos County, New Hampshire. From this documented Census, seeing that the children of George W. Ingerson and Almira Rines were on Inmates at the County Farm, and not in Jefferson, N.H. with their father, and their mother not-to-be-found....I genealogically thought that perhaps their mother Almira Rines - Ingerson had died before June of 1880. Later research by Faith Kent of Lancaster, N.H. and also my own research found that Almira had not only died by June 1880, but that she had remarried as well, leaving George William Ingerson with their six (6) children. At approximately six (6) years of age, Flora Eunice Ingerson was at the Coos County Poor Farm up in Stewartstown, N.H. with her siblings.

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