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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The merits of this blog ... and recent events:

Mar 7, 2015
From: Nicole Mardin of Middlebury, VT
To: Douglas Lloyd Buchholz
Subject: Your Inflammed BLOGSPOT
I came across your blog while researching Abenaki Tribes and I read for about three days straight. I have no affiliation or membership with any Tribe I am just an independent person looking in from the far outside of a matter that has nothing at all to do with me.

Lie #1. She approached me dishonestly, claiming she was Nicole Mardin, when in fact, her name is Stephanie Nicole Mardin. Not merely Nicole Mardin....

Lie #2. She previously and very recently, (previous to sending this email to me) had contacted a former so-called "friend" of mine, Nancy Lecompte ... so Ms. Mardin was directed to my blog by a former so-called "friend" of mine Nancy Lecompte and Ms. Mardin does in fact, have a vested interest regarding the matters addressed in this blog, because she has had communication(s) with the groups in VT that are State-Recognized now (fraudulently I might add).

I wanted to let you know that from the perspective of someone such as myself, your blog is so full of hate and rage and hostility that even though you have made some very good arguments I cannot possibly give them credit or subscribe to your reasoning. And I say this without any respect because you don't deserve it and you don't recognize it anyway. [Yet, she read this for 3 days straight?]

You really should clean up your blog, remove emails of other people that you posted only so that you can could attack them, and apologize to everyone you have offended with your inflammatory hateful statements.

One thing that you are not, and never will be, is kind.
Grow an ounce of tact and EVOLVE.
Good luck to you and your poo-poo blog. You will need it.


I have NEVER implied or stated that ANYONE has to read ANYTHING from this blog whatsoever. A person has free-will. They, whomever they are, can enter this blog, read or learn from this blog, as they will (or not). Suffice it to say, that indeed, Ms. "Nicole" Mardin as she introduced herself to me, is a bit deceitful and paranoid in my opinion. She's interested in learning all things "Abenaki" from the "Abenaki" incorporation's of Vermont ... 

Mar 14, 2015 
11:59 PM
From: Kenneth Knight
To: Douglas Lloyd Buchholz
Re: Hello quick question

Wow, I hadn't had time to see that 39 page document you sent me till just now.
I'm floored what information that you have. I can't wait to share that with my sister and mother.
I don't even know how you had found this and the time it took.
I'm so glad I found your blog.
I can't express how thankful I am.

Many thanks,
Kenneth Knight

So, regardless of what the naysayer's SAY or IMPLY about this blog or personally about ME, THERE ARE PEOPLE, that actually appreciate my efforts and work. I merely am SHOWING the two very different responses I get from this blog, depending on 'where' these people come from. This blog both helps and hurts. Those that do not like the truth and or transparency, etc want to continue 'hiding' in the dark. And they do not want this blog to show the wannabiak for who they are! 

Those that are open-minded and seek the TRUTH will find it, eventually.

So, Ms. Nicole Mardin, assumed she was right and justified in saying what she did to me in her email. I know she is neither correct or unbiased in her words to me.

Suffice it to say, that I do 'consider the source' nowadays. I don't need to be 'here' working on this blog 24/7, as I have taken my research in another direction, in a 'quieter' way.

I have EVOLVED. 

I evolved so much, that I can detect a Wanabiak from a long ways off. 

I also still smell BS from across the VT/NH river too, and perhaps the Wabanaki Confederacy will too sooner than later, BEFORE it is too late. 

Time will tell ...

As for Nancy (nee: Coffin) Lecompte of her organization Ne-Do-Ba, Inc.d, and my so-called "friendship" with her ... suffice it to say, that I was naive (or maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part) in assuming that she was a "friend" through thick and thin.

She recently inferred that I ought to "man up" by "removing the entire post since it is nothing but a disgusting rant that only serves to prove they have good reason to call you bad names. What goes around comes around. You are a grown man, but you act like an 8 year old having a hissy fit cause someone called you a bad name on the playground.

Your callous disregard for my privacy and reputation has completely destroyed any chance I could ever trust you again."

