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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sheila Spencer Stover Credentials and MORE Genealogical Charts of Paul Wilson Pouliot's Ancestry:

Document 01: Sheila Spencer Stover a.k.a. "Firehair Shining Spirit" who is Delware/Minisink Band-Enrolled Seeconk at Box 99 in Bunn, North Carolina 27508 Telephone: (919) 496-1604. As a Tribal Genealogist who worked for, with and consulted on several Native Communities attempts to gain Federal Recognition from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, she restrospectively had been requested to do Paul Wilson Pouliot's Ancestry by one of his own relatives! No Native Ancestry was found, detected nor secured genealogical or otherwise by Sheila Spencer.

Document 02: Paul Wilson Pouliot Family Ancestral Genealogical Chart "Family Tree". I am not sure who created this Chart format.

Document 03: Paul Wilson Pouliot Standard Pedigree Tree 1.

Document 04: Paul Wilson Pouliot's Father Leopold (Leo) Paul Pouliot's Standard Pedigree Tree 2.

Document 05: Paul Wilson Pouliot's Paternal Grandfather Cyril Pouliot's Standard Pedigree Tree 3.

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