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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Genealogy Part 26 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

"Denebted pains in the butt"
"idiotic jackasses"
"mentally ill"
"constant and incessant blogger individuals"
"sick idiot"

"fraudulant activities"
"malicious garbage"
"on-going garbarge"
"constant and repeated attack"
"damned tired"
"quite upset"
"damned outright angry"
"sick ways"
"true Abenaki peoples"
"loose cannon jackasses"
"no common sense"
"upset and ugly"
"outright mad"
"delusional rejects"
"stupidly infantile"
First off, there is the one (Paul Wilson Pouliot) who fraudulantly filled out an application and stated at the time that he was of "Laurentian Iroquois" lineage, as well as he had the audacity to have MY signature forged, either by himself or someone, on his application without my knowing it until years later when he posted it on the Internet as proof that I had accepted him into the band. Soon, thereafter, he engineered an illegal overthrow of the legal, legitimate and True Coos band leader of the group (Howard Franklin Knight Jr. himself who in March of 1993 "re-actived his alleged retired self," like some B-Rated Abenaki "Chucky Doll") , and then he brazenly moved the band headquarters, without proper approval of the citizens of the band, from Vermont to his home in Mass, and then?
Well, I do conclude that right here in this email, is a CLASSIC HOWARD F. KNIGHT DISTORTION AND LIE. Howard F. Knight, Jr. was NOT saying or even implying these allegations when Paul Wilson Pouliot and Howard himself went to that Corporation Protest Hearing in January and February 1993 against one Arthur Marchand....hmmmm I wonder WHY?

One does see, retrostpectifvely-speakins yet definitiely, in 1994, that Howard Knight, Jr. was claiming, by his own hand, that he was "retired" and that Paul Wilson Pouliot was the "Chief" of the Northeast Woodlands-Coos-COWASS NORTH AMERICA, Inc.
.......no complaints or allegations of forging documents with his name, no allegations of "overthrowing anyone" or illegally transfering an ALLEGED and REINVENTED "Tribe" or "Band" from one State (Vermont) to another (Massachusetts), and NOW Paul Wilson Pouliot resides in Alton, Belknap County, New Hampshire. So the Cowasuck "Tribe" went from Vermont, to Massachusetts, and then to New Hampshire?!

 Now that's what one would call a "Traveling Abenaki Circus"!
Howard F. Knight, Jr. was the original Circus Ring-Leader
and he wanted his throne and whip back
but in reality
 the whole bunch of them
were just wanabe Abenaki
More Ranting and Raving......bla bla bla
Evem More Ranting and Raving.....bla bla bla
And More Bla bla bla
and bla bla bla
Man, and I thought Paul Wilson Pouliot was having "issues"?
Look at where Paul Pouliot comes from:

Howard Franklin Knight, Jr.
BTW, notice the the headband, the choker and the bracelet.....
what....no sunglasses
no fancy Chief's headdress
no fancy Walking Stick
Rotten apple don't fall far from rotten tree.
The rotten seed(s)
grow rotten tree's
which produce
more rotten apples.

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