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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Howard Franklin Knght, Jr. on "Jonathan D. Yellowbear's" website called Maine ReFounders/Paint Maine Red:As of Feberuary 14, 2010:

(My "added" commentary is in RED within the documents)

Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief's Page

Latest Activity
Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief replied to Jonathan D Yellowbear's discussion 'Independent Conservitive'
Kwai Kwai Jonathan, I finally got a chance to get back and to read your reply to my prior postings, but not before "a snake in the woodpile" copied everything that I had posted to you and in reply yo Karen and spread it all over what we Abenaki in…

February 19, 2010
Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief replied to Jonathan D Yellowbear's discussion 'Independent Conservitive'

Kwai Kwai Again Peter, There is a place in New Brunswick where you can research the Maliseet family lineages that they have on file, but I do not know the place or the city that the Maliseet Research Center in in. If I knew it or had it noted in my…

February 15, 2010
Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief replied to Jonathan D Yellowbear's discussion 'Independent Conservitive'

Kwai Kwai Peter, It is good to hear from you, and I Thank You very much for your offer to help set up a separate forum here. If it were okay to do so, I might try but I would want to see if Jon Yellowbear would wish to do so 1st, before going ahead…

February 15, 2010
Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief replied to Jonathan D Yellowbear's discussion 'Independent Conservitive'

Kwai Kwai Again, Karen, After I went off line, it hit me about one other thing that bothers me about the NH & the Vt Recognition process,, and I still can not figure it out, here is our tribe, the old historical Vt and NH Tribe from Lower Coos in t…

February 14, 2010
Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief replied to Jonathan D Yellowbear's discussion 'Independent Conservitive'

Kwai Kwai Karen, The remnant peoples at Lower Coos who initially hid there in the area, then these are the Lower Coos ancestors that I descend from as we previously discussed.. I only wish that they could be traced further back, but at least we kno…

February 14, 2010
Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief is now a member of Maine Refounders / Paint Maine Red
Welcome Them!

February 14, 2010
Profile Information

What County do you live in?
Orleans County, Vt

About Me
I am a Ret'd Chief and Senior Advisor to the Koasek Traditional Tribal Council of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation, Wobanaki Confederacy (though we have not been recognized yet by the Confederacy). Also, I am a disabled Vietnam Combat veteran (1966-67), on VA 100% disability as well as I get my social security..

Recently, we were purposely dropped from further recognition in Vermont due to a so-called Vt "Alliance" that is comprised of 4 groups of those who have NO Genealogy to prove that they are of Abenaki lineage, in spite of our Tribal leaders publicly stating that we would (“would….is the operative word) prove our lineages as Abenaki (Oh, yes, at the “appropriate time”, at the “appropriate place” and to the “appropriate people” B.S. which is the same old song-same old dance-same old bullsh** as usual from Howard Knight Jr. and his cronies/followers/”tribal members,” like Karen Majka aka Karen Mica etc) wherein they can not. The leader of one of the groups (April A. St. Francis-Rushlow-Merrill of the St. Francis/Sokoki Missisquoi alleged and reinvented Inc. group) is actually of Huron (and Micmac) descent from the 1600’s, another so-called leader (Luke Andrew Willard – actually his father was Donald Edward Sackett, of the Nulhegan –Coosuk alleged and reinvented Inc. group) has no group as the people under him closed it down and it is actually defunct. You explain that one to me and that the State of Vt is going to recognize this group? And he also, has NO proven Genealogy..

It is quite a story for sure but we are still fighting, and it looks like we will be eventually recognized in New Hampshire as we are in discussions with the State of NH as to the new proposed NH Commission of Native American Affairs. NH knows of the fraudulent Alliance and has left the so-called Vt "Alliance" out of the discussions in NH. (House Bill or HB 1610 here in New Hampshire)

Feel free to contact me privately and I will gladly put you in touch with the Tribal Chief and other Tribal Officers of the Tribe. In Vermont, we ARE the Vermont Historical Abenaki Tribe(Bullsh**…..MORE LIES from Howard Knight Jr.) that the State has left out this time in the Recognition Bill that is presently in the Vt Legislature. Another thing that may interest you is that recently, our Tribal Chief recieved the Official Sash of the Chief of Chiefs of the Koasek/Cowasuck peoples that had been handed down drom the early 1800's, and the respect that he is do by these frauds, it is not being granted or honored. Just so that you know a little of our tribal history. And I say this to you as a Fellow Abenaki and a brother, from this day forward, I will keep you, Jon Yellowbear, in all of my prayers. Aho!

PS: FYI ---Our Tribal website is at Cowasuck Abenaki.com. Once the search engine gets you there, look for Koasek Traditional Tribal band and you will be there. Some of the Tribal Officers and their contact e-mail addresses can be there, to include Chief Brian Chenevert and Tribal Genealogist, Paul Bunnel

My main concerns for the state of Maine are:
That the day comes when all of us who are Abenaki, no matter where we nay live within our ancient Homeland here on Turtle Island, that we will be united together in the reborn and expanded Wobanaki Confederacy, and that many more of our brothers and sisters who are bonded together by the Tie that Binds us, the blood of our ancestors, will allow all of us to once again stand with the pride of the ancestors and also that others of our nation will step forward and serve in the halls of the States and the Federal Legislative bodies , equal to all others who serve in those places where change for the good is needed.

What ways can you help Maine Refounders / Paint Maine Red?
I do not have a lot of extra money but I could help your campaign by occasionally giving some small contributions, if that were okay?

How did you find out about this site?
A Tribakl member in New hampshire found it by accident (I say the Creator led him to it for a reason) and fowarded it to me.

Your website or Blog

Will you join your Congressional District and County groups?
Being severely visually impaired YET HE CAN TYPE ON THE COMPUTER JUST FINE, I do my best locally here in Vermont to affect issues of importance and to do my responsibilities the the Tribe, first and foremost. I only wish that I could see better and that I was in better health so that I can do more then I do. I only hope that no one condemns me as a slacker..

Do let me know if occasionally small contributions will help you. I can help that way, as I said, and I say, The creator be with you as you take upon yourself this new journey as you walk the Red Road in life and that it will always be with high honor to all of our Relations. Aho!.


SOURCE: (LINK) http://paintmainered.ning.com/profile/HowardFKnightJrRetdChief


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