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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Genealogy Part 2 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

George Myron Bigelow Sr and wife Priscilla (nee: Hull or Hall) per the 1871 Census of Stanstead District 141, Magog. Lines 1 through 7.
Elijah Geer Death record in Georgeville, Stanstead County, Quebec, Canada. Elijah Geer, aged Eighty-Eight years, a native of Norwich, in the State of Vermont, for many years past resident in the township of Stanstead, died on the (July) Eighteenth (1874) and was buried on the twentieth day of July A.D. One Thousand and Eight Hundred and Seventyfour. Present: Mrs. Susan Tuck. By me, F.A. Smith, Missionary.

Year Baptisted} Elmer, born on the third day of May One Thousand Eight-hundred and sixty-four. Minie, born on the twenty-third day of October One Thousand Eight-hundred and sixty-seven. Justina born on the fifth day of September One Thousand and Eight-hundred and seventy, and Hattie born on the twentieth day of February One Thousand Eight-hundred and seventy-three. Children of George W. Geer and Mary Jane (nee: Brown), his wife - were baptised on the fifteenth day of February A.D. One Thousand and Eight-hundred and seventy-four. Sponsors} E. O. Smith and E. J. Smith. By me, F. A. Smith, Missionary.
Geer baptised} Sarah Amy, daughter of George W. Geer of Georgeville, laborer + of Mary Jane (nee: Brown) his wife, was born on the twenty-sixth day of August A.D. One Thousand Eight-hundred and seventy-five, and baptised this twenty-fifth day of June in the following year by me. Sponsors: Mary Jane Geer and E. F. Smith. By me, F. A. Smith, Missionary.
Bessie E. (Estella) Gear Birth Record Card. Born June 19, 1879 in Derby, Orleans County, Vermont. Father was George Gear born in Patton, Quebec, Canada and mother Mary Brown born in Coventry, Orleans County, Vermont. Father was a farmer.

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