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Monday, June 29, 2015

More DISTORTIONS by the Wannabii "Hannibal F. Woodward" born Anthony Jon Picanso

Birth Record July 26, 1969 Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts
Anthony Jon Picanso

Notice that the name of the father of Anthony Jon Picanso IS Anthony C. Picanso, on the Birth Certificate.

Marriage Record June 27, 1970 Hamilton, Essex County, Massachusetts
His Mother and Father

"I was adopted by a step dad ..."

IF Anthony C. Picanso, is merely a "step-dad", then the question has to be asked, WHY is the alleged "step-dad" listed on the Birth Record of July 26, 1969 and recorded on August 08, 1969, and then this man married to this Anthony Jon Picanso's mother? 

And all this talk of Nokemis [Actually in Abenaki that is "grandmother"] ... what ... Grandma Ruth E. (nee: Pearson) Vallone's husband Luigi "Louis" Vallone (born in Pico, Italy) didn't have anything to share, or teach his grandson? ONLY Grandma said or taught anything to this grandson? How about the mother, the uncles and aunts? I guess they kept their mouths shut, and twiddled their thumbs and four fingers of each hand, while little boy Anthony Jon Picanso was growing up?

Anthony Jon Picanso a.k.a. "Hannibal F. Woodward" Ancestry 

(a Work-In-Progress) ....

This is "Abenaki" Respect? This is "Abenaki" Love? 


IF his Grandmother, that he speaks so fondly of, and having taught him so much in early life, and she's the "Abenaki" / who is his mother's mother ...

And he calls his mother a whore?

"Hannibal" is speaking of his late grandfather, his mother's father, that being Luigi "Louis" Vallone who was born in Pico, Italy on April 07, 1915.

"Hannibal" is speaking of his late grandmother, his mother's mother, that being Ruth Elwood Pearson who was born in Beverly, Essex County, MA on November 06, 1921 and died on April 07, 2003.

Ruth E. Pearson and Louis F. Vallone 
Marriage Record
Both Parents each are identified as "White"
Her ancestors all the way back
indicate "White" 
NOT "Abenaki" 
NOT "Mi'Kmaq"
NOT "Penobscot
NOT "Passamaquoddy"
NOT "Native American"
NOT "Le Sauvage"
NOT "Indian"

If "Hannibal Frith Woodward" (born as Anthony Jon Picanso) wants to call his father a "shit bag" and his mother a "whore" of whom the latter he claims some alleged genealogical - genetic contribution of some unsubstantiated "Abenakis" etc ... then so be it. But that position, and that way of being IS NOT ABENAKI.

IF the man has been and is willing to LIE and DISTORT about his own blood kith and kin (relatives), and his relationship to them, including his lie regarding his genetic mtDNA results at FTDNA , then the question has to be asked: What is the man willing to lie about?!



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