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Monday, October 26, 2009

Alleged Koasek Abenaki Corn Article October 2006:

1st document: On May 03, 2006 the State of Vermont gave the historical Abenaki People recognition. Not the contemporary people who claim to be Abenaki. The State of Vermont recognized the historical Missisquoi Abenaki community, not the contemporary people led by the late Homer St. Francis, Sr. as being from and of that historical Missisquoi Abenaki community. Read between the words of the Abenaki Recognition Bill S.117 of which was signed by Governor Jim Douglas on May 03, 2006. I was there to witness the signing of that document right along with everyone else.
This article states, "Next June (2007) will be the first time in almost 300 years the original people will be back in the meadows." So where did these alleged Koasek Abenaki descendants do for 300 years until they supposedly popped up out the ground again? Did they hide in the Attic like Anne Frank and her parents Edith and Otto, until one day they came out of "hiding in plain sight", along with their alleged Koasek corn?!
2nd document: Nancy (Millette) Cruger - Lyons - Doucet stated when asked "does this mean a casino for the Abenaki?" at the time of September 14, when this article was created for publication, and she replied, "For now no comment but I will tell you this, I will make sure you don't have to wait 300 years to find out!". In the photograph(s) were Sarah Calley holding the alleged Koasek corn, Daniel B. Osgood, Sr. (wearing the bear claw necklace and jean jacket), Nancy Lyons cousin Colleen Chase of Woodsville, N.H., and Nancy's sister Crystal Millette of Warren, N.H., and Nancy's father Malcolm "Mike" Millette of North Haverhill, N.H.

NOTICE the Magazine: Indian Gaming October 2006.

hmmm, interesting that a Indian Gaming Magazine periodical would be eye-balling this Koasek corn, Nancy Millette-Lyons, and this created "Koasek, Inc." THINK ABOUT IT.
This magazine article which caters to Indian Gambling leads me to at least ponder a possibly true story I heard talked about way-back-way-when When Nancy Millette-Cruger was the Littleton Town Promoter here in New Hampshire in the 1990's there was some "talk" which indicated that the folks down south in the Pequot Nation were seriously considering putting a Casino up in the "North Country" in or around Littleton. It is alleged that Nancy's "Aunt"(?) was looking around for suitable property for this endeavor retrospectively-speaking, at the time. Whether or not "this story" is true I don't know (as yet) but in consideration of this Indian Gaming magazine article of October 2006,  it got me to thinking about what was said around here years ago about Nancy Millette and these Pequot connections. She did say the Pequots gave $50,000.00 dollars towards Brunswick Springs and that she was instrumental in making that happen back then; and one has to ponder that a favor like that does very likely would have had "strings attached to it" somehow or another. If you think I am crazy, wait til you see the next posting.

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