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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The VPR - Johnson State College collusion with fraudulently-recognized "Abenakis" of Vermont


"What is the status of the Abenaki Native Americans in Vermont today?" - Bethany Ladimer, Burlington
“What made me curious about this more than anything else, was how little I have heard in the last 35 years, which is how long I’ve lived in Vermont, about them,” Bethany says.
Bethany says she asked her question about Vermont’s Abenaki because they’re pretty much a total mystery to her. She says she heard a radio story once about how their language is disappearing, and she has some basic understanding of how colonization went. But on the whole, she has no good way of even placing the Abenaki in modern-day Vermont.
“It’s as though they were ghosts, and I had no way to see who they are,” she says. “I mean, I may be rubbing shoulders with them, every day, and not know it.”

And there’s another problem: Bethany says her children never learned about the Abenaki in school. She’s a former educator, and this lack of knowledge upsets her.

Does Ms. Bethany Ladimer, a former teacher/ educator have her head stuck in the Vermont soil? Obviously she hasn't been reading this blog! Of course, reading this blog, 95% percent of it isn't about the Abenakis, but about the fraudulent wannabiak of Vermont/New Hampshire/New England. 

Mentioning Richard Charles Holschuh Jr. from the very beginning, this liberal naive reporter of the VPR crew, Agnela Evancie ... along with this former teacher, Bethany Ladimer shamefully goes out to interview the leaders and allies of these fake groups, attempting to legitimize these groups claims and assertions. 

"Been here forever"? Bullsh** Their genealogical mapping shows very clearly who Donald Warren Stevens Jr.'s ancestor Phelps/ Philips/ Phillips ancestors come from. As well as the Coderre dit Emery, the Bessette's and Benoit dit Livernois etc. etc. 

Richard Holschuh Jr. claims he's of Mik'maq ancestry ... ok let's look at his ancestry and documents.

Donald Warren Stevens Jr. claims and asserts the Eugenics Survey of Vermont specifically targeted the Abenakis within the state. PROVE IT. Where are the Abenakis within the Eugenics Survey? 

The Attorney General's Office of Vermont stated and proved this was clearly not who the Eugenic's Survey of Vermont were targeting. In fact, the Eugenics Survey of Vermont weren't targeting the Abenakis, but rather, was targeting NEGROS in Vermont intermarried with WHITE / FRENCH marriages.

Vermont Public Radio advocates these LIES apparently. The VPR reporter(s) do not do their research/ homework.

The Evolution of Richard Charles Holschuh Jr.


Growing his hair longer

Patrick Leahy and Richard Charles Holschuh Jr.

Instant Shake and Bake Indian of Vermont

Richard Charles Holschuh Jr. "who traces his heritage to the Mi'kmaq tribe in Nova Scotia"

Shirley Therrien's daughter Amy, states that to be questioned and to have to "prove that they are Abenaki ... quote ... sucks." 

Because she and they, DO NOT WANT ANYONE to look deeper, to do the genealogies, do the homework ... to detect the LIES and DISTORTIONS coming from these groups since 1975.

There's no better way to do that (recognition) "Groom the next generation" with some song and dance.

Couldn't have said it better Agnela Evancie.

It is a fraudulent song and dance since 1975 ... and you don't know, as a reporter of VPR's Brave Little State, how to do your homework, and that applies to this former teacher, Bethany Ladimer. 

"Donald Warren Stevens Jr. acts like a high-powered politician." Indeed he does. LIES ABOUT HIS OWN ANCESTRY, MISAPPROPRIATES AND MISUSES the Eugenics Records of Vermont, and implies fraudulently that he's an "Abenaki" of Abenaki descent. 

I know that Vermont Politicians will NEVER ADMIT they were or are wrong about these groups ... allegedly being comprised of "Abenakis" with coherent reasonably documented genealogical records, or having a cohesive historical record to the Abenakis. These four groups now recognized and even a fifth group that wasn't ... used a fraudulent sleazy methodology and half-baked genealogical foundation, to gain themselves the costume of being "Abenakis" within the State of Vermont. 

The State of Vermont Politicians, Media Communications and Educational Institutions and legitimate Native Communities like Old Town, Pleasant Point, Kahnawake and Akwesasne, as well Native Communities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, etc will continue to be GROOMED by these fraudulent groups of "Abenaki" fakery in Vermont, even more intently as we march ourselves into 2017. 

I suggest to the naive public not to buy what Vermont nor these fraudulent "tribes" of Vermont are trying to sell you. It may sound good and look pretty, but it's not Abenaki. It's parlor tricks and snake-oil salesmanship on a grand State-Sanctioned level.

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