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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recent Maine Refounders/Paint Maine Red "Ning" Discussion by Karen Mica a.k.a. Karen Majka and Howard Franklin Knight Jr:




Reply by Karen Mica (nee: Bordreau)Lemoine - Majka 1 day ago

I`ll make the attempt to explain a little bit about how everyone got shifted around, ending up in different places and often losing track of where they started out from. It is not that anyone ever "slit off" they were simply forced to move.
And maybe this will help explain to, how we ended up in this silly "battle of the bands" going on in Vermont now, and that these bands who for the most part have no clue where we came from, who we are, or even what our real history is...yet scream over and over again that they are US!
"As with other Abenaki`s the name "Pennacook" did not refer to a unified tribe, but to a collection of semi-outonomous bands that lived around or frequented several villages, including that of Cowas.
And even though most bands had dispersed into safer and more hospitable locations in Canada and individual families scattered throughout most of New England, the backbone of Abenaki culture has always survived, no matter where it finds itself residing today.
In the eastern section , in the valley of the Saco River, were the Pequakets around Conway and Fryeburg, and south of them the Ossipees. Again the word Coas is combined with the word for a lake, nipi and this tribe was called Coos-nipi , dwellers on the pine tree lake.
We know, and have known, that the names Cowasuck, Coo`s, Koasek and many other versions of this word do not identify a unique "people" but simply denote a place, or places where white pine trees grew and that many different tribal peoples frequented these places.
They were not the exclusive or specific domain of any one tribe or band.
They simply testify to certain locations that Native peoples have resided at, during, various times in history. [me...and since we know this to the case, any of those modern Vt "groups" claiming to be "sprung up" from the sacred ground in VT,simply because it is called Coo`s but with no history or no knowledge of how they got there, are simply to stupid to even understand their own fraudulant claims]
"Northern New Hampshire and Vermont were thinly settled, but some clearing for agriculture did take place.
The Coo`s Inter-vales in the upper Connecticut valley may be cited as an example.
The first settlers found them nearly clear, as the consequence of intermittent cultivation. Three or four separate clearings took place within historical times, namely, about 1628 by the Mahicans from the Hudson valley, possibility again mid century by the Pennacooks, in 1704 by an unidentified band, and after 1725 by the Pequakes.
The Indian name of the Inter vales is striking testimony of it`s history- koasuk the place of the "little white pines" (Laurent 1884;Masta 1932). also... Along the Great Oxbow of the upper Connecticut River, are the Coo`s Inter vales the meadows famous in history, the Abenaki name for this area [not for the people] is Kowasek place of "white pines" which gives the ecologists a clue that though white pine is a sub-climax species it was dominant here centuries ago. (Thompson 1842:33)
And also through the years, the wind-blown seeds of white pine reclaimed the fields, yielding names like Cowasesick— place of small pines —in Sheepscot Maine.
In fact Canadian historic records tell us that;...
"The Kenibequis (now the Abenaki) occupied part of the States of Maine, [the western portions of Nova Scotia] Vermont and New Hampshire, the States of Massachusetts and Connecticut and all the Southern valley of the St. Lawrence from the River Chaudiere to the Iroquois territory, and even hunted on the littoral of the North Shore of the St. Lawrence and their territory covered around 55,000 square English miles.
The Montagnais were part of the Abenaki family and their hunting grounds were the mountainous parts of New Hampshire and Vermont and the eastern townships of Quebec . Their territory occupied another 20,000 square English miles. (The census of Canada.)
Cowas was a pivotal region, halfway between Canada and the Atlantic coast and the junction of several major Indian trails, and was an obvious stopping place during migrations up the Connecticut.
