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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

August 04th, 1993 The Courier, N.H. "Annual Art Show Adds Cultural Event" article

Jesse Laroque was helping Littleton, New Hampshire Town Promoter Nancy Cruger (nee: Millette) organize a Cultural Event involving the Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont self-proclaiming and self-promoting alledgedly "Missisquoi Abenaki" group led by the "Chief" Homer St. Francis.
In this article, it states and I quote, "Laroque, who lives in the St. Johnsbury area, met Nancy Cruger when he was restoring an old stone house in Bath, New Hampshire which was next door to where Cruger's mother lives. As the "neighbors" talked, Laroque learned thta Nancy Cruger was interested in writing an article about Abenakis who live in New Hampshire and the Connecticut valley.
Laroque said the two got together in Bath and talked about Native American culture, language, and traditional crafts. When asked by Cruger if the Abenakis continued to practise and pass on their traditional arts, Laroque said, "Of course the answer is yes." "It's mostly held within families," as grandparents teach the traditional skills to their grandchildren," he said.
So, just do the math.....1+1=2 and 2+2=4 etc. As you will read in future documentation from Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Cruger - Lyons she simply did just that! She took the book Fox Song by Joseph Bruchac, and applied that to what Jesse Laroque told her as this interview shows. Now who else lives in Bath, New Hampshire? Answer: Executive Councilor Raymond Burton. Is this a mere coincidence, or not?!
Also helping with the event was Mark Mitchell of Barnet, Vermont, who is (or was) a member of the Vermont Governor's Advisory Commission on Native American Affairs which organized that state's Abenaki Cultural Heritage Week.
1. Mark Mitchell married to Jesse Laroque's relative Michelle (nee: Larocque) daughter of Leigh B. Larocque and Beatrice M. (nee: Goodwin); and 2. Jesse Larocque's relative was Darrell Richard Larocque (who was a brother to Leigh B. Larocque).
Is it a mere coincidence that Nancy (Millette) Cruger just happened to meet Jesse Larocque restoring an old stone house in Bath, N.H. next to Nancy Cruger's mother's house! Is it just a coincidence that Executive Councilor Raymond "Ray" Burton also lives in Bath, N.H. as well (but then again the politician is acquainted with alot of people in and around Littleton, N.H., etc.) ?! Is this all just a mere weird circumstance of "connections"? Myself, I just don't know what to think. It certainly leads me to particular conclusions.
Continuing on with this particular newspaper article of August 04th, 1993 Nancy Cruger stated, "I want to promote Littleton as a the hub of culture, quality, heritage and tradition," and she went on to explain that this was her first event as Littleton Town Promoter.
As part of that tradition (trading), two Abenaki chiefs, Homer St. Francis of Vermont, and Walter Watso of Quebec, will exchange gifts with New Hampshire's "chiefs". Nancy Cruger said they have invited Govenor Stephen Merrill, Congressman Dick Swett, and Executive Councilor Raymond Burton to the event.
(Now this is where this article is REALLY interesting and informative!)
"I'm honored to work with Native Americans and help promote their culture", she (Nancy Millette - Cruger) said.
Why did Nancy Millette Cruger Lyons refer in this article "in the 3rd person"? IF she were aware of her Great-Grandmother Flora (Ingerson) Hunt's alledged Abenaki ancestry (as she self proclaims and promoted repeatedly in subsequent articles etc etc) then why didn't she say "I'm honored to work with my fellow Native American's/Abenakis and help promote OUR culture" in this August 04th, 1993 interview? But she didn't.
Well you all "do the math". It does not add up to my thinking.
P.S. Also notice the "short" cut hairstyle she had at the time of this interview.

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