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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 25th-to-30th, 1995 Gin8dokawa Aln8baiwi: Teachng the Abenaki Way Brochure

Apparently, these images are not always in order. I do apologize. It seems that these images are downloaded into these posts from last-to first though I do go from the first image to the last one. I do apologize for the confusion that some readers may experience trying to read scanned "half" page images of some articles. I would suggest saving them to your own computer and then rearrange them to the way one can read them easiest.
It's is quite interesting that Mr. Frederick Matthew Wiseman was using the "title" "Abassador for Scientific and Cultural Affairs" by either "Grand Chief" Homer St. Francis and/or "Chief" April St. Francis-Rushlow. I find it all fascinating to see all these "positions" and "title's".

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