From there they could ascend the Well`s River and cross the Green Mountains to the Champlain Valley. Mahican refugees probably spent time at Cowas as did Pennacooks and Sokokis... and whatever it`s original cultural composition may have been, after 1675 Cowas was a refugee village for many various tribes... the soldiers had gone nine days journey into the Wilderness when they surprised a party of Indians about 20 miles south of Cowas, and killed eight of them.
News of the attack alarmed the community at Cowas and according to Samuel Pennhallow, "they immediately forsook their fort and corn at "Cowasuck" and never returned to this day that we could hear of, to renew their settlement in that place". ( it is also known that the Nipmuck tribe at one time had extended hunting rights throughout several areas of Vermont and New Hampshire, as clearly stated in the Census of Canada records)
The Abenakis of St. Francois etc, are according to Professor Prince (1902) the direct descendants (of course with some admixture of French and other blood ) of the majority of the savages who escaped from the great battle of the Kennebec in Maine, where the English commander Bradford, overthrew their tribe on December 2, 1679. Many of the survivor's fled to Canada settling at St. Francois near Pierreville Quebec in 1680.
The Penobscot Indians today are the "descendants" of those early Abenakis. (Sessional papers By Ontario. Legislative Assembly)
It is also known that the Anasagunticooks, who joined with the Wowenok in 1690, were the earliest that the french drew off to St. Francois in Canada.
And we see that;
About 1690 the Abenakis appear on the shores of Lake Champlain having been driven from Maine, by the English around 1680, the Governor of Canada gave them the country which extends from the River Chaudiere on the St. Laurent to the River Richelieu and Lake Champlain. This was most likely because they could act as a "buffer" between the French and the Iroquois and the English [ this is all the land area that encompasses Vermont, New Hampshire ( being fought over now!) and extends up into Canada including the Abenaki mission areas]
Fort St. Theresa ( Isle Aux Noix ) was abandoned in 1690 it is about this time that the Abenaki Indians appear on the Missiquoi River, on the Winoski and on Otter Creek having been driven from Maine by the English in 1680.
A portion of this tribe ( Abenakis ) finally settled in the Coos country on the upper waters of the Connecticut.
Squando. An Abnaki sachem of the Sokoki, known generally as the "Sagamore of Saco" He was credited with seeing visions and was called by Mather "a strange, enthusiastical sagamore." His wife and child had been insulted by the English, and he took part in the war of 1675-76 and in the burning of Saco. He signed the treaty of Cocheco.
Kancamagus became a Sagamore at the Androscroggins river(Anasagunticoo ks) and bravely fought the English with Squanto and the Sacos in 1675-1678.
Kancamagus became a chief in 1685. He tried to be friends with the English, but he was abused and mistreated. Kancamagus united the Pennacooks, Ossipees, Pequakets, Sacos, Anasagunticooks, and others to oppose the English settlers in 1689.
Kancamagus finally led the Pennacooks in their last uprising against the white settlers. Kancamagus planned and executed the attack on Dover, N.H. [Cocheco Massacre] in 1686. Both sides suffered heavy casualties and the Pennacooks were almost exterminated.
The Pennacooks attacked a group of homes along the Cocheco River killing twenty-three and capturing twenty-nine inhabitants. They also killed Waldron, Sr. because of his trickery earlier. He was defeated and disheartened as he lead his people in retreat to the Abenaki village in St. Frances, Quebec."
And it is also a fact that during the wars the english forbid any Abenaki to inhabit the areas around the Coos`s under penalty of bounty, they had put on their heads!
Some Abenaki did remain hidden in the area and some later returned , but the majority of the Abenaki not dispersed to the missions, remained in small family bands, traveling through out most of New England.
These persons and "groups" from these alleged and re-invented "Abenakis" will point to the 1600's Historical Abenaki Record's and these "groups" will alleged and imply that these Historical Record documents apply to them. These Historical Abenaki documentations very likely DO NOT pertain to these person's ancestors or to their "groups" Inc.

