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Friday, May 29, 2009

August 20th, 1994 Happenings.

Unity of Councils Agreement was signed in Evansville, VT. This agreement was signed by the tribal leaders of Abenaki bands at that time bringing them into Unity as the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation. Homer St. Francis was named Grand Chief and Walter Watso Assoc. Grand Chief. The Unity Agreement was signed by: Ray Lussier - Grand Council of the Allied Bands of Southern New England, Roland Demers - Sherbrooke Aboriginal Community Council, Pierre Heroux Richards - Sorel Aboriginal Community Council, Ray Milano - Athens Council, Richard Ray Hunt - White Bison Abenaki Council of New Hampshire (one of Nancy Cruger's created and promoted group creations), ???? - Empire State Council of NY, Howard F Knight - Northeast Woodlands Coos/Cowasuck of North America, Walter Watso - Odanak, Quebec, Canada.
Witnesses: Emerson Garfield - Cowasuck/Coos band, John Lawyer - St. Francis/Sokoki band, Roger Lucas - Cowasuck/Coos band, Brian Lemois - Cowasuck band, Darrel Larocque - St.Francis/Sokoki band, Melody Nunn - Cowasuck/Coos band (really? I was told by her own self, in the winter of 1994 or spring of 1995 while up at Ed Verge's place-whom she was "seeing" at the time, that she was Mik'maq; not Cowasuck/Coos) , Phil Thibault - St. Francis/Sokoki band, Ina Delany - St. Francis/Sokoki band, Phil Martin - Cowasuck/Coos band Mass, Harry Shover - Cowasuck/Coos band, Nancy Lemois - Cowasuck band, Phenix Hearn - St. Francis/Sokoki band (really? she herself told me that "she was of Creek Indian descent from West Virginia"; not St. Francis/Sokoki Abenaki Indian), Edward Verge - Abenaki Nation NE VT.

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