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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Genealogy Part 25 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

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From: Nancy Millette
To: Floyd Family
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 6:21 PM
Subject: Fw: Howard's so called genealogy
Please keep these emails I forward you totally private..this is FYI.....

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From: Wolfheart Spirit
To: Nancy Millette
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Subject: Howard's so called genealogy

Sent from private party........... (APPARENTLY, this EMAIL WASN'T SO PRIVATE AFTER ALL)

From: Ret'd Chief Howard F. Knight ,Jr
To: Karen mica
Cc: Ret'd Chief Howard F. Knight ,Jr
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 1:09 AM

Kwai Kwai Karen Majka Mica,

I will try to list the pertinent pages so you do not have to read through all the pages of my manuscript. As you have already found, the specific names of the Knight family members begins on page 84 through page 106, to my Grandfather Knight. Then pages 112 to 114 refer to some "out of wedlock" children in the early 1940's of my grandfather by a Mrs Farron from Sugar Hill, NH.
Also referenced on page 114 are prior "out of wedlock" children by my grandfather while he was still married to my Grandmother, Ida May Gear-Giguere. This way you will be able to get all of the possible children my grandfatehr fathered. Who knows, some day someone may show up and be one of these missing links.
Page 116, The Savage family -- Naragansett
Page 117-119, Sarah Savage Tremain, dau of Mr & Mrs Savage marries Benjamin Cooley, son of a Mr & Mrs Earl Cooley (read the three pages)
Page 118, children & grandchildren of Benjamin and Sarah Cooley
Page 120 - 122, Cooley-Goss marriage; Goss-Knight marriage
Page 123 - Aldrich-Seald- (FYI) This lineage, besides being in my direct lineage, it also ties directly to Bea Nelson of the Nebasak Women's group in Derby Line, Vt.
Page 125 - 126, Geer/Gear/Giguere lineage from Joesph born at.....

Missisquoi Village, Dunham, PQ, down to my Grandmother, Ida May Gear-Giguere (my father's mother)
The BEGINNING OF MORE LIES: Howard Knight Jr.'s ancestors were NEVER in "Missisquoi Village" because actually, truthfully, honestly, factually a portion of his Geer Ancestor's relatives (non-directly connected to Howard, Jr. were residence of Dunham, Missisquoi County, Quebec, Canada) ONE CAN SEE HOW HE BEGINS TO BEND AND TWIST.
* Please Note remarks on page 126, by Richard "Skip" Bernier, now the Chief of the Odenak Family of Newport, and grandfather to one of the Vt Commission of Indian Affairs members, Steven or Stephen
DeLaBreurre, regards the Geer-Gear-Giguere Fasmily and where they are at, in and around Odenak. Pierreville, PQ.
Page 133- Gear-Giguere connected families- Bigelow, Allen, Vallem, LaValley, etc. (Much information about Uncle Wren Bigelow-you should read-a real good man)
Page 139-141- Please do me a favor and read these pages. Pass a copy of each of the two pages to Brian, if you can break it out. I think he would/will find it very interesting about my Uncle Wren Bigelow.
Page 143-148-Grammy Knight (Ida May Gear-Giguere) -DOB & POB and some associated and related families, to include direct connections,finally establishe to the Chief Walter Watso family of Odenak. You must read the entire section as this was why the Odenak people (Richard "Skip" Bernier, now Chief of The Odenak Families of Newport, Vt,) wanted me out of the picture and why I was assaulted in 2000 & 2001. I have indirect ties to Odenak through the Watso family and a common link of his and my lineage through the ancient Abenaki family named Ne8nsozak, meaning "Ancient Relations From The Woods" to several families listed in this section, to include DuBois.
MORE DISTORTIONS AND MORE LIES! I doubt very much that Richard "Skip" Bernier ever claimed documentarily or in writing that he was or is "Chief" of the Odanak descendant families in and around Newport, Vermont. Period.
Secondly, Mr. Bernier by factual documentation, had merely taken over and became the receivership of the "Cowasuck OF North America, Inc." of Vermont, in August 2000, of which Howard F. Knight, Jr. established by fee, UNDER THE LAWS OF VERMONT in the Spring of 1993. After he, Howard F. Knight, Jr. allegedly "retired" and then "re-actived himself" in March of 1993 according to his own handwritten documents!
LINK: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_hqC5V9v2WXg/S25ZAOX0GOI/AAAAAAAACug/8vV4-4UPBxU/s1600-h/43a.jpg
(Oh, yeah, oops, I ...and we... all aren't supposed to know about "that" either, according to Paul Pouliot and Howard Knight, Jr.)