READ THIS LINK (Lower Section regarding response to Myth of the Modern Vermont Abenaki) http://www.nedoba.org/topic_truth2.html

LINK: http://www.cowasuckabenaki.com/Myth_of_Modern_Vermont_Abenaki.html

Reply by Paul Bunnell 1 day ago

Karen Majka,
Great piece of history and information for all to learn.
Paul Bunnell

Reply by Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief 1 day ago

Kwai Kwai Karen Mica,
The remnant peoples at Lower Coos who initially hid there in the area, then these are the Lower Coos ancestors that I descend from as we previously discussed.. I only wish that they could be traced further back, but at least we know this much. At least I also know my Missisquoi as well and the lineage of who they were. They too are tied back to Maine as well, not just the Missisquoi and Northeaster New York border area as the records that I have show. It's too bad that I couldn't get them connected as well. That would be fantastic. Thanks for the History lesson.
Respectfully Yours,
Howard Franklin Knight Jr.

Reply by Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief 1 day ago

Kwai Kwai Again, Karen Mica,
After I went off line, it hit me about one other thing that bothers me about the NH & the Vt Recognition process, and I still can not figure it out, here is our tribe, the old historical Vt and NH Tribe from Lower Coos in the Upper Connecticut River Valley; our line of Chiefs go back for several generations, also our present Tribal Chief is the 4th in a row since the 1920's at least, to wear the ancient Sash of the Chief of Chiefs of the Koasek-Cowasuck People, and the various so-called "Coos" groups, and their so-called chiefs, to include that at "Laurentian Iroquois: who forged my name to his Paul Wilson Pouliot application and ended up with his own group as a so-called "Coos" chief, and who now calls Alton, NH his home also refuses to respect, honor or anything or anybody else except himself, How can we deal with these groups that ARE NOT historical in Vermont or in New Hampshire. Can anyone figure out how we can let the Abenak and non-Abenaki people how we can do that and prevent them from corrupting the recognition process?
Also, What bothers me especially and it galls the hell our of me that here you do all the research, collate it and finally post it to our Tribal website, and that so-called Coos Chief Paul Pouliot, who claims to be a 15 Generation Abenaki but he is not, and never has been, without giving you or our Tribe any credit or acknowledgment,, copies your work and research that you did for our tribal website and posts it on his website and has the audacity to call it is own. What I would like to know, is that legal that he did and can he get away with it? If so, how? As I said, that thief, as I believe he is, does as he wants and gets away with it? I hope that those who are Abenaki who read this, as well as those who are not, are able to come up with a logical answer to how these "snakes in the woodpile" can be stopped from their frauds, lies, thievery and the other crimes that they have committed against those of us who are the True Abenaki in Vermont and New Hampshire since the two States are clearly refusing to listen to us due to the dirty politics and lies by these so-called Abenaki groups. As I see the situation at this moment, Vermont clearly seems to be hell bent on recognizing all of these "Plastic Indians" who can not prove by Genealogy that they are Abenaki.. There must be a logical answer some where to end this charade of lies and mis-truths by these delusional, greedy, power-mad people who can care less about the Abenaki People. Somebody MUST know how they can be stopped from their dishonorable deeds, conduct, under-handed, dirty and low-blow, nasty actions.
I had to vent here since we do not have a Tribal Forum that is usable and safe to say what needs to be said.. I hope that you and everyone will forgive me for doing so, but what I said, it had to be said so that the people know what is going on.
Respectfully Yours,
Howard Franklin Knight Jr.

Reply by Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief 7 hours ago

Kwai Kwai Peter Redman,
It is good to hear from you, and I Thank You very much for your offer to help set up a separate forum here. If it were okay to do so, I might try but I would want to see if Jon Yellowbear would wish to do so 1st, before going ahead and doing so. Also, I am not sure exactly as to what heading Title for this forum would come under, since this is primarily about those of us who are of Abenaki Nation connection and lineages. I would want to ask Jon Yellowbear as to what he was thinking, even for a Forum title for this string. Anyway, when it comes to anything to do with computers? I am a computer dummy of the first order, meaning I am dumber then a box of rocks when it comes to anything involving computers, and I am the 1st to admit it. I may be dumb bit I am not stupid in leaving alone what I do not know or understand, like computers and the various things that can be done with the, Some things you can not teach an old dog any new tricks, and it is applicable in this case.
I am glad that this discussion has been of interest to you, as I am sure that the others who are here also (Karen Mica and Paul Bunnell) feel the same way. The whole thing is that we had information that we were who we are from the Coos Chief that preceded me as the Chief of this Tribe, and we decided to follow up on the information and we have proved all of what we have stated here plus a whole lot more and which proves that out Tribe are who we say they are.
The so-called Vermont Alliance" groups (4 of them) plus the one in that is headquartered in Alton, NH, whose Chief thinks that He is the" Chief of Chiefs", they are not what they claim to be and NEVER can be because we can allegedly prove that we are the missing (?) Abenaki Tribe, and that fact IS confirmed by allegedly Genealogy. Therefore, as far as we are concerned, if Vermont wants to recognize the so-called "Alliance" so-called Indiands as their "plastic puppets, they do so at great risk to the name and statue of the State of vermont. They will be the laughing stock of the Unoted States.
The way I see it with the facts and proof that we allegedly have, which we will allegedly reveal at the proper time, in the proper place and to the proper authorities (exactly what Karen Majka-Mica said to me on Facebook.com....must be she is Howard Knight Jr.'s PUPPET), those who wish they were Indians might as well begin folding up their tents and drop off the field, as their days at playing Indian are finished. For a long time now, the fighting about who is who and who are the True Abenaki Peoples has been raging in Vermont but now? It is finished. The State of Vermont either makes total fools of themselves or they have no choice but to recognize us, because we ARE allegedly the True "HISTORICAL" Abenaki peoples in Vermont. What more can I say? It is because of these games that have been played by the various groups and the State of Vermont for so long that have had me so upset and frustrated as well.
I do hope that all of this is interesting to you and everyone else who have been following this string here on this forum. I am sure that over time, much more will be said but for me, I have pretty much had my say. I will say this, it sure was nice to vent the past few days, and I may do so again, It will all depend upon what the State of Vermont decides to do in regards to the Abenaki Recognition Bill in Vermont. I have a feeling that there is going to be an awful ruckus when the so-called "Alliance" finally realizes that they have no support nor a leg to stand on in this matter, once it becomes quite public throughout the entire Abenaki Nation as well as to the Wobanaki Confederacy. As it is said,, that is how the cookie crumbles and the crumbs drop.. What more can I say? NADA! Zilch! Fini".
Do have a great week and Peace from my lodge to Yours. Adio !
Respectfully Yours,
Howard Franklin Knight Jr.