I thought about it, I put this post back in DRAFT format, and then I thought about it some more. I concluded that since "my alleged callous disregard for her privacy and reputation has completely destroyed any chance she could ever trust me again" what difference does it really honestly make, if this post is up, or not? It doesn't matter, because she doesn't respect me; in fact I have detected that reality for some months now.

So let's begin by EXPLAINING what the reality REALLY honestly has been.

1. Nancy Lecompte has been doing Marden/Mardin Research and posting that research information to her websites since September 2011 https://nedoba.wordpress.com/category/family-marden/edward-marden/

2. Nancy Lecompte was contacted by Stephanie Nicole Mardin, the latter of who went to the 4 groups in Vermont:

3. Nancy Lecompte herself stated in a open telephone conversation to me on March 06, 2015 at 6:24 PM that this woman Nicole Mardin had got the implied assumption that Marden/Mardin's were possibly in the Eugenic's Survey of Vt. and or "that is why they didn't have documentation to prove their "Abenaki" - ness ... So what does Nancy do? She calls me to ask if I could ask Judy about any Marden/Mardin's in the Eugenics Records. 

Why couldn't Nancy Lecompte who operates her organization, Ne-Do-Ba, Incorporated communicate with Judy Dow, of Essex Junction, Vermont herself, instead of going through me, to get the information/answer(s) from Judy Dow? Judy Dow is publicly available, as Director of Saba ... an entity Judy Dow herself created and operates. 

Not even a day later, "Nicole Mardin" emails me out of the blue, malicious running her mouth at me regarding the contents of this blog, trying to 'cloak her truthful identity' from me. I was disgusted from the minute I began reading her email. 

And I do think Mrs. Lecompte had a hand or a finger in the whole fiasco.  

So when I was sent that communication by Ms. Mardin and I of course, informed her that despite her attempts at implying I didn't know her, or that her approach to me was deceptive and deceitful, I promptly told her, that 1. She had contacted Nancy Lecompte of Ne-Do-Ba, Inc. and 2. That she had been in communication with the group(s) in Vermont, of which implied that her Marden/Mardin ancestors were in the Eugenic's Survey of Vermont records.

Nancy Lecompte shortly thereafter emailed me, informing me that Stephanie Nicole Mardin had communicated with her, informed Nancy Lecompte that I had communicated with Nicole Mardin, this of course, made Nancy upset with me, "because I had mentioned Nancy's name, and had mentioned her organization, and what had been told to me by Nancy the previous evening. In a flaming big hurry Nancy emails me:

"Now my friend you have upset me and violated my trust with you!
I received e-mail from someone you just corresponded with. This person (UNNAMED!) claims you made direct mention that you knew I was corresponding with them!!! How could you do this to me? They are accusing me of violating their trust by providing their name to you - WHICH I NEVER DID! You had no right to mention my name at all and certainly not that you KNEW I corresponded with her. I have no doubt this will get around fast and my reputation will be seriously compromised. Confidentiality has always been the keystone of Ne-Do-Ba correspondence with folks and now it is lost.
Why did you even respond? You know that is what they want - to get you in a pissing contest which in turn gives them more fodder in their attempt to paint you as a lunatic with a vendetta against them."

How very hypocritical of Nancy Lecompte to send such an email to me in retrospect ... considering she'd sent this previous email back in November 2014 wherein she herself attempted to sabotage my research endeavor back in November 2014:

And she does indeed have the arrogance and gall to accuse me of violating her trust?

She set me up


She is the one who had the callous disregard for me and violated my trust back in late November!

Completely destroyed any chance I could ever trust her again

The 2nd TIME

This whole fiasco with Ms. Mardin who Nancy herself sent in my direction

Proves that.

Claiming that I "am suddenly "in a very dark place right now. Until you find your way out of your darkness ..." blah blah blah ... because I defended myself when attacked.

And btw, what she was referring to "in taking steps to shut down the project today"

D12567 , Group Administrator
Canyon Wolf nancy@nedoba.org , Group Administrator

She had NOT consulted or informed me in any way, shape or form of her cooked-up plans at all UNTIL AFTER-THE-FACT, and I was VERY UPSET, because she had VIOLATED MY TRUST, doing this. The minute she got the First Nations tester's kit, she was plotting ... 