Now, in September 2006, six (6) year span later, Howard F. Knight, Jr. wanted or felt the need to "be somebody" so contrary/opposite to his other documentary statements, claiming that Bruce DuBois and "Skip" Bernier allegedly assaulted and  attacked him, that Odanak was OUT TO GET HIM, to allegedly "destroy His genealogy,".....he in Sept. 2006 wanted to use these two men and THEIR genealogies to his benefit, using Dr. Gordon Day's information from The Identity of the St. Francis Indians. It was DuBois and Bernier restrospectively, who had confronted and challenged Howard Knight, Jr. himself, directly, as to the TRUTH of his unfounded claims and proclamations (since at least one of these men, Richard "Skip" Bernier IS legitimately documented an Abenaki from Odanak, recognized by such historical Abenaki Community, which is not merely an incorporation).
Pages 147 & 148-Confirmation as to Gear-Giguere lineages and where they (specific family) are now spread out to, by no less the Chief Richard "Skip" Bernier of the Odenak Family of Newport, Vt and when
confirmed by him. MORE DISTORTIONS and LIES! Also, this explains why they were looking for my copies of my Geneology, so as to distroy it at that time, but now too late. Really?, because the genealogy can NEVER be destroyed on anyone; this is about as paranoid a statement I have heard! ALSO, ties of family to the Obomsawin fanily of Odenak, to include Chief Gilles Ombomsawin of the Obomsawin family-Odenak. (Gillis O'Bomsawin confronted Howard F. Knight, Jr. and ALL OF THESE FAKES, FRAUDS, and WANABE ABENAKIS by letters in his later lifetime, before his death).
Page 154-Confirmation of related families to include the Consack family.
Page 159-Related Families of Cowasuck and other native group lineages
Page 160-161. My Grandmother's(my mother's mother) 2nd marriage.
Incomplete information on children of gram's 2nd marriage. Information DOB & DOD of husband of 2nd marriage. I have no information regards 3rd marriage to Jack Gilbody, a Dartmouth College Coach of various sports at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.
Page 163-164- Related families to me
Page 169- DOB of My father and his sisters and brothers And there POB.
Page 172 - 179, 195 -To read about Gram's childhood, early life, some of her talents and abilities, and confirmation of her DOD
Page 184 - 189 -The "Nude Follies" of my father , his siblings and friends and their come-uppance by Grammy Knight ( I though you might like to read about this incident if you had not done so already. It is quite funny for sure).
Page 208-210 - Confirmation of families in Danville, Vt that were Abenaki connected and somehow connected to my family and to Grammy Knight (Ida May Gear-Giguere Knight). If Howard F. Knight, Jr. is attempting to imply that the Hawkins family or the Woodward's were somehow connected to his Frank W. Knight family/ Ida May nee: Geer - Knight family, and were "Abenaki" HE HAS NEVER PROVIDED ANY FACTUAL EVIDENCE OF THIS. I CONCLUDE THIS STATEMENT, IS YET ANOTHER LIE AND DISTORTION OF HIS OLD MIND. Also, a physical discription by the Town Historian of Danville, Vt of grammy Knight. This is 3rd Party Hearsay.
Page 214-215 - Burial Plot sites, Lyndonville, Vt where Grammy and Grampa Knight, her sister and her sister's husband are buried.
Page 218 - 219- DOm & POM -Dad's sister Thelma in 1925 in Danville, Vt and their children
Page 219-225, 231, 233 - 237 - My Lineal Cowasuck lineage PROVE IT OPENLY AND DOCUMENTARILY.


Cowasuck Tolba (Turtle) Clan


This section contains dates and other information regards various family members up through 1859, to include confirmation of the family in Wheelock, Vt in the 1840 & 1850 US Census
Page 240 - 242 - Marriage of the Weed-Thomas twins to the Snelling brothers.
Also, the DOB & DOD of my Great grandmother, Cora Jane (Snelling) (Hedges) Waterman as well as some Info about Aunt Angie and her miserable husband, Mr. Mathews.

