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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

An Evaluation of the Phillips Family of Vermont, in particular Antwine Philips and his wife Catherine Émery dit Codèrre - Part 4

Having sought out a Direct-Male-Descendant of the Phillips Family of VT, and testing their Y-DNA through FTDNA around August 2014, after communicating with another Phillips descendant outside of New England (yet descended from Vermont's Peter Phillips Sr.) beginning in April 2014, the genetic test results were finally in on November 11, 2014.

Understanding the life dynamics of Peter Phillips Sr. (Antwine Philips and Catherine Émery dit Coderre' first-born son) I decided to investigate further. Seeking yet a second Direct-Male-Descendant and being successful in that, again I tested his Y-DNA, to validate the first tester's genetic results. Only one marker was different. It's what they call a Fast-Marker-Mutation. It wasn't a big deal. Both Direct-Male-Descendants have the same 36 (our of 37) Y-Markers. The same Haplogroup B-M181 as well. 

To know more about Y chromosome DNA Testing: 



The results genetically for the VT Phillips progenitor Antwine Phillips Sr. ...

The Y-DNA for Antwine Philips Sr.'s Haplogroup is definitively B-M181 (from Africa) 

361064 Antoine (Anthony) Philippe/Phillips d. 1885 VT


376378 Antoine Phillips d. 1885 Vermont


Haplogroup B is an ancient Y chromosome clade that is almost entirely historically restricted to Africa. It is the second oldest clade after A, and it is spread very thinly throughout the continent. Today, the highest frequencies of B are found among small hunter-gather populations, and very rarely among populations of African descent outside of Africa. Except for descendants of slaves brought into the United States, whose descendants are in Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, etc. 

So, once I had confirmed the Haplogroup did in fact genetically come from Africa, and was not Native American, or Abenaki, I began to search genealogically "around" Highgate, Vermont and of course Notre Dame du Rosaire Catholic Parish, up in Quebec for any paper-trail of Atnwine Philips and or his children.

Already, we can discern and conclude that Donald Warren Stevens Jr. and his family relatives, along with Frederick M. Wiseman Ph.D. were and are WRONG, in their implying that Antoine Phillips Sr., the known progenitor of the Phillips family within VT, having traveled into and lived also within NY, and ME etc .... are NOT RELATED in any way, to Louie Metallic of ca. 1796 at all, and NOT RELATED to Philip, the Upper Coos Chief of that same time period of the late 1700's either.

In the Nulhegan Group's 2010 Application for Federal Recognition, Frederick M. Wiseman Ph.D. along with the group themselves stated that they had a scanned 'PDF' document on file in the "museum" (started and overseen by Wiseman himself) archives of the 1796 "Philip" Upper Coos Chief's Deed. It is written Coos County (not "Country") and in fact, the document is a SURRENDERING of the territories mentioned therein.

But what is interesting about this little write-up, typed up by the Professor, is that he and they state:

"The modern Nulhegan community considers the "Upper Coos Deed" its founding document; in that it lays out the boundaries of the culture/ environmental/ and political area it considers its homeland.

There is living memory of this "Chief Philip." The [REDACTED] Phillips family is said to have descended from [REDACTED] Chief Philip and is even referenced in great detail in a Philips family history book."

Now, please review 

The FACT is I mailed Winifred Yaratz 'scanned' book to Mr. Donald Warren Stevens Jr. because he didn't know a lot about his ancestor's, and having met him at the VCNAA Meeting and considering his descent from Peter Phillips, Antwine and Catherine's son, I shared what I had gathered on the Phillips family, etc. He then immediately gave that scanned book to Fred M. Wiseman, Ph.D. , who subsequently, snarky attitude towards my person, claimed that since it came from Winifred Yaratz, to Albert Phillips, to his son Tom Phillips, to me on-loan (I scanned it), through to Don Stevens Jr. ... that it had been vetted or validated by my person. Which it had never been!

Today, on Ancestry.com ... there are many of the Phillips Family descended from Antwine Phillips and Catherine Émery dit Coderre, who have attempted to 'connect' and imply by appropriation, that Chief Philip / Philippé of the Upper Coos and Luie Métallic (ca. 1796) were father-and-son. Such has not been genealogically or genetically validated. 

More importantly, it was NOT VALIDATED in 2010 etc, (UNTIL NOW) proven or disproven that Chief Philip / Philippé of the Upper Coos and Luie Métallic were even genealogically or genetically related to Antwine Philips, husband of Catherine Émery dit Coderre (or even where she came from, or who her parentage, and ancestry were!)

We NOW know WHO Antwine Philips and his wife Catherine Émery dit Coderre were. African and French identifying people, who have been misidentified as Abenakis, by their descendants, and Gypsies by the Eugenics Survey of Vermont.

Luie Métallic's Direct-Male-Descendant has also been Y-DNA chromosome tested through FTDNA. 

The yDNA for Antwine Philips is B-M181 (from Africa)

The yDNA for _______ Métallic is C-M216 (from Asia/ Native North America)

Now we can look at the first 12 markers for each tester:

Métallic: C-M216

Phillips: B-M181

Just on the first 12 yMarkers, there are six difference's between Phillips and Metallic.


What this means, genealogically and genetically, is that these two Phillips Direct-Male-Descendants that perpetuate their common Direct-Male-Ancestor's Y-DNA (Antoine Phillips Sr.) ....


to Chief Philip / Philippé of the Upper Coos and Luie Métallic (ca. 1796) ... at all. 

The MYTH created by Winifred Yaratz, etc. and perpetuated by Fred M. Wiseman Ph.D., Donald Warren Stevens, Jr. ... "Chief" of the Nulhegan Group,  and have 'appropriated' a Deed of  June and July 1796 that they claim is their alleged "founding document" ... that genealogically and genetically DOESN'T EVEN APPLY TO THE Phillips Family derived from Antwine and Catherine, or the to the group itself.

So what does this SHOW about the MERITS of their Colonizer State of Vermont's Legislative and Governor 'Recognition' based on their Application in 2010-2011 and that Professor? Did anyone honestly do any evaluation as to the legitimate merits of the claims being made? Or did they all just go along, believing anything that was said, and not validated?

They lied on Monday, and they kept up their lies until it was all done on Sunday, and they are still perpetuating their peddled distortions, in their attempts to steal the identity of the Abenakis throughout N'dakinna.

From the Alburgh, VT Oct. 1863 "4 Indians" ... to Chief Nicolas Panadis identity ... right on through to appropriating the historical Chief Philip / Philippé of the Upper Coos ... and Luie Métallic (ca. 1796) ... fraudulently and disgustingly as being genealogically related to them. Factually, this has been MYTH they have created.

But again, the Y-DNA results SHOW that Chief Philip / Philippé of the Upper Coos and Luie Métallic ARE NOT RELATED to Antwine Philips Sr., of 1845-1856 Highgate/Sheldon, Franklin County, Vermont ... but the question is ... 

WHO REALLY WERE Antwine (Antoine) Philips (Phillips) parentage? 

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