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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More Commentary regarding the Kosek Traditional Band of the Koasek Abenaki Nation, led by Paul Bunnell and Nathan Pero

While Paul Joseph Bunnell may now mockingly and snidely call me a "little man" and that allegedly I am like the Eugenic's Survey of Vermont from the 1920's and 1930's ... towards these wannabiak groups....

The simple FACTUAL REALITY remains, that there is less and less convincing evidence of their group's being from the historical Koasek community of 1704, much less in 1800 or even 1890 ...

No really honest, legitimate Scholar with any real merit would touch these groups applications, because those legitimate scholars can smell bullsh** from any decent distance from Vermont, that has not had or continues to have a direct or indirect "working relationship" with these wannabiak groups.

This is why the VCNAA cannot solicit ANY other "Scholars" other than Eloise Biel and maybe someone else, to review Nathan Elwin Pero and Paul Joseph Bunnell's application petition for State Recognition of their wannabiak "tribe".

[Clarification: Eloise Beil, as of July 03, 2014 (according to the VCNAA) had resigned from "reviewing" the Paul Bunnell and Nathan Pero application/ this 5th Group of Wannabiak]

Eloise Beil: “… In the aftermath of a wonderful and successful Abenaki Heritage Weekend, it is difficult but necessary for me to write with apologies that I am unable to serve on the scholar panel to review for petition for tribal recognition at this time. Unfortunately, my work schedule is still seven days a week for the next several months and I know that I would not be able to give the application review the attention it needs nor would I be confident that I could attend the hearing to testify. With apologies and best wishes…”

Then Lisa Newman, on November 16, 2013 states, that she wants confidentiality to her conclusions and determinations and comments. Why? 

“…I regret to inform you that I must respectfully resign my volunteer role in the scholar panel that reviews applications for tribal recognition in Vermont and advise the commission on the decisions. It was my understanding that when I accepted the commission’s invitation to help with tribal recognition cases that I would have sufficient time to prepare a report on the commission. That my expertise in anthropology likely to be complimented on the scholar’s panel by a professional genealogist and/or a professional historian and that my specific comments by members of scholar’s panel would be kept confidential and publicly reported only in likely aggregate form. I was unaware until this past week that my understandings were incorrect. Without adequate time balance scholarly expertise and reasonable measures to protect confidentiality, the integrity to process suffers and maybe called into question by others. I understand it is of course to report information is a difficult job that you must do as a commission do to the process of Native American tribes, both recognize and unrecognized. Vermont is a concern that we all share. It is the reason that I want to step aside…”

Ok, so VCNAA Member Andrew Beaupre states that Lisa Newman had 3 issues or concerns:

1. There was a lack of sufficient time to prepare a report.
2. Her expertise in anthropology would not be complimented on the scholar's panel BY A PROFESSIONAL UNBIASED GENEALOGIST and/or PROFESSIONAL HISTORIAN.
3. Her specific comments by members of the scholar's panel would not be kept confidential and publicly reported only in aggregate form.

I think the HUGE ISSUE here is that there has been NO SCHOLAR(s) or GENEALOGIST(s) that has not been unbiased nor a conflict of interest thus far, retrospectively for the four now-state of VT Recognized groups. There has been NO TRANSPARENCY as to these group's members genealogical connection(s) to the Abenakis .... etc. 

This isn't about GENERIC WAUBANAKIS .... 


Well, obviously anyone can now 'see' why. These newly minted self identified "Abenakis" are NOT ABENAKIS, but 8 to 12 Generational DESCENDANTS of Alonquine, Huron, and or a DISTANT/REMOTE Mi'kmaq Indian ancestry. Again, NOT Abenakis from and of Vermont!

The "State" of Vermont and these groups have managed to re-invent the DEFINITION of Abenaki, and who is Abenaki, etc., to INCLUDE THEMSELVES.

And again, so what if these groups, 1, 2, 3, 4, or this 5th group were to have submitted their 400 pages or 5,000 pages of genealogy on the table for review? The REALITY is that NO ONE is even validating and/or authenticating the genealogical connections of these group's members TO THE ABENAKIS historically speaking, ancestrally or to ABENAKI COMMUNITY.

Lorelei A. Lambert (Colomeda) a.k.a. "Otter", born on March 03, 1942 in MA, to Joseph and Marie (nee: Arsenault) was a member of the Paul Wilson Pouliot's Group calling itself "COWASUCK BAND - PENNACOOK - ABENAKI PEOPLE COWASS North America, Inc." from at least August 01, 2000 which was then re-approved Sept. 01, 2005 Membership card #1355C.

