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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Letter from Howard F. Knight Jr. of ca. May 07, 2006

This "letter" was given to me by a un-named email sender under "anonymous" so I presume the sender was the recipient of such a "graphic" "inappropriate" "sleezy" email from Howard F. Knight Jr. I present it here as-I-recieved-it via email attachments. Again, it is the younger generation (children of all grades) in which these "groups" of alleged Abenaki wish to peddle their distorted interpretations of THEIR so-called Abenaki histories. Frederick Wiseman wants to put forth his "Against the Darkness" DVD etc into the schools, with no valid evidence that what he says or implies in that video is even of merit or truthful. Same thing with his newer DVD "the Other Side of History" (link:
Again, it is all about their self-promotion. That is my thoughts and conclusions on the matter, until I am shown otherwise.
On page 3 of this "letter" Howard F. Knight Jr. begins to speak "inappropriately" to this unidentified woman (whose mother he claims to know as well), claiming that he will be "her guinea pig" to what seemingly is a description or implied method of castration to sexual offenders. Restrospectively-speaking this Howard F. Knight Jr. did NOT like Allen Champney "because there were allegations of sexual assaults against young females". (link: http://www.newagefraud.org/smf/index.php?topic=1903.0 This was documented in the media, and Allen Champney was a member of and involved in the New Hampshire Intertribal Association. Well, let's see here if I get this straight.....Howard Knight Jr. throws a pointed finger at Allen Champney while three of his own fingers are pointed right back at himself, a self-documented deviant according to this email he himself created and sent ot to this woman! This "letter" proves my point. Because of Allen's past conduct/court record, etc. Howard Knight Jr. sends out this multiple page email to this unidentified woman "offering to teach her how to castrate a man, that he'll be her "guinea pig" thus offering to expose his own genitelia to her in his so-called "teaching" her! Pardon me, but MOST legtimate Native People's understand that Grandmothers teach their daughters and or granddaughters and sometimes their nieces etc. Grandfather's teach their sons, and or grandsons. Uncles teach their nephews and Aunt's their nieces. That is Abenaki tradition, as it is. Howard F. Knight implying that he has the right, title and interest in teaching or sharing "teaching's or lesson's" of this or any other situation to a woman/female is clearly deviant and inappropriate! And this man claims that he is a Cowasuck Abenaki Chief / Repesentative within and of Vermont?!
The man in this "letter" of Page 3, claims, "The woman who taught me what they used to do, was into her late 70's and one of the last of the women who knew what and how to do what had to be done....She talked to me at length as to my personal thoughts about men doing this to children and to women.....
Supposedly this woman (unidentified) who allegedly taught him was "from Danville, Vermont". I find this whole "letter" and it author Howard F. Knight Jr. to be completely disgusting and he is clearly not a true bonefide decent representative of ANY legitimate Abenaki Community or people, to my thinking!

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