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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

May 12, 1993 and June 23, 1993 Courier Newspaper Littleton N.H. Articles

I went to Littleton, New Hampshire and via microfilm found these other informative newspaper articles at the Littleton Public Library. I do apologize for "jumping backwards in time" but I think it is VERY IMPORTANT that folks have as much documented evidence as possible, to SHOW you the merits of my position and argument(s).
About May 12th, 1993 Nancy (Millette) Cruger was selected as the Town Promoter , a new position approved at the Littleton N.H. Town Meeting, to promote industrial and commercial growth and generate ideas to boost the economy. Nancy Cruger, a Littleton Coin Company employee (at the time of this particular article), was one of about 60 applicants for the position.
Then we get to the quite interesting and revealing article wherein it SHOWS how Nancy Cruger was "being helped" by Executive Councilor Raymond Burton, through his student intern, Paul Walker of Plymouth State College, to connect with, ally, and communicate with "State of N.H. Officials and Department Heads". So, this is how she managed to gain so many "N.H. Governor's Proclamations" through the years since 1993!
Also pay very close attention to the last sentence wherein Executive Councilor Raymond Burton said, "I'm certainly not sitting in Bath, N.H. watching the world go by." hmmmm, I wonder who else lives in Bath, N.H.?! The next article will inform you of that very answer......

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