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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Regarding Jeanne Kent's Recent Posting:

Here is the link: http://www.morningstarstudio9.com/apps/blog/
When I recieved the "forwarded" email from this person only identifying themselves as an "Anonymous Sender" they'd sent it to me stating that it was from Olidahozi, Jeanne Lincoln-Kent's Yahoo Group that she moderates, controls, censors members ability to bring up discussions she does not like or feels are inappropriate for HER Yahoo Group, and thirdly, even without any discussion or warning, she just removes the member from being a member, end of discussion. Even about Abenaki Recognition Issue's.
So I can only come away from these previous days, and conclude that maybe it might perhaps have been HER who has been the "Anonymous Sender" whose been sending me these attachments from HER own Olidahozi site and also HER Morningstar Studio website.....in order to do "whatever".....Well, whoever it was that has been sending these attached documents to me apparently knows her, and doesn't like Jeanne Lincoln-Kent anymore than I do these days. I haven't been on her Morningstar Studio's for a very long time. Of course, I was kicked off of Olidahozi back in around February 2008, which since then I haven't missed at all. Yet folks find sometimes the need to "forward" me what is said on there in regards to my blog here, or about me.
I find the "situation" that has cropped up since posting Almira (Rines) Ingerson-Pollock and Flora Eunice Ingerson-Hunt's PUBLIC RECORDS/ Birth~ Marriage~and Death Document information.... to be quite informative to the readers of this blog. Within 24 hours after I begin to address the reality of these distortions and manipulations by these persons, immediately Jeanne Kent got an email from Nancy Doucet, which Jeanne Kent then forwarded to the "followers" of this blog, etc. Why? Because I blocked her and Nancy Millette-Doucet (and Nancy's new husband) from sending emails to me. They are afraid (and paranoid) of the TRUTHFUL Documentation coming out, for the Public to Review and Study. So that the PUBLIC and the Legislature of Vermont might be able to make a more informed and aware conclusion about these "groups" and their followers/members "alleged Abenaki genealogical connections" both historically and contemporarily speaking.
Reviewing Jeanne Kent's blog entitled Morningstar Studio.... yet another question.... I found needing answering...."How come Jeanne Kent claims to be Abenaki of the Bear Clan through the Watso/Capino family of Odanak and signers of the Robertson's Lease in Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont?
Please see this blog's posting of Saturday, September 26, 2009 entitled "Paul Pouliot's Entry into the Howard Knight Jr. Group and Jeanne Lincoln-Kent Happenings: Document 2.
In conclusion to her statement "that she is Abenaki of the Bear Clan through the Watso/Capino family of Odanak, Quebec, Canada".... a question begs to be asked and answered by both Odanak's Tribal Officials and by Jeanne Kent herself...... WHY isn't she recognized up there officially then? Is her genealogical records as to her claims clear and convincingly connected to the Watso and Capino families from up in Odanak, Quebec (a definitively historically documented Abenaki Community) Do they even know her family?, do they even know her? I do hope to get an actual answer from either or both soon by email or by regular mail.

And if Jeanne Lincoln-Kent is allegedly from one of those Abenakis who signed the Robertson's Lease, then why isn't her ancestral connections and herself, a part of the Bureau of Indian Affair's Recognition Petition materials that were evaluated by the B.I.A.? hmmmmmm. Something to thing about........

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