Page 245 - Gram Waterman's 2nd husband and my Grandmother Gilbody's father-DOB and name of Parents. As well as DOB of my Grandmother, Marion Jane Waterman on 4 October 1900.
Page 249 - My DOB, POB and vitae at birth
Page 252 - Additional information regards my lineage
Page 253 - DOM & POM Of my Parents

Please let me know what else you may need as to shortcuts from teh book to information on my family. As you can see, my Cowasuck line is solid and when Mr Waterman submits his lineage, it will be as soloid as mine is. His may fill in some of what I have not found yet or have not included into my book.

I have truied to make eevrything as brief as possible to cut down the time to put it tgether and to make it easier for you. Also, the pages about the "Nude Follies", of my dad and his family and friends, I mentioned so you could get a little laughter for your hard working day.

As to the CONSACK Lineage, it is definately tied to the Watso and related families that are tied to my family as you will see in the page listings and you read the pertinent pages. Some of the other families, I did not jknow might be connected to mine. I have heard of Godin and was told once it might be related but I have never followed it up as never time enough to do so.
Let me know if this information helps. What I have is what I have. As to the Consack and related families, I only know what is referenced in the various pages as to Watso and related families. I hope this all helps you to do that lineatge and also mine in a shorter time.
You take care and stay well and treat yourself well. I send my best of regards and respects to you and hope all is going well for you. It is late so I will get a little sleep as I have a long day tomorrow. take care. Akwanna and Adio.
Respectfully Yours,
Howard Franklin Knight, Jr.

Several questions come to mind, after reading this diatribe of distortions and lies by Howard Franklin Knight, Jr.

Howard F. Knight, Jr. claims that Ida May (nee: Geer) was born in Odenak (Odanak), Quebec, Canada, and YET THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF THIS, in or around Odanak/Pierreville/St. Francis du Lac, Quebec, Canada.

So, IF Howard F. Knight's Grandmother Ida May (nee: Geer) Knight was allegedly Abenaki/Cowasuck, then the challenge is placed upon this man, here and now, to produce the evidence.....visibly, factually, documentarily, and honestly. Because I conclude that he has been and is LYING about his own grandmother!

Ask the Watso family if they have Howard F. Knight, Jr.'s ancestor's in their genealogies. Ask the Odanak Degonzague family if they have his ancestors in their genealogical records as well. I am sure either the Watso family or the Degonzaque/ Consack family would be more than delighted to show and provide that Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. is an additional legitimate family descendant, that was "hiding in plain sight"?!

Additionally, if he's been lying about his own grandmother and the rest of his ancestry, then it beg's to be asked and answered, as to what else has the man been willing to lie about?!

This man, claims stupidly and ignorantly, that he represents the Abenaki Ancestors, and in particular the Cowasuck People as their "Chief" or "Retired Chief" or as their "Reactivated Retired Chief" or as their "Senior Advisor". That reality, is built on lies, distortions, deceit, deception and dishonesty by this man, and anyone who has decided to associate with him!

The Attorney General of Vermont ought to force these so-called USA based "Chiefs" to produce the evidence of their claims and proclamations of allegedly being Cowasuck (Coos), Missisquoi, etc., and if these "Chief's" and their so-called "followers/ card holders" cannot, without protest or hestitation do so, clearly and convincingly (meaning documentarily), then the State ought to incarcerate/prosecute in State or Federal Courts, these self-proclaiming "Chief's" for IDENTITY THEFT against the legitimately documented Abenaki Ancestors and Descendants.

Congress has established a Federal Law to protect Nort American Native Aboriginal Indian Arts and Crafts, but WHERE IS THERE A LAW (State or Federal) to PROTECT the legitimately documented Native People of this land, from having their IDENTITIES, and their SOVEREIGNTY from being whittled away by "self-created contemproary Incorporations"?

(like what is now happening here in Vermont and New Hampshire presently, who now are claiming to be Native ABENAKI and from the "Historical" Abenaki Tribes, Bands, or groups)

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