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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Genealogy Part 3 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

McGaffey Genealogy Page 99: Julia Ann McGaffey married Samuel Knight, Jr., son of Capt. Samuel and Mehitable Goss Knight. Samuel Knight, Sr., was born in Athol, Mass., Dec. 09, 1783, in 1818 he married Mehitable Goss who was born in Hartland, Vt., Feb. 02, 1787. They went to Canada in 1803. Samuel Knight Jr. was born in Stanstead, May 8, 1825. The children of Samuel and Julia Ann McGaffey Knight were Joseph, William T., George W., Emma S., Mehiable, and Rosalie. Emma S. Knight daughter of Samuel was born in Stanstead, P.Q., Apr. 29, 1853, was educated there and Feb. 28, 1874 married Guy Brown of Holland, Vt., two daughter were born to them, Mabel Julia, born June 29, 1875; Maude M. born Nov 14, 1878; Mabel Julia married Thomas V. Sullivan, Jr., of Lynn, Mass., March 21, 1896. They have one daughter Ruth, born Apr. 22, 1903; Maude M. Brown married William Greenleaf of Lynn, Feb. 27 1896. Two sons and three daughters have been born to them, Frank S., Willam, Etta M., Sadie and infant not named at this writing. Emma S. Knight married for a second husband Simeon F. Corey of Lyndonville, Vt., Sept. 10, 1883, one son has been born to them, William T. Corey, born Nov. 3, 1885, he is being educated in Lynn high school. Mrs. Corey's address is 95 Alley St. Lynn, Mass.
McGaffey Genealogy Page 100: George W. Knight, son of Samuel and Julia McGaffey Knight, was born in Stanstead, P.Q. July 30, 1847, where he lived until 1855, when his father moved to Hatley, P.Q. and from there to Magog, P.Q. in 1857, and in 1866 reveived an appointment as customs officer and was stationed at Big Ford Corner, Barnston, P.Q.  and in 1870 was transfered to Stanstead Plain where he remained in the service until death. Geo. W. was educated in the public schools of Canada, with one term in the high school at Barnston. When he was 18 he went to St. Johnsbury, Vt. and worked there three months in the railroad shops and as fireman on a locomotive. He then went to Boston and worked one year in a moulding mill, then two years in Nashua, N.H., then went back to Boston and was employed in a sash and blind factory. While there he married Sarah V. Dean of Nashua, Nov. 17, 1869. They lived in Boston about two years, then moved to Stanstead where he worked as a carpenter. March 10, 1871 their first child was born, Annie Belle and Nov. 1871 they moved to Sherbrooke, P.Q. where he worked at his trade of carpenter. While living in Sherbrooke three children were born to them, Geo. H. born Sept. 30, 1872; Viola S. born Oct. 28 1873; Susan E. born Feb. 5, 1875. In April 1878 he was employed by J.C. Jones, bridge master on the Passumpsic R.R. and moved to Rock Island, P.Q. and while there another child, Gertrude M. was born to them May 5, 1878, they lived at Rock Island about four years, then moved to Lyndonville, Vt., where they now reside. Nov. 17, 1882 another child Frank W. was born to them. Mr. Knight is general foreman of the car department of the Passumpsic division of the B. & M. R.R. having been in continuous service with this road for nearly twenty seven years. Annie Belle Knight, daughter of Geo. W. married Chas. H. Bowles, Sept. 1889. Their children were, Eleana, born May 29, 1893; Obid, born March 7, 1899, died Aug. 23, 1902. Mrs. Bowles died in 1899. Geo. H. Knight, son of Geo. W. born Sept. 30, 1872, married Lilla Nichols of Lyndon in June 1894, have one daughter, Ethel, born Feb. 5, 1895; Viola S. Knight was born Oct. 28, 1873, and died with quick consumption Dec. 30, 1893; Susie E. Knight, born Feb. 5, 1875, married William H. Broadbelt, Sept. 19, 1893. They had two children, Mildred E. born Apr. 12, 1894; Hayden Wm., born Nov. 7, 1895. Mr. and Mrs. Broadbelt both died of quick consumption and the two children are living with their grandmother, Mrs. Geo. W. Knight, who was appointed their guardian. Gertrude M. Knight, born May 5, 1878, married Benj. H. Lyster, Oct. 1902. They have one child, Leah Knight, born Jan. 9, 1904, reside at Concord, Vt. Frank W. Knight born Nov. 17, 1882, married Ida M. Geer Nov. 26, 1903. Rosalie Knight, daughter of Saml. Knight and granddaughter of David McGaffey was born at Stanstead, P.Q. Aug. 17, 1855, married to Everett A. Wheeler, Dec. 22, 1874, they reside at Franklin Falls, N.H., their children are (1) Myrtie Rose, born Sept. 27, 1875 in Orange, N.H. married William F. Ballou, Jan. 22, (1900)....... 
McGaffey Genealogy Page 101: A son was born to them Sept. 15, 1903, who only lived a few hours. (2) Edward Harvey, born in Groton, N.H., June 23, 1879, married Bertha May Kirk, June 22, 1901. They have one daughter, Evon Louise born June 9, 1902.
(3) Leona Alberta, born in Orange, Apr. 8, 1882.
(4) Lizzie Ardelle, born in Bristol, N.H. Dec. 12, 1885.
(5) Lillian Maude, born in Bristol, N.H. Aug. 11, 1891.
These children were all educated at Franklin Mills, which is their present residence.

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