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Friday, May 29, 2009

The REAL TRUTH about the Vermont Abenaki.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Douglas Lloyd Buchholz, age 41 years and I was born in Port Angeles, Clallam County, Washington 98362 in April 1968. I was adopted twice. This is my birth given name. I have been known by Mark Douglas Kingsley, Mark Douglas Leckie, and Salmon Raven Deer. I was told by my birth mother's mother that we were "French Indian" descendants on our grandfather Blaine Edward Woodard's side of the family, her first husband. Later, I genealogically discovered that the Woodard's came from Peacham, Caledonia County, Vermont area to Phillipsburgh, Phillips County, Kansas. In April 1994 (after having recieved a Homer St. Francis "Card" within his Abenaki Group in September or October 1993) I relocated to Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont. This blog is to inform you folks out there why I have taken the position that this "Group" claiming to be Missisquoi Abenaki, nor its past or present Representatives, of the St. Francis Family are not Missisquoi Abenaki at all. Why, I do not conclude that this Group nor that of several others within the State of Vermont merit official State Recongnition, after having lived here in N'dakinna for 15 + years. As follows in future blog entries will be the proof and foundation of why I say and conclude as I do. Please be aware that this may not be "nice" to put some information out there, but then again it is a matter of timely importance that the Vermont Public and other REAL LEGITMATE ABENAKI see and read for themselves the information herein. I urge anyone who is seeking the truth of the Abenaki reality to continue checking out this blog site periodically for new information and input by either myself or by others. Kindly, Douglas Lloyd Buchholz

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