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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Caledonia Record Newspaper Article June 09, 2006:

The first sentence I agree with 100% percent. That's WHY I am showing the documented historical records for what they are. Aside from my biased commentary, these documents speak for themselves. I have seen no documentary evidence that the Vermont Eugenics Program sterilized any women, men, elder's or children of the Abenaki, "because they were Abenaki". If such documentary evidence exists and is available from the people alleging that this happened, or from the State of Vermont or New Hampshire, please communicate with me and provide the documentary evidence. Please and thank you.

This whole being Abenaki business was all about the $$$$money$$$$ from day one with all of these groups in Vermont AND New Hampshire, and it was all about continuing to "hide" the truthful genealogical and historical records of ALL of these "Chiefs" ~ and their "Membership- Card-Holding "followers" genealogical records as well. Where is Rhonda Besaw-True's evidence that has been shown and provided that her ancestors being of Western Abenaki or Eastern Abenaki Ancestry?

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