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Monday, October 26, 2009

July 10, 2002 Sagakwa Pow-Wow Event in Lancaster, Coos County, New Hampshire

1st document: This is a newspaper article in the Coos County Democrat dated July 10, 2002 wherein Nancy Lee Millette announced publicly that she was married to Howard Lyons, a Mohawk singer. Indeed, Howard Isaac Lyons and Nancy Millette-Cruger were married in Santa Clara County, California on May 14, 2002 License number 246022 ny Elaine A. Rexna, Minister in San Juan Bautista, San Benito County, California.
2nd document: Continuing article regarding this Pow-Wow event in Lancaster, Coos County, New Hampshire.
3rd document: July 12, 2002 Coos County, New Hampshire newspaper article out of the Democrat, Page 6. 2nd paragraph states, "Sagakwa Annual Native American Cultural Weekend was founded by Nancy Lyons, the granddaughter and great-great grandaughter of Flora Una Anna Hunt and Elmira Rine Ingerson. (Actually daughter Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons was the daughter of  mother Beverlyn Clara Hunt-Millette, then Beverly Hunt was the daughter of Reginald Ray Hunt who married to grandmother Mabel Emma nee: Dyke, who was the son of great grandmother Flora Eunice Ingerson-Hunt, who was the daughter of great great grandmother Almira Rines who married to George W. Ingerson). As a child she (Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons) allegedly told her great grandmother (Flora Eunice Ingerson-Hunt), "When I grow up, I will find your people and do something so they are together again."
In 1993, Nancy (Lyons) remembered her promise and kept it by establishing Sagakwa. This Native American weekend has been recognized by the governors of Vermont and New Hampshire as a Native Cultural Weekend by way of Proclamation. Former state Senator Fred King presented the proclamation from Governor Jeanne Shaheen just prior to the Grand Entry at noon on Saturday, July 06th. It said in part, "Whereas, the many bands of the Abenaki within the territory of what is now known as the State of New Hampshire date back 10,000 years; Whereas, Sagakwa, Native American Cultural Weekend is an annual tribute to Abenaki Women, to Elmira Rine Ingerson and her daughter, Flora Una Anna Ingerson Hunt, from the ancient village dated 8,000 years old, located in what is now the town of Jefferson and to all of their children and their children's children and to all other Native Peoples in the State of New Hampshire; and Whereas the Abenaki and the Six Nations, Haudenosaunee, come together on this day in peace with each other in the territory of New Hampshire to plant a peace tree to forever live and grow in the town of Lancaster as a growing symbol of the co-existence of these two aboriginal peoples...."
Anyone with an ability to study the documents I have already put onto this blog regarding Almira Rines-Ingerson and or Almira's daughter Flora Eunice Ingerson (her father being George W. Ingerson) can figure out there is a "distortion" between what Nancy Lyons stated in this newspaper article, and what the genealogical vital records show about these two women ancestors of Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet. I find that this "campaign" of Nancy Doucet's repeatedly in the newspapers, etc. to identify her Great Grandmother Flora "Una Anna" Ingerson - Hunt, and that of her Great - Great Grandmother Almira Rines - Ingerson - Pollock to be just a bit absurd. There is NOTHING, absolutely nothing except Nancy's mouth that has proclaimed that these two women were Abenaki women. What about these two ancestral women's mother's, and their sisters, and nieces, etc. I have never seen or heard from any other descendant from these two women proclaim the things that Nancy has, about these two women, Almira and her daughter Flora. On the day of Flora's departure from this reality of life itself ALLEGEDLY Nancy, as a young ten year old girl, allegedly stood in the very room of this dying woman Flora "Una Anna" Ingerson - Hunt, and allegedly heard Flora declare "that her mother Almira Rines-Ingerson was Abenaki" and then Nancy, allegedly declared "I will find your People, and bring them out of the darkness and hiding".
I DO NOT THINK THIS HAPPENED. Do the freaking math people. IF Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Wiggins - Demming - Cruger - Lyons -Doucet actually was told by Flora Eunice Ingerson - Hunt, "that the her mother Almira was Abenaki" then why isn't there other descendants from Almira's kith and kin showing and providing the evidence of their being Abenaki, let alone Native American People's?! I think this woman Nancy (now married to Mark Doucet) made up these "stories" which began to evolve in Nancy's brain beginning in August 1993 after talking to Jesse James Larocque in Bath, New Hampshire next to her mother's home! Over the years, the "stories" that were shoved into the media, and manipulated into documentation such as this Governor Jeanne Shaheen's Proclamation of 2002 by Nancy herself, "began to take on a life of their own." Clearly and obviously at least one "cousin" to Nancy Lee Millette, began to take notice of the absurdities and distortions in these "stories" that were being put out there. That was Rhoda Lou (nee: Besaw) True, who is in this newspaper article, and she is the person who provided me the documentary evidence of which to understand the so-called "Flora Una Anna Ingerson - Hunt" stories that were being put out there by Nancy. Because, I couldn't understand what these "stories" were all about, in contrast and in light of having the awareness of the families Rines - Ingerson - Hunt - Elliott genealogically documented historical records. The whole "situation" didn't make sense to me, and I found it to be absurd, for Nancy Millette to insult these two ancestral women, by cintinually proclaiming that these two women were Abenaki, when in FACT they were NOT Abenaki nor from no alleged "Abenaki Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire". Previously placed FACTUAL DOCUMENTATION on this very blog PROVE without a shadow of a doubt that Flora Eunice Ingerson could NOT have known her mother Almira Rines. Heck, she didn't even know her mother's name when Flora married to Henry Otis Hunt in October of 1896! So again, I find these "stories" that Nancy Millette-Doucet has created in her own mind, that Flora and or Flora's mother Almira were Abenakis to be just the opposite of telling the truthful reality of these women. Why would a ten year old girl on March 11, 1963 be allowed by elder adults, to be in a room of a imminently dying woman? Secondly, why didn't the other Almira/Flora descendants perpetuate the same "stories" of Flora and Almira allegedly being Abenaki women? How come the mothers, aunt's nieces, uncles, fathers, brothers, and so on, not show and provide any evidence historically of their allegedly being Abenaki who were related to these two women Almira and her daughter Flora?
IF Nancy Millette-Doucet was being truthful and honest about her alleged genealogical connections to the Abenaki People, then why hasn't she not shown and provided the actual in-hand evidence of such connections to the Abenaki Ancestors! Because she can't. Even her own "cousin" Rhonda L. Besaw - True confronted her about these "stories" that Nancy Milliette-Doucet has perpetuated in the media and through the Executive Council's Office's of the Governor's in both N.H. and Vermont.
3rd document: Another section of the July 12, 2002 Coos County Democrat newspaper article.
4th document: Remaining section of the Coos County Democrat article of July 12, 2002. Rhonda Besaw-True "smudging" with sage and an abalone sea-shell. Isn't taking photographs of a person or people "smudging" like against Native American traditions or something like that? Didn't I read in the Caledonia Record Newspaper wherein "Chinka Buck" was protesting and having a fit because alleged "Chief" Luke Willard of that Nulhegan group in in Orleans County, Vermont "allowed" photographs to be taken of person(s) or people being "smudged".

Where is the Indian Police when you need them?!

(I have to laugh some more....)

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