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Friday, October 16, 2009

August 15, 1997 Odanak Letter Regarding Walter Watso and Howard Franklin Knight, Jr.;

I just got this via email attachment from someone. Earlier in this blog's content I have made certain conclusions about what was going on (based on various documents) regarding all these so-called "Chief's" and or self-made "Grand Chiefs" and or their "Diplomatic Ambassador's". Please see my blog post of Monday, July 20, 2009 entitled "Some Newly Found Older Documentations from 1996-1998" regarding this.
NOW, what makes this two page document quite revealing is this shows Odanak SINCE 1977, DID NOT empower Walter Watso in ANY position of authority or representation of that Abenaki Community thereafter. SO, in FATCUAL DOCUMENTATION from the LEGITIMATE AUTHORITATIVE REPRESENTIVE of Odanak, meaning Gilles O'bomsawin CLEARLY states in this letter to Howard Franklin Knight Jr. of Newport, Vermont that Walter Watso was misrepresenting himself as an "empowered" active "Chief" of Odanak AFTER 1977 to not only Homer St. Francis but also to Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet, and to Howard Franklin Knight Jr. himself while down in the United States!
In conclusion, Walter Watso, yes, may have indeed BEEN (in the past-tense) prior to 1977 WAS a Chief of Odanak, Quebec, Canada BUT NOT THEREAFTER. So what does that mean to anything he signed or the like thereafter?! He took that Odanak Stamp "Seal" (stamp) of Approval, brought it down south of the Border, and began making so-called "Diplomatic Ambassadors" and the like, left right and sideways, and obviously from this letter of August 15th, 1997 Odanak was declaring that Walter Watso held NO Official Office within that Abenaki community after 1977. Seems obviously documentarily that Fraud, Manipulation, Deceit, Deception, and the whole nine yards was going on.
Now, go back through time and who was Jeanne Lincoln-Kent, and Nancy (Millette) Doucet propping up in their emails, postings, and blogs? The answer is Walter Watso, Homer St. Francis Sr., Howard Franklin Knight Jr. Daryl Larocque, and so on. All of them standing on falsehoods and FALSE POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY. Walter Watso was a good decent person, I knew him, But he had no power, and no position of authority to represent Odanak after 1977 into the 1990's. He sought power, and to fulfill his ego. He couldn't get that from his own home community of Odanak, so he came south of the Line (into the U.S.A., in particular Vermont and New Hampshire as the documentation shows). Thats my thinking about all of these historical records anyway. IF I am wrong in my conclusions then prove me wrong with documentation that contradicts my opinions and suppositions. Here nor there, this document speaks for itself.
Another thought about this letter, WHY wasn't this document "shared" with anyone else within these alleged Abenaki "groups" at the time of August 15th, 1997 and thereafter, by Howard Franklin Knight Jr.? The answer is obvious. Look at who empowered him and all the other names from that August 20, 1994 Unity Meeting in Evansville, Vermont? These folks were slapping each other on the backsides, smiling like beavers like beavers eattin' sh** out of a comb, thinking that they were going to get Recognition from the State of Vermont, and then they marched across the Kwenitegw (Connecticut River) into New Hampshire with Walter Watso, right along with them. Again, the Attorney General's Office's and the Governor's Office's of each State NEEDS to do a thorough investigation of these alleged so-called legitimate "groups" activities. Are these alleged Abenaki "groups" really representing the Abenaki, or are they false, imposter's against the REAL genealogically legitimate Abenaki People?! The States of VT and NH NEED to demand the genealogies of these people before these alleged Abenaki "groups" in Vermont or N.H. and BEFORE these alleged Abenaki Groups gain State Recognition through the Legislature's of Vermont or N.H. So, look at this letter, do the homework within this blog, do the math, do the homework, add it all up. But WHY was Howard Franklin Knight Jr. "hiding" this document from the PUBLIC of Vermont/ N.H./MA/CT/ME/N.Y./ and Quebec, Canada? Because, the answer is that this very document shows and provides the evidence that the man late Walter Watso had no position of authority after 1977 nor was he a representive of any political authority of Odanak to do anything within the United States with any of these people in the States! These people built all of these alleged Abenaki so-called "Tribes" and or "Bands" on illusions and distortions, manipulations, and deceit. Howard Franklin Knight Jr. propped himself up on the signatures of Walter Watso, etc, unbeknownst to the late Gilles O'bomsawin to my thinking. I find these documents fascinating, keep 'em coming.
I want this blog to SHOW and PROVIDE the actual REAL Historical History of these so-called Abenaki Groups of Vermont and New Hampshire.
FOLLOW THE LINES: 1. Walter Watso empowered Homer St. Francis Sr. on January 10, 1977 (See The Original Vermonters, Native Inhabitants, Past and Present by William A. Haviland and Marjory W. Power Page 257~Photograph, and Appendix B, C in the back of the book).
Was that particular document from Odanak and Wolinak (Becancour) Abenaki Band Council Resolution of January 05-08-10th, 1977 RATIFIED by ALL of the Band Council, or was/is it yet another possible distortion and illusion created by the late alleged Grand Chiefs of the Abenaki Walter Watso and Homer St. Francis Sr. & Co., in order to b.s. the State of Vermont and New Hampshire?
Walter Watso empowered Darryl Richard Larocque, and Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Cruger-Lyons-Doucet, and her 1st cousin Richard Ray Hunt, and many many others. Which was based all on the implied ~FALSE ~ b.s. because Walter Watso was not holding any position of authority as an Odanak Abenaki member (after 1977). Homer St. Francis Sr. empowered Alan Martell to create the Abenaki Nation of N.H. (which in the course of events also empowered Charles Francis True Jr. and Nancy Millette's other cousin Rhonda Lou nee: Besaw who now represent that organization here in N.H. that is a Trade Name "doing business as") , and also Nancy Millette there in Bethlehem, N.H. with her "First Nation(s) of N.H.". Grab ahold of a life-jacket because the crap flows downward. Look at the origins of these "Groups" who were signing what, when and where, and how all these so called "Abenaki" groups came to be all over Vermont and New Hampshire. I will be posting the documents rest assured on this blog. The Nulhegan Group came out of Clan of the Hawk, and this other group up in Newport, Vermont calling themselves the "Algonquin Wabanaki Sovereign Nation" which has popped up via the late alleged "Hereditary Chief" Sly Fox a.k.a. David Andrew Hill and his wife Princess Sheila Hill a.k.a. "Running Water" apparently as well came out of that Clan of the Hawk group that was created by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. a.k.a. "Grandfather Circle" etc. The whole mess appears to be operating like some wannabe Indian Herpes Virus and it seems to have spread far and wide across N'dakinna indeed! We all need to be vaccinated before it is too late.
(I have to laugh some more)

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