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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cowasuck "Citizenship and Membership Cards" of Lynn Menard and David Mathieson:

1st document: Notice the Citizenship Card of Lynn Menard-Mathieson shows very clearly BAND "#C1409" and according to what is stated in Paul Wilson Pouliot's Aln8bak Newsletter (see 3rd document in this post) it's clarified on Page 4 that the new cards will show the Band # with a status prefix code letter. The letter "C" will signify "Citizen" and "M" will be for a "Member". As specified in tribal regulations, Citizenship is reserved for those that meet the requirements as a native Pennacook/ Abenaki. Members are spouses and others that qualify as those living within the Wabanaki tribal community. Persons of Wabanaki ancestry should also submit their genealogy to determine if they can also recieve "Citizen" status.

So, clearly from the evidence shown and provide directly from the Citizenship card issued to Lynn Menard-Mathieson, not once but twice, by this alleged Cowasuck/ Pennacook Abenaki "group" led by Paul Wilson Pouliot acknowledged and accepted Lynn Menard-Mathieson's application for "Citizenship" on April 27, 2001 into his Cowass North American, Inc. group, when she was approved and accepted on May 19, 2001, and again when she had renewed her "citizenship status" into this group in June 2006, and AGAIN on September 11, 2008!

In conclusion, all that can be concluded is that when Norm Leveillee and subsequently Lynn Menard-Mathieson were on "speaking terms" with Paul Wilson Pouliot, then-and- only-then, was their ancestry of being descendants of Marie Miteouamigoukoue, acceptable for gaining "citizenship" into Paul Wilson Pouliot's SOCIAL CLUB/ alleged Tribe or Band of so-called self-proclaiming Cowasuck/Pennacook Abenakis!
Because Lynn Menard-Mathieson was holding drumming practise at her home, and began to inquire about the financial records of the Inc., Paul Wilson Pouliot no longer accepts Marie Miteouamigoukoue as being Wabanaki, Abenaki, or even Cowasuck. Why, when he accepted this ancestor's many descendants (in the hundreds) into his group retrospectively, is he now not accepting and is now revoking these descendants citizenship/membership applications and their genealogies into his group?
Because he can, because he runs an Incorporation, and that is ALL THAT IT IS. Cowass North American, Inc.! He can choose, who, when, how, and why anyone joins that Incorporation because he is the President of that Inc. ~ just like Homer W. St. Francis, Sr. did up in Swanton, Vermont with many a "followers" citizenship cards. If someone doesn't agree with the "Chief" or asks the wrong questions, demands legitimate transparent answers, then your OUT of the Abenaki Club House. You don't get a Membership Card, and if you already have a Citizenship Card from one of these alleged Abenaki "groups" it is quickly cut in two, your "charged" with fictitious activities and your thrown out of the Social Club. Or the "Chief" goes to their Grand Council and Elder's Council (which is really controled by the President of the Inc.) because really these Council's are actually the Board of Directors of such Incorporation's, and the President's/Chief's then changes the so-called Citizenship Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Requirements for an applicant gaining such admission/ citizenship/ membership, into their apparent Social Club's. What I call an "Abenaki Inc. Cult's" of sorts.

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