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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Articles: November 01, 2001 - November 14, 2001

Howard F. Knight Jr. appealed pro se from the trial courts granting summary judgment to the Plaintiff Anthony Tanguay. Which the Trial Judge Dennis R. Pearson did affirm. Howard Knight Jr. owned a piece of property in Conventry, Vermont, of which the township tax collector extended and levied a warrant against Howard F. Knight Jr., the property owner at that time. In that same month of September 2001 the tax collector of Coventry, Vermont signed a Notice of Tax Sale, which inclued Howard Knight Jr.'s said property because Mr. Howard F. Knight Jr. had failed to pay his property taxes in 2000/ The Notice of Tax Sale was delivered the very next day to a local newspaper and published for three (3) consecutive weeks. On October 12, 2001, the notice was sent by registered mail, return-receipt rquested, to Howard F. Knight Jr. and to the mortgagees and lein holders of the property, Green Tree Financial Servicing, Ran-Mar Corporation and Greenpoint Credit Corporation. Defendant, Mr Howard F. Knight Jr. did sign the reurn-receipt on October 23, 2001, as did the representatives of Green Tree Financial Servicing and Ran-Mar Corporatioin. and the property was sold via a tax sale on November 01, 2001.
Now some folks might wonder what the heck this has to do with anything related to the alleged and or "Reinvented Vermont "Abenaki"? It'll become clear as I continue this posting. In November 2003, Mr. Anthony Tanguay filed a complaint against said Howard Knight Jr. and his "Russian wife" Ana Cojubar Coblai, seeking a declaration that he was the sole owner of the property, as well as a permanent injuctive relief against Howard Kinght Jr. and his wife for any possible claims they might raise as to their right to the property, and a write of possession. In May 2004 Anthony Tanguay filed a motioin for summary judgement.
Now on page 2 of this Court Record, in Howard F. Knight Jr.'s appeal, Howard asserts that he first became aware that his property had been sold in December 2002. He states tha he did not sign for the notice of tax sale that was sent to him in October 2001 by the tax collector of Coventry, Vermont. He states that he believed he had two years to redeem the property, and he detailed his attempts to pay Anthony Tanguay, the back taxes that he owed.
Howard Knight Jr. in a Lawful Court for and of the Commonwealth of the State of Vermont simply and plainly LIED to the effect that he did not sign for the notice of tax sale of his property, of which he neglected to pay the property taxes on in 2000. So, now it PROVES that this man who claims to be a Cowasuck Chief of Vermont is a known LIAR. The man stood in a Vermont Court in Orleans County, Vermont and blatantly lied to the Trial Judge, as you can all read from the documents provided right here on The Reinvention of the Vermont Abenaki. Further investigations into the Court Records of not only the State of Vermont, but also California and South Dakota provide interesting deceit and deceptions regarding Howard F. Knight Jr. and his "associated parties" within not only Children's Protective Services but also the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, etc. of some years back. You see, whenever Howard Knight Jr. this alleged Chief of the Cowasuck, Cowasek, Koasek Abenaki People began to get himself into HOT WATER, he simply passed on the mantel of his 501(c)3 Incorporation(s). His self-created group(s) of people claiming to be "Cowasuck"was and are not NOT from and of a legitimate Abenaki Community, Tribe, or Band from or of Vermont.
The other article dated November 14, 2001 is simply yet another article regarding Howard Lyons (not to be confused with Howard F. Knight Jr.) who is definitely of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy.

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