2. Madeleine Montagnaise Tegochix (Tegoussi) & Nicholas Pelletier
3. Marie Josephete Pelletier(Mali Josephe Mis8  Pelletier) & Chief Thomas Kaorate
4. Cecile Kaorate Pelletier & Jean Gagnon
5. Antoine Gagnon & Genevieve Boucher
6. Marie Anne Gagnon & Clement Roy Dit Lauzier
7. Etienne Roy & Anastasie Desrocher
8. Clement Roy dit Lausier & Demerise Gagnon
9. Leda Roy & Calixte Arsenault
10. George Dewey Arsenault & Ann Catherine McKenna
11. Marie A. Arsenault & Joseph Henri Lambert
12. Lorelei Lambert

[Of course, Lori Lambert has other Native Ancestral Connections in her ancestry]

But NOW she [Lori Lambert, PhD, DS] is a member of the VT State Recognized group calling itself the "Nulhegan Band of the Coosuck Abenaki Tribe" today. Again, "Tribe" Jumping-and-Hopping by an self-identified "Wabanaki" ....

As for Paul Rene Tamburro, he was also a member of Howard Franklin Knight, Jr's group as of July 14, 1992 ... that evolved into Paul Wilson Pouliot's Group in early 1993; and his Membership Application is dated July 14, 1992 Membership Card No. 671X; his membership was re-approved August 01, 1997, [Paul Wilson Pouliot "went after Paul Tamburro for having multiple Membership Cards in LEHA and the Spin-Off Group, the "Mazipskwik Traditional Band of the Abenaki Nation", led by Connie Brow and David Gilman] and Paul Rene Tamburro was removed from the Membership of Paul Wilson Pouliot's Group in April of 2002. 

How many Wannabiak Groups has Paul Tamburro held "membership" in?


He was in the Cowasuck Pouliot "Tribe" .... Mazipskwik "Tribe" ... and by his own admission, the Koasek "tribe" led by the now-late Nancy Millette - Doucet ...

Paul RenĂ© Tamburro is NOW of the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk Abenaki Nation. 

Yet ANOTHER "Tribe" Jumping-and-Hopping by an self-identified "Wabanaki" ... Shopping around for just the right "tribe" to promote himself, to my thinking!

And Donald Warren Stevens, Jr. was a member of the St. Francis-Sokoki Group led by the late Homer Walter St. Francis, Sr. and his daughter April A. (nee: St. Francis) Rushlow - Merrill, and subsequently "flew-the-coop" in Swanton, Vermont, to become a member and "Chief" of the Nulhegan "Tribe"...

Don Steven's another "Tribe" Jumping-and-Hopping by an self-identified "Wabanaki" ....

The Scholars that they have solicited, and or who had agreed to be review and evaluate petitions for state recognition have either said yes, and then no; or they have never responded to the solicitations from the VCNAA, or they have outright decided to decline, participatory action, because they either do not like TRANSPARENCY, or they claim they have too much distracting them in their other endeavors.

So, the VCNAA and the "tribe" led by Nathan Pero and Paul Bunnell picked John Scott Moody .... and attempted to get Eloise Beil (the latter of whom works for the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum) to "review" the 5th groups application's contents?

How convenient! Considering ... 

Using John Moody's retrospective ca. 1980 work contribution, entitled "Within the Bounds of a Subsistence Oriented Culture" Scott E. Hastings Jr. , 1982 Native Vermonters in the Miller Pond Watershed: Heritage and Change" By Katharine Botsford 1981 Dartmouth College

This ditty of a paper, was shoddy, and unsubstantiated throughout, to my thinking. It was not intended for publication or usage; but that didn't stop these wannabiak, etc from using that paper, for their own agenda's; then or today.

And what is interesting ... is that it is sited in the Application for State Recognition by Nathan Elwin Pero and Paul Joseph Bunnell, as legitimate scholarly work. It was clearly not.

It is a 'conflict-of-interest' and biased dynamic (to my thinking) that either John Scott Moody and or Eloise Beil, to "review" this 5th group's 'application for VT State Recognition' as a generic 'Native American' "tribe" ... and one asks why?

