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Monday, October 26, 2009

November 26, 2001 and November 27, 2001 Paul Wilson Pouliot's idea for a Gambling Casino:

Am I crazy for "seeing" what these historical records show? We know that the folks down south in the Pequot Nation were interested in putting in a Casino venture up in the "North Country" and we also know that Nancy Millette soliciting $50,000.00 dollars for Brunswick Springs, Vermont a.k.a. N'biz8bek....did not come without some strings attached.
Why are these "groups" so adamant, continuing to scrapping the can's of their ancestors for any scrap of Native American ancestry that they can try to find, even if it means resorting to doing a DNA test of one's blood or bones? I heard through the NDN Telegraph that runs up and down this river we call Kwenitegw, that Nancy Millette allegedly tested her "blood and bones" to try and prove she's allegedly a "Native American".
Perhaps these "groups" are so deseperate to establish themselves as allegedly Abenaki, Koasek, Cowasuck, Missisquoi, Nulhegan, etc. simply because IF they can twist, distort, and manipulate long enough (like a pit of snakes), then once they alleged gain their sought after Vermont or New Hampshire State Recogntion,  we'll all find out that they had their fingers in the Casino Pie all along, just waiting to lick their fingers! THINK ABOUT IT.

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