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Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Information on Almira Rines-Ingerson-Pollock, etc:

1st Document: Almira (nee: Rines) Ingerson (after having left her first husband George W. Ingerson and her children of that marriage) remarried to John Pollock on June 17, 1879 in Bethlehem, Grafton County, New Hampshire. Almira's daughter Flora Eunice Ingerson (who later married to Henry Otis Hunt) would have been 05 years, 02 months, 23 days of age (IF as stated on Flora Eunice Ingeron-Hunt's Death Certificate, she was indeed born on March 25th, 1874) (yet I have a date of September 09, 1874 for Flora Eunice Ingerson-Hunt's birth on another document) at the time of her mother's second marriage. Flora Eunice Ingerson would have just about been 5 years old if using either date of birth. How many alleged "Abenaki teachings" and/or motherly lesson's do you folks think Almira Rines-Ingerson would have taught her daughter Flora, and for Flora to have retained those "teachings", etc.? THINK ABOUT IT.
2nd document: If the 1st document didn't confuse you folks, then this probably might confuse you....when comparing the media published articles in which Nancy Millette/aka Nancy Cruger/aka Nancy Lyons/aka Nancy Doucet had stated "her Great-Grandmother Flora Una Ana Ingerson-Hunt was taught by her mother Almira, who were both born in, and from the Abenaki Village in Jefferson where they are digging right now" bla-bla-bla-blah, then this document ought to solidify a bit more on the matter. Almira Rines-Ingerson-Pollock DIES on February 05, 1880 in Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire! Notice on the Death Certificate, that both of her parents were not from no alleged Abenaki Village situated in Jefferson, N.H. either. Her father was from Lisbon, N.H. and her mother was from Lyman, N.H. according to this certified document. Also in approximately April of 1879, John Pollock and Almira (nee: Rines) Ingerson-Pollock had a daughter Annie Pollock in Littleton or Bethlehem, N.H. who died August 30, 1881 in Littleton, N.H. at the age of 02 years and 04 months of Scarlatina. No mother is listed on the young girl's Death Record at the Littleton Town Clerk's Office, except that said mother was born in the U.S. Father being John Pollock born in Canada. John Pollock could possibly have had a daughter by-another-woman whom he didn't marry, but it is highly unlikely. On the marriage record to Almira, he states that it was his 1st marriage, and Almira indicated it was her first marriage as well, but obviously, looking at the historical records this was not the reality or the truth of the matter.
3rst Document: George William Ingerson (after his first wife Almira Rines-Ingerson left him with their 6 children in Bethlehem or Jefferson, N.H. and had died in February 1880) he remarried to Sarah Maria Howe on November 18, 1880 in Haverhill, New Hampshire. George W. Ingerson's mother was Eunice Wilbur (nee: Presby) Ingerson and his father was Jesse Ingerson. George's father Jesse had married to Eunice in Lyman, N.H. on February 04, 1841. Jesse's first wife was Elvira Mehitable Wilson whom he married in 1809. From this first marriage Jesse had a son William Henry Ingerson in April 1819 in Jefferson, whom married to Elmira Bergin on June 20, 1839 in Jefferson, N.H., she being the daughter of Isac Bergin and Betsey Stone. Thus, George William Ingerson and William Henry Ingerson were half brothers. Both of their spouses were named Almira or Elmira Ingerson after marriage. They lived near or beside one another's farms (as did the Applebee relatives) and Emira Bergin-Ingerson's brother Ira Bergin did land transactions with George W. Ingerson. Elmira (Bergin) Ingerson died December 05, 1885 in Jefferson, N.H. Nancy Millette-Doucet obviously was confused as to the Death Certificate being her Great-Great-Grandmother that was sent to her by the State of N.H. Vital Records Department down in Concord, and by the way she had email attached that particular death certificate to me in September 2005. A simple trip to the Lancaster Library and onto the micro-film reader to obtain the obituary for Elmira (Bergin) Ingerson clarified which of these two "Elmira/Almira" Ingerson's had died in December 1885.

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