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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

September 1998 Swanton Newsletter

Notice on "Page 03" of this Swanton Newsletter put out by "Grand Chief" Homer W. St. Francis and his "Acting Chief" April St. Francis-Rushlow (now under the married name of Merrill in June 2009), that Fred Wiseman (Frederick Matthew Wiseman) is stating that, "The New Abenaki Tribal Museum and Cultural Center will have a Grand Opening/Open House for Abenaki Tribal Citizens on October 25th, 1998."
Indeed, it was he, Mr. Frederick M. Wiseman himself, from Johnson State College who self-created and self-promoted this so-called "Abenaki Museum", which he now calls the "Wobanakik Heritage Center". His wife's son, Aaron York (from a previous marriage) has also been promoted by his step-father Frederick Matthew Wiseman through this Wobanakik Heritage Center, in Aaron's canoe making; etc.
I found a June 25th-June 30th 1995 Gin8dokawa Aln8baiwi "Teaching the Abenaki Way" flier and I will post that in my next posting. I think it will be of interest to some readers of this blog.

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