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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Beginning of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

Samuel Knight and Juloa Ann McGaffey Marriage Record. Marriage was in Stanstead, Stanstead County, Quebec, Canada on October 15, 1846.
1861 Census for Stanstead, Quebec, Canada showing the household of Jude Allen and his family. Rosina (nee: Allen) was 18 years of age, according to this Census record.
Samuel Knight and Julia (nee: McGaffey) household Number 49 and 50, in the 1861 Stanstead, Quebec, Canada Census record.
Samuel and Julia (nee: McGaffey) Knight Household Continued....
George Knight age 13
William Knight age 12
Joseph Knight age 09
Emma Knight age 07
Rosalia Knight age 05
Infant age 01
Notice the Coffin McGaffey household on Line 17 through 19.
Ada Melvina Bigelow Burial Record per the Bolton Methodist 1868 Death record. It reads,"Buried, March Twenty Fourth, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Eight, in the Township of Magog, Ada Melvina, daughter of George Myron Bigelow Jr, and Rosina Victoria, his wife,-residents of Magog who departs this life, March Twenty second, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Eight, at the afe of one year, two months, and twenty two days. Witnessed by Geo. M. Bigelow and Rosina Victoria Bigelow By Me, T. L. Willams.
Also, buried for me, by James Austin, Local Preacher, October Sixth, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Seven, in Magog, Lorenzo Arthur, son of George Myron and Rosina Victoria Bigelow, of Magog, who dparts this life, September Twenty....

 ....Sixth, of the same year, as afore. At the age of three years, seven months, and twenty six days. Witnessed by George M. Bigelow and Rosina Victoria Bigelow
N.B. This last record should have been inserted last year, but was forgotten. T. L. Williams.
1870 Marriage Bolton, Quebec, Canada record. Married On the Seventh of June, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy, H. N. Bigelow daughter of Levi Bigelow and Hanah Fraser his wife, and Alvira Geer daughter of Chester Geer and Lavina Gorins (?) of Potton County, were marriaged by me by dispensation of License in presense of  the following witnesses: H. H. Bigelow and Elvira Bigelow. Thos. Ball.
1871 Census, Stanstead, Quebec, Canada for the household of Elijah Geer and his wife Belinda Line 64-64 and 65-65.

Chronologically, I am placing these documents on this blog, pertaining directly to Howard Franklin Knight Jr's ancestors. After which, I will post the Family Tree Maker Report of his Ancestors.

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