When the tester when asked for executive control and custody of her DNA samples, Nancy balked, and protested. 

This particular email, implying that I would tell the tester NOT to trust Nancy Lecompte, was ever so telling that Nancy Lecompte herself did not respect nor trust me, as a friend.

Summary: Nancy Lecompte was removed from having ANY control over the DNA samples of this First Nations woman, because that tester contacted FTDNA and dealt with the matter swiftly using the instructions I was given by FTDNA. 

Mrs. Lecompte tried to sabotage me, and the situation was quickly dealt with.

The genetic contributing tester who provide their DNA samples for testing, regardless of whether someone else paid for that testing, BELONGS to the tester alone. When a tester requests or demands executive control and custody over their samples, results, genetic accounts or the like, there ethically ought not to be any delay in providing that to the tester. Nancy Lecompte felt she was exempt I guess from this ethical dynamic when it came to this particular persons genetic samples, accounts and future results. I was upset, I was 'raw' and my trust was violated. Yet I also had compassion, and empathy, and understanding too. We all make mistakes and errors in life. 

Little did I know that Nancy Lecompte just 'had-to-have-control', and when she began sharpening that knife, and hiding it behind her back, she was planning since late November to stab my backside with it pretending to be nice to me.

I surmise that Nancy Lecomple sent this Ms. Mardin to attack me, maliciously, so that she could defend her "incompetence" of back in November, to justify her own inflated EGO. (Everyone knows how important Nancy Lecompte IS, and how dare anyone question that 'reputation')

And to that, I say Goodbye Nancy, nice to have known you! I know 'where Nancy comes from' (just like me!) and where she's going too. Her own genetic familial research looking for any scrape of of genetic Indian / "Native American" ancestry indication(s), is ever so telling. It will allegedly justify her organization, her costume ... and her persona. 

0.05% "Ameridian" or "Native American" 

But DNA results does not an Abenaki make. 

[Please view the image by clicking on the URL]


Nancy (nee: Coffin) Lecompte
Dressed up as 'Hannah Sosap'

Appearance's aren't everything
In fact, they can be deceiving

June 25, 2015

Nancy Lecompte has requested the image of herself
as 'Hannah Susep' be removed from this blog

July 01, 2015

Nancy Lecompte is NOW attempting to "hide" her own "history" from this blog
By making 'complaints through DMCA.

And we wonder WHY she doesn't want her own Dawnland Newsletters on this blog?

Meanwhile ...

[ANYONE wishing to view the Danwland Newsletters ...  can email me at douglaslloydbuchholz@yahoo.com and I will send them via PDF to your email address]

When did Nancy Lecompte assume she was the 'beginning and end all' of Wabanaki Research.
Why is she speaking for the Abenakis/ and Wabanaki Nation?
Why was it that she wanted to keep our association and communication(s)
'private and confidential' all the time now all of a sudden?
Because she caters to the Wannabiak


She was heavily a part of Dawnland Alliance, Inc.
in the 1990's which claimed to be a "Tribe"
but was in reality simply an Incorporation
led by 
Louis Pierre Annance
who began claiming to be a Chief
after getting a Homer St. Francis Sr. Membership Card 
in ca. 1989
Then in October 25, 1993
Louis Pierre Annance created and operated his own Incorporation 
called the Dawnland Alliance
with Gary Labbe
as Vice - President
Nancy Lecompte
as Treasurer etc
And on March 07, 1997 
Nancy (nee: Coffin) Lecompte 
created her own Native Organization
called Ne-Do-Ba, Inc.
Ne-Do-Ba Corporate Members and
Society Officers:

Nancy Lecompte
Gary Labbe
Carla Heisten
Here are the Dawnland, Inc.'d Newsletters:

Oh THAT's RIGHT ... "Canyon Wolf" DOESN'T WANT



From: Dropbox
To: douglaslloydbuchholz@yahoo.com 
Sent: Wednesday, July 1, 2015 6:07 PM
Subject: Notice of DMCA Complaint

Nancy Lecompte is NOW 
attempting to "hide" her own "history" from this blog
By making 'complaints through DMCA.

