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Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug 29, 2001 - to - October 24, 2001 Articles:

Ok, so going from the top article (regarding Howard Lyons and Firecrow) down to the bottom one (regarding Mr. Allen Champney a.k.a. Spotted Wolf).....In the first article that was in the Courier Littleton, N.H. Newspaper, it clearly shows that Howard Lyons was introduced to Nancy (nee: Millette) Cruger in 1997 at the Native American Cultural Weekend, which Nancy was founder of. That Howard Lyons himself relocated to Bethlehem, New Hampshire in September 2000, began living with said Nancy Cruger. This article "promotes" Mr. Lyons, but at the same time, promotes Nancy herself! (as always).
Author Frederick Wisman at the Littleton N.H. Bookstore "The Village Bookstore" did a book signing regarding "The Voice of the Dawn: an Autobiography of the Abenaki Nation" the previous Saturday to this published August 29th, 2001 Courier article. Interesting. Was this some sort of N.H. "media blitz" regarding these alleged Abenaki from Vermont who had obviously created associations and ties to none other than Nancy (Millette) Cruger? The book I recommend simply not to advocate or accept the contents therein, but simply for the merits of Mr. Wiseman's attempts at chronologically documenting the group of alleged "Missisquoi Abenaki" in Swanton and the surrounding area. Maybe they are real? Maybe they are not real? I tend to lean more to the latter conclusion as you by now, obviously have figured out reading this blog.
On October 10, 2001 Nancy Cruger, festival coordinator, came before the Selectman of Lancaster, N.H. on Monday October 1st to "brief them on what will take place and to see if they had concerns about traffic control and related issues. Apparently they didn't realize she was not who she appeared to be. (A sanke oil saleswoman of these alleged Vermont Abenaki of the 21st Century to my thinking). She was getting ready for using the Lancaster, N.H. Fairgrounds for another one of her staged "Sagakwa" Pow-wow's and mark my words, she was and did go after another one of them Governor's Proclamation's now that she back in the lime light of the media. She was thinking she was gaining "recognition" for the Abenaki of both Vermont and New Hampshire but what she was going about was gaining recognition for herself based on falsehoods and "stories" she herself created in her own mind.
Again, researching the Courier Newspaper on microfilm, here is Joshua Hunt, son of Richard "Rick" Hunt, at the age of 09 years living in Littleton, New Hampshire "dressed as Native American and having danced at Chevron Park in Littleton. Interesting that he woud "dress up as a Native American. ???? Nancy Cruger and Rick Hunt are first cousins, and Joshua "Josh" Hunt is Rick's son. I think what is sad, is that some people are "raised up" as being "Abenaki" and yet still have nothing in their hands from their ancestors to solidify and document the People's history socially and genealogically. And if neither social or genealogical evidence is found, well, they shrug their shoulder's and still claim to be "Abenaki", because who cares (?) they now possess the land, they live on the land of the Abenaki Ancestors, so who cares IF these people "dress up" as Abenaki/Native Americans and continue to claim to be "Abenaki/Cowasuck/Missisquoi". Geneocide they will scream and cry foul. They will scream genealogical geneocide claiming they were all "hiding in plain sight" all the while their genealogical historical records go back to Catholic French Baptismal Records clear back to the 1600's and 1700's.
The photograph of Allen Champney a.k.a. Spotted Wolf, is of yet another imposter claiming to be Abenaki, claiming to be Pennacook, running around the Northeast (southern N.H. etc, and all the way over to Iroquoian and Mohawk communities). But gosh, look at that "getup"/costume (dare I say "regalia). Even though he tries to hide behind the sunglasses, they reveal more than what they try to hide! The clowns never stop dressing up and parading in front of the non-native school children. It's "the minds" they are after, of our next generation. "Believe what we say today, not as what our own Ancestors documented". If they can convince the school children and hypnotise the teachers of today and the Politicians, Senators of the Legislature, both in Vermont and New Hampshire, well "recogntion" of these alleged Abenaki will perhaps get what they are after. Plying the sympathy, plying the distortions they themselves have created. They will put the "Eugenics" = "hiding in plain sight", they will yell that anyone demanding or requesting "genealogical evidence" anything to do with genealogy of their families ancestries, as being "paper geneocide" and that we all are acting like German Nazis. But they will not be truthful. They will twist, they will turn, they will attempt to decieve and deny, and contort. Because they are not really who they appear to be.

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