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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Almira (Rines) Ingerson - Pollock's Death Record of Feb. 05, 1880:

This is the actual image from the Littleton Town Records for Almira (nee: Rines) Ingerson - Pollock's Death. This obviously shows that this is Flora Eunice Ingerson - Hunt's mother having remarried to John Pollock BEFORE she died February 05, 1880 in Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire. Some folks will say to SOURCE my Family Tree Maker information. I have the SOURCE DOCUMENTS to substantiate what is in my FTM database and as time allows I will be putting the genealogical records on this blog, etc.
So, I am wondering whether or not Almira (Rines) Ingerson (who abandoned/left/divorced her 1st husband, leaving the care of this very young daughter Flora Eunice Ingerson to the girl's father George W. Ingerson, just how many Abenaki cultural lessons, medicines and the like Almira allegedly was able to pass on to Flora Eunice Ingerson. Did she or didn't she? Was she even able to pass on much of anything at all that Flora Eunice Ingerson would have remembered into her adulthood? Anyone with any sense of raising a 3-4-5 year old child, knows that to keep the attention span of that child for very long is nearly impossible. I am not sure when Almira Ingerson abandoned her 1st marriage and children (more genealogical research will have to be done) but from what I have researched thus far, Flora Eunice Ingerson didn't know her mother for very long sadly said.

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