And we wonder WHY she doesn't want her own Dawnland Newsletters on this blog?

She can RUN but she cannot HIDE
Her organization Ne-Do-Ba, Incorporated
than ANY other Wannabiak

Her ACTIONS speak louder than her words ...

Indeed, Nancy Lecompte attempting to infer that her name and that of HER organization is off-limits to my research or myself, is simply delusional on her part, and such obstructionism on her part is not going to be a restriction on my research, because IN FACT, her organization and her interactions with Dawnland, Incorporated and many other organizations has been on my 'radar' for quite a number of years now. 

Out of kindness to our alleged "friendship" I didn't bring that research into this blog. 

Now I think it is the time to do so ... she IS a wannabiak, whose "played with" and "entertained" the likes of many wannabiak. All the while, rubbing elbows with Wabanaki, and inferring she is thee "expert" on the Wabanaki/ and Abenaki People.

April 12, 2004

The speaker was Nancy Lecompte, author of the Androscoggin County book, Alnobak." Lecompte is a descendant of the Abenaki Indian Tribe

She said she had trouble researching her own roots.

June 04, 2009

... quote, "their motives and sincerity should be questioned." 

[This also INCLUDES HER and her organization Ne-Do-Ba, Inc.'d]

"I personally can not document my Native ancestry. Because of that and out of respect for those who chose throughout history to remain Abenaki (those reservation/reserve families of today), I have stopped referring to myself as "Abenaki" and simple state that I believe I am an "Abenaki descendant". I do not ask for anything from anyone based on this self-designation and I have never accepted money based on my claim to Abenaki ancestry."

Suffice it to say, that when she claimed she had Abenaki ancestors, she could not prove it at all.

"I am very glad to see that someone is finally questioning the activity and claims of some people and groups in a public forum" 

EXCEPT when it comes to HER and her Ne-Do-Ba organization.

That is why she is doing a genetic DNA study on her own relatives to try and prove it, to justify her created 1990's Indian-ist persona.

While 99.9% percent of the time I dislike pointing at or using blog posts that are cloaked as to the origin of who created such blog, I will make an exception:


"Incompetence"? (She said it, I didn't!) or is it merely "Arrogance"/"Ego" "Control" and "Power" that has inter-layered here in my interaction(s) with Nancy Lecompte? Or is it merely, that she detected that my research would soon unravel her claims to "Abenaki" fame and dressing up as Hannah Sosap, much like many other women claiming to be "Abenakis" these post-1976 days ???

 To Play the part, One just has to LOOK and SOUND
like a historical "Abenaki"
like Molly Okett
or Hannah Sosap
 Then create or buy the Regalia

The "Top Hats", Silver-work, and Ribbon-work

Absolutely Convince "White" Folks

And SAY it repeatedly


Even if you aren't....
Just find one and rub elbows

Apparently the Abenaki rubs off.

Or just click your heels like Dorothy did ...

(p.s. It takes a few years to develop an "Abenaki" persona, and several more years to appear to convince others of your claims ... go to as many Museums and Pow-wow's as you can, and just LIE LIE and LIE some more, and oh, the 1-drop-rule "make-it-up-as-you-go-along" works wonders if you dab it on your "high" cheek bones, and dyed black hair. Do as many 'talks' 'lectures' and 'beading classes' as you can. Say 'Kwai and Adio' as much as possible and pretend to know Abenaki language, and if your questioned, or doubted, just blame it on the Vermont Eugenics Survey destroying your whole entire family through sterilization and sewing your grandparent's lips shut and cutting off the fingers of their writing hands ... works wonders, let me tell you! Convince em every time, and they will hand you all the Grants and money too! The COLONIZERS love to have you sit at their political tables and have you tell them how much y'all have it so bad, because your an Indian or an Abenaki too. They'll create a Indian Commission and give you "recognition" so you can be controlled, but hey don't forget to SAY yes, and sign on the dotted line ... your State "Recognition" has a PRICE TAG) 

The Wannabiak Stench does not wash off.

So yes, let it be understood VERY CLEARLY I will be addressing the 'records' of Nancy (Coffin) Lecompte etc IN this blog, whether she or anyone else likes it not ...

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