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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Documents Pertaining to Paul Wilson Pouliot's Alleged "Laurentian Iroquois" Ancestry:

Paul Wilson Pouliot – Family Backgroud
Father: Leo Paul Pouliot & Mother: Mildred Elizabeth Wilson
Paternal Grandparents: Napolean Pouliot & Rose Aimee Bourque
Paternal Great Grandparents: Cyrille Pouliot & Delia Bourgeois
Paternal Gr Grandparents: Augustin Pouliot & Marie Bolduc
Paternal Gr Gr Grandparents: Pierre Pouliot & Brigitte LeBrun-Carrier
Paternal [Maternal] Great Grandparents: Joseph Bourque & Beatrice Gagne
Paternal [Maternal] Gr Gr Grandparents: Joseph Bourque & Lucie Labee
Paternal [Maternal] Gr Gr Grandparents: Francois Gagne & Philemene Cloutier
Based on statements from several elder family members the Indian blood line was within the women on both sides of the family. The potential families with Indian background are Bourque, Gagne, Bourgeois, and Bolduc.
See Doc attached Family Tree and background information as researched by Lorenzo Pouliot, Quebec, Canada (Pouliot lineage) and The Church of Jesus Christ of the latter-day Saints [Bourque lineage]
Pouilot Family – Potential American Indian Background
My father and grandfather asserted that our family blood line included American Indian relatives. My father, and other relations of his generations, remember going to a family reunion in the summer of 1931. Was this John "Poking Fire" McComber (of the Bear Clan) Kahnewake's "Indian Encampment" which was created for tourists coming to the Mohawk Community of Kahnewake? THINK ABOUT IT. The reunion was at an Indian village in Canada. He was about 13 years old at the time, as he was not certain of the location. He thought that it was St. Zacharie. My father’s ledger of the village is very clear and graphic in detail.
My uncle has stated that my grandfather said that there was Indian blood on both sides of the family [Pouliot and Bourque]. He also said that we came from the Laurentian Iroquois tribe. Other relatives have told me stories of bringing Indian mid-wives down from Canada for the birth of children born during my great grandfather’s time. From all the family information I can gather it appears that the strongest feeling is that the Indian blood line is maternal from my paternal grandmother or paternal great grandmother.
All family church records are from towns within the area from Quebec to Ste. Anne de Beaupre on the north to St. Zacharie and Sherbrooke on the south. The towns of St. Zacharie and Ste Anne de Beaupre may be of importance because the family spoke of them often. It appears that Indian families in this general area could belong to Huron, Laurentian Iroquois, Iroquois (Mohawk), or Abenaki tribes. My strongest lead is from my grandfather’s Laurentian Iroquois tribe statement.
I recall my father Napolean, and his striking “Indian” like facial features. His skin was definitely red in complexion (not tanned), his cheek bones were high and straight under the eyes. His nose was hooked at the mid-point. Old family pictures of other relatives also show these prominent facial features. Based on similar vintage pictures that I have seen of American Indians, my belief is that they were at least in part Indian.

Within our family there is debate as to the extent or reality of this Indian blood line. The facts may have been down played, just as our French heritage was. We were not taught to speak French, after all we were Americans, not French or Canadian. This in itself has caused the family to pronounce our name in two forms, English and French.
If you can provide any additional family history please contact me. Thank you.
Paul Wilson Pouliot
160 Dailey Drive
Franklin, MA 02038-2951
Telephone (508) 528-7629

Paul Wilson Pouliot's Application into Howard Franklin Knight's "Group"
Obviously, there was NO EVIDENCE DOCUMENTARILY of Pouliot
being of Laurentian Iroquoian nor "Abenaki" - "Pennacook" - "Cowasuck"
I think it is time we take a CLOSER examination of Paul Pouliot's Ancestors
Let them stand up
Let them step forward
Let them speak

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