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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Couple more Newspaper Articles from the Littleton Courier in July 1994

The first article, dated July 13, 1994 is in regards to Donna Charlebois (her married name at the time), wherein she too self proclaims to being Abenaki. They never did provide any evidence of their claims that the particular archeological dig in North Haverhill, New Hampshire contained Abenaki remains.
The second article from the Front page of the Courier newspaper. Notice in the 2nd paragraph, that Remich Park will look like an authentic Indian Village with natives in traditional dress during the two day event. That likely would have been the group led by Roger Longtoe, now calling themselves "The El-Nu Band of Cowasuck Abenaki". They were and are a re-enactor group of people who have reinvented themselves into being Abenaki. This article goes on to state that "Professor John Moody, known for his extensive study of native history, and public interview with native elders....." Really?, and what did his alledged work amount to, when the Bureau of Indian Affairs took a good careful examination of John Moody's so called extensive studies and interviews of native elders? Well, you can read the conclusion of this, when I get to the BIA's Recongnition conclusions later on. It will be posted for sure in the very near future.
In this article they mention that the Jesuits took away the Abenaki drum and only in May 1994 was the Abenaki drum returned to the Abenaki. My question is, if the Abenaki could build one drum, why couldn't they replace the first one, that was alledgedly taken away from them the first time?!
Ah, and then we begin to "see" another facet of Nancy Lee (Millette) Cruger's methodology/patterns. Here we see that the NH Archaelogical Society has declared the week of July 15, 1994 as Archaelogy Week in conjunction with the Pow-wow event that Nancy Cruger created and promoted. And she, herself, the first of many that she seeks out and obtains from the N.H. Gov.'s Office.....a "Gov's Proclamation" declaring the weekend Native American Cultural Weekend. This Proclamation was given to Homer St. Francis by Councilor Ray Burton. I guess it was a good Indian Trade eh. Nancy Cruger got a "Membership Card" from Homer, and he got a piece of paper from the Governor of New Hampshire!
Oh and there is Walter Watso from Odanak, Quebec, Canada. That man was putting the Odanak Seal of approval making all kinds of people "Abenaki Artisans"; etc. I have mine hanging up in a frame on my bathroom wall above the toilet !! I wonder if Odanak's Abenaki People honestly and truely knew what REALLY was happening down south?!

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