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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

An Evaluation of the Phillips Family of Vermont, in particular Antwine Philips and his wife Catherine Émery dit Codèrre - Part 3

NOW that we have sought out, researched, established and confirmed the truthful identity of Catherine Émery dit Codèrre, whom married and had children by Antwine Philips, of Highgate/Sheldon, Franklin County, Vermont ... let us move forward, and around a bit more, genealogically and documentarily speaking.

About two years after the Phillips family moved from the Highgate/Sheldon, Franklin County, Vermont area, specifically Land Lot No. 51 in the 4th Division, on the Highgate Township side of the boundary between Highgate and Sheldon Townships ... to the South Burlington / Williston area of Chittenden County, Vermont, thus began interaction(s) and altercation(s) with varied people in their new neighborhood / geographical area. Particularly with Peter Phillips, the son of Antoine Phillips Sr. and Catherine.

January 21, 1859
The Burlington Free Press Newspaper

Alleged Assault with Intent to Kill – 

The examination of the parties concerned in the recent assault on an Irishman named Goulding, took place before Justice Hollenbeck, Wednesday forenoon. The testimony of the witnesses went to show that the principle criminal was Peter Phillips Sr. – (a son of Antoine Phillips, otherwise known as “Black Jack”) who made a violent and unprovoked attack, having attacked first upon Mr. Patrick Cassidy, an Irishman, whom he assaulted with a bottle, an axe, a sled stake, besides giving him divers kicks, blows in the face with the fist and other “gentle reminders” of his [Peter Phillips] presence, and next upon Goulding, who interfered to preserve the peace, and who received a blow from Peter Phillips Sr. which fractured his skull, and placed his life in jeopardy.
Antoine Phillips Jr. and a young Frenchman named Peter Trueheart, appeared to have been participants in the outrage, by keeping the bystanders from interfering with the more violent operations of Peter Phillips Sr., and by telling him, at one stage of the affray, to “kill” Cassidy. All three were, probably, under the influence of liquor.
The three were bound over for trial at the next term of the County Court, in the sum of $500.00 dollars each, for breach of the Peace, and Assault with Intent-to-Kill.

A sobriquet (pronounced soh-bri-kay) is a nickname, sometimes assumed, but often given by another. [See Elisha Sheldon Jr. Probate file in May 31, 1808.]

January 21, 1859
The Burlington Free Press Newspaper
Affray and Almost Murder 

A drunken row, resulting in the dangerous and perhaps fatal injury of an Irishman named Goldin, occurred on the Williston road, near the corner of Dorset Street, Thursday night. It appears, from the information gathered by us concerning the affair that a low grocery is kept at the place indicated, by a man named Wheeler. Here an Irish teamster and a Frenchman [the ‘Frenchman’ was Peter Trueheart] named Peter Phillips Sr., known by the soubriquet of “Black Jack,” (given him, doubtless, from his complexion, which is very dark) after getting well primed with fighting rum, fell into an altercation, which they continued after leaving Wheeler’s place, and finally came to blows in front of Goldin’s house, which is nearly opposite the grocery shop. Goldin went out bare-headed, and mixed in the affray, probably to separate the combatants, when he received a terrible blow from Peter Phillips Sr., given with a cart-rung, fracturing the skull into which a man’s thumb might be laid.
Peter Phillips Sr. was arrested Friday morning by officers Flanagan and White, and lodged in jail. He is represented to us as an ugly fellow, and has been “hauled up” once before, for biting a man’s nose nearly off, in some similar affray.

NOTICE the name "Black Jack" ... this was a name noticeably given, or used by African Slaves, Free Black Persons, just as the name "Cato" was a name used somewhat more frequently.

January 22 1859
Vermont Phoenix Brattleboro, VT Newspaper 

Two colored men, father [Antoine Sr.] and son [Peter Sr.], surnamed Phillips and a Frenchman [Peter Trueheart], nephew of the elder [Antoine Sr.] Phillips, were committed to jail at Burlington on Friday, for a murderous assault upon Peter Goulding of Hinesburgh, fracturing his skull with a cart rung and otherwise bruising him in a shocking manner. Peter Phillips Sr. has been dealt with once before, for biting a man’s nose nearly off.

April 08, 1859
The Burlington Free Press Newspaper

State vs. Peter Phillips, for assault with intent to kill, upon Goulding, was tried Monday P. M. Verdict guilty.
Antoine Phillips and Peter Trueheart plead guilty to a charge of assault and battery upon Patrick Cassidy, and with the other Phillips’, were remanded for sentence.

April 11, 1859
Windsor State Prison of Vermont Intake Book

April 11, 1859
Windsor State Prison of Vermont Intake Book
Peter Phillips age 26 years old, at 5’9” in stature, having blue eyes, black hair and a dark complexion, identified as a mulatto, being born in Franklin County, Vermont, was convicted of the assault with the intent to kill, on April 09, 1859 in Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont, was admitted to the Windsor, Vermont State Prison, on April 11, 1859 for two years being his sentence. He was discharged from that sentence on April 09, 1861.

More to be posted ...

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