... Because Kathleen Botsford, herself in 1981, stated in her paper's Preface, that she was inspired by Joseph Bruchac and John Moody's Presentation, entitled, "Vermont's Original Communities: Abenaki Indians." It was that and subsequent meetings with John Moody, a personal friend and anthropologist who has been involved with the Abenaki community for many years, which prompted Kathleen Botsford to include the Abenaki piece of the region's culture and history. Most importantly he put up with her emotional distress. She goes on to say, that without his openness, knowledge, dedication, and friendship, over the years, the paper would not have been possible. Additionally, she was indebted to Howard Franklin Knight, Jr., for his extended conversations...

SO, John Moody having reviewed the first Application by this other alleged "Kosaek" group, led by Nathan Pero and Paul Bunnell, THE 5TH GROUP of WANNABIAK was and continues to be biased, and a conflict of interest from the very beginning!

I have followed the genealogies of both Paul J. Bunnell, Nathan Pero, (as well as other members of this group) and found that the ancestors they descend down from, were from anywhere but Vermont, before their descendants migrated INTO and around "Vermont" ...

And while Paul Joseph Bunnell may imply that what was happening "when two miles of ice" were covering this land, or thereafter, applies to 1900 or even now in late 2014, that remark simply smacks of his "entitlement" attitudes and revisionist position in this whole process of "recognition" of fake "Abenakis" ... of which the majority memberships are wannabiak. He has pointed his fingers at the four groups now-recognized, claiming that they are mere Metis, claims he doesn't want to to get into the Vermont Indian crap, and resigns twice! And now he wants to dip his fingers, toes and fat arse into the Vermont Indian-ist Wannabiak Pie himself, which was what he was after, all along.

While it was fine for Rhonda Besaw to share the documents and data etc with me ABOUT and regarding the late Nancy Millette Doucet etc, (her cousin) retrospectively-speaking ... when I then turned the magnifier of my research towards her husband Charlie and her's group calling itself The Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire, and my inquiring about the historical merits of the group etc. (i.e. Alan Martell etc), I was treated like the plague and met with hostile, mocking and condescending emails and the like minded ilk via blogs, much like what Paul Bunnell himself have just emailed to me retrospectively the other evening.

I have very valid concerns and points and am vocal about these concerns and topics of interest; and I have the ability to research and study, etc (hopefully transparently) ANY group that claims to be "Abenaki" or "Koasek" etc within and around Vermont.

Paul Bunnell and Nathan Pero's group, as its public representative(s), are simply like the 4 groups that have VT State "recognition" as generic "Native American Tribes" which self-identify as "Abenaki" "Tribes" (which of course, they never were, and will never be, no matter what the "State" says or implies, to my thinking).

Paul's ancestors (as well as Karen Boudreau-Majka (Mica), Francine Poitras-Jones and Nancy Saucier-Rivera's remote/distant ancestors) moved into and around Vermont and New Hampshire; today they are aware that some of their remote distant ancestry may or is indicated to be of Native descent; and today they feel and conclude that the State of Vermont ought to "recognize" them and theirs ... and their incorporated post 1980 / 2006 created entities - groups - organizations, so that they can obtain grants, etc  etc, and PLAY INDIANS ("Abenakis").

This is the reality. It is about EGO, STATUS, POWER, and CONTROL.

And while they doing this and that, they are mocking the very ancestors (allegedly "Abenaki") that they claim to derive from. 

We see it in their actions, We see it in their words ...

It is disgusting. It is pathetic. It is wrong. 

What has and is continuing to happen in Vermont, etc towards the Abenakis and their ancestors ... by these wannabiak created "tribes" is most definitely a MOCKERY and an INSULT.

They have sold out their ancestors and themselves, to the State.

I am not perpetuating 'persecution' against anyone.

What needs to happen ... is judicial prosecution for 'Abenaki Identity Theft' by these obvious Wannabiak, by the State Attorney General's Office! 

I am merely attempting to add a bit more TRANSPARENCY and TRUTH to the process going on in Vermont and New Hampshire regarding these wannabiak groups and their memberships.

And, of course, the Wannabiak, (like Paul Joseph Bunnell), doesn't want that TRANSPARENCY and TRUTH to be put on this blog, about themselves nor their group.

Paul Joseph Bunnell and their group are not who they claim to be. Certainly not Koasek!

The same as the four other groups ... who were fraudulently "recognized" by the "State" of "Vermont" ...

Sorry, but Paul Bunnell needs to get back on that "Mother-Ship" and go back to whatever wannabiak planet he came from.

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