Reply by Howard F Knight Jr Ret'd Chief 4 hours ago

Kwai Kwai Again Peter,
There is a place in New Brunswick where you can research the Maliseet family lineages that they have on file, but I do not know the place or the city that the Maliseet Research Center in in. If I knew it or had it noted in my stuff, I would gladly let you have it right now. One of my lineages goes back to to a remote Maliseet village in the back country of New Brunswick, on teh SW side of Mt Elwees just off the Marimachi river.
What I have on my Maliseet line was recorded in a family diary that my mother had, but the original Indian name I do not have and it was never written down anywhere. Therefore, I guess i will never know that specific family name. All I know about the place that it is several days ride on horseback over old narrow mountain trails to the village where as recently as 50-60 years ago, they were living much like their ancestors did over 400 years ago. Any modern items at the time were packed in on horse back or by mule train over the old mountain trails. more then likely, they still are today from what little that I can glean from various people I have talked to over time.
I am sorry that I can not be of more help to you, Peter. I have told you what little I know, and I do hope that it will help you. If you can locate that Center that contains the Maliseet records, maybe you will be able to find out more then you know now. It is definitely a major chore trying to find, locate and retrieve Native American records as you try to go back decades, even centuries, in large part because many places tried to either hide or destroy the records of native American/First nations People Everyone of us who have done the research for such records have faced the same obstacles. Just so that you know. Occasionally, you do get a lucky break.
Just keep checking from time to time, and maybe Paul Bunnell, our Tribal Genealogist will be able to give you the information for the Maliseet Research Center in New Brunswick.
The next time that I talk to him, if he has not been here to check already and read what had been posted, I will try to remember to ask him if he might know where it is and the exact name of it. It is the least that I can do to try to help you.
Well, that is it for now. You take care of yourself, be well, stay well and do by all means, treat yourself well. Until later. Akwanna and Adio.
Respectfully Yours,
Howard Franklin Kinght Jr.

This information came from: LINK: http://paintmainered.ning.com/forum/topics/independent-conservitive?id=2731571%3ATopic%3A24321&page=2#comments

MY RESPONSE: These people and "Group's" are so full of Sh** it is just plain laughable. Howard Franklin Knight Jr. "retired" so many times "historically" it is even more laughable. This man has been documentarily proven to be a DECEIVER and DISTORTIONIST in a El Dorado County CA Federal Court of Law and an Orleans County Vermont!
Karen Jean (nee: Bordreau who married to Edward Joseph Lemoine and also Francois Charles Majka, having two sons Peter John Lamoine and Travis Aaron Majka) "Mica" is another POP-UP "Abenaki". Karen Mica or Karen Jean Majka allied with Nancy Lee nee: Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet "as a genealogist" when Nancy Lee Millette-Cruger-Lyons was leading that alleged Koasek "group" with Co-Chief Brian Chenevert.

Liars and thieves know no shame or guilt in what they do. They will now attempt to pick up what does not belong to them. The "identity of the Abenaki People".

So, we NEED to look at and examine Karen Jean nee: Bordreau's genealogical history?
Perhaps we NEED to look at and examine Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s genealogical history? Factually, documentarily and truthfully, let's genealogically SHOW and PROVIDE the documentation as these two allege that they can and allegedly will reveal at the proper time, in the proper place and to the proper authorities.

Well, there is no time like the present to SHOW and PROVIDE the genealogies!

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