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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Response to Nancy Millette Doucet's Diatribe of Distortions on Abenaki Pride: Setting the Record Straight Blog:

Nancy Millette - Doucet said... December 28, 2009 7:02 PM on Abenaki Pride: Setting the Record Straight blog....
A public statement:

I want to make it clear to the public that #1. I appreciate Salmon's ability to find such clear documentation and posting the facts. However, his opinion and narrative in many cases are totally WRONG! Also I believe some of this documentation sucks, as my divorce papers are a total invasion of privacy and has no newsworthy merit.
Nancy Millette - Doucet alleges that she "appreciates my ability to find such clear documentation and posting the facts" ONLY NOW, because I am addessing another like herself (Howard Knight Jr and Paul Wilson Pouliot and Inc.) It suits her to say this NOW, but retrospectively-speaking, when I was addressing her factual ancestry and her Koasek, Inc "group" which involved her connection and close relationship with her buddy Howard F. Knight Jr. and her sidekick Co-Chief Brian Chenevert, she subsequently caused me to go into Haverhill, N.H. into Grafton County Court to defend myself against her slanderous maliciousness against my person when she accused me of Stalking and Harrassment. This was because of the PUBLIC RECORDS I had placed on this blog and she was attempting to shut the blog down and shut me up. She was unsuccessful in her Judicial attempt I might add. The Divorce Record Certificate had NOTHING to do with invading her "privacy", it was a document open to the PUBLIC and need I remind that ANYONE can obtain that record from Littleton Family Court just like I did retrospectively-speaking at the time trying to identify and document the woman's historical social record. It's called "headhunting" genealogically ANY known FACTS about a PUBLIC person who consistantly was in the Media proclaiming that which she could not prove.

I want to make it clear I have never had any close relationship with Howard Knight (another DISTORTION because Nancy Millette had to have been "close" to Howard Knight Jr. by telephone, by email and by Unity Meetings/ Council Meetings they arranged together, and to have gained his trust and been allegedly elected Co-Chief of this malarky Koasek group)

and only took the position with Brian Chenevert to protect people FROM HOWARD KNIGHT! (another DISTORTION, because Nancy was indeed riding the coat ends of Howard Knight's B.S. Cowasuck of North America, Inc. and this Koasek, Inc. while it suited her agenda and endeavors).

Later, I realized that Brian and his group was using me (more like you all were USING EACH OTHER and then eventually began stabbing each other in the backsides!)

and my hard work for the community (what community? Nancy Doucet must mean the Re-Invented one she, Howard Knight Jr, and Brian Chenevert, along with Edwin Merle "Joe" Pero's son Nathan Pero all created, calling itself the "Traditiional Koasek Band of Abenaki," Inc. right along with the group now calling itself and self proclaiming ittself as the "El-Nu Tribe" of Abenaki?!) I HAVE TO LAUGH SOME MORE.

as well as our history (our history?...a history of which you all inappropriately appropriated for yourselves against every Abenaki Ancestor and Descendant, from Dartmouth, etc.)

to make them look like they were Vermont Abenaki! (Seems like Nancy Millette-Doucet is attempting to "distance" / "remove" herself from her own clearly documented media blitz past again; Wasn't Nancy in the State Legislature parading around making back room conversations and so on claiming to be Vermont Abenaki in HER Koasek group's attempt to gain State Recognition with April St. Francis-Merill's group?! I do, I do, I do think that woman was claiming to be a Koasek Abenaki from Vermont).

At the end of it all I also received an email statement from Brian (Chenevert)
that he wanted recognition in VT so he could then have land claims against NH (Oh, but didn't Nancy Doucet SAY and WRITE that ALL of Haverhill, N.H. Etc BELONGS TO HER? IF Brian Chenevert made an email statement to the effect that Nancy Millette - Doucet indicates he did, then it MUST be sent to me directly so I can place it on this blog even more directly! I am sure the wonderful people of New Hampshire would just LOVE to see, review and study that email most directly indeed!)

I also was appauled at the lack of respect he and his MA people gave the old Abenaki families here! (Prove that these families are allegedly OLD ABENAKI families ... likely more "stories" of Nancy's like that Abenaki Village in Jefferson, N.H. that her Great Grandma Flora Una Ana Ingerson-Hunt was born in eh Nancy?!) So I left them (No, Nancy was causing trouble again in her POWER trips in her inflated egotistical ways again and the group had enough of her B.S.) 

and the community sent them all packing! (Again EGO)

They then snagged onto Nathan Pero thinking his Vermont residency will give them once again claim in VT (Yet, the Pero's were good enough when Nancy Doucet was part of the "pack").

also stood in front of the VT Senate with Paul Bunnell's genealogy certificate in my hand singing his praises as a certified genealogist (unitl I exposed Nancy Millette-Doucet's ancestors to Genforum.com and Ancestry.com online and she ordered Paul Bunnell to contradict and prove my genealogical research wrong, when he couldn't, she was quite ANGRY at Paul Bunnell)

that he and Brian claimed he was until later I found out the certificate was bogus and nothing else was needed to get that certificate except a few bucks! No classes no test...just a few bucks!! (Revenge is sweet, bitter as ever though, and a difficulty to swallow)

I want to make this perfectly clear. MY BAND AND I DO NOT SUPPORT THE BILL IN NEW HAMPSHIRE! (Your Band and I??? Peter Newell was beside Nancy Millette when she asked for a drum group to be there when Old Man of the Mountain crumbled to the ground in the White Mountains, and he was there for her Unity Meetings in Vermont; and yet now Nancy Doucet complains that Peter Newell is "Chief" of an Indianist Inter-Tribal group here in New Hampshire. Good enough for her when she wanted something from him, but not now, because HB 1610 doesn't benefit Nancy Millette-Doucet! so she says)

The Koasek mentioned in conjunction with that bill and the NH Intertribal is none other than Paul Bunnell and Brian Chenevert's group. Bunnell and Paul Pouliot and Sherry Gould all are trying to push this through and I have made it clear to the NH Government I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BILL IN NH!!
Also I am sick to death of hearing about Genealogy proof! (Why? Because Nancy Millette-Doucet doesn't have ANY Native connection to ANY Native Ancestry at all! IF she does, then she ought to show and provide that DNA test result of her Bone and Blood, along with the identity of that Indian Ancestor directly into the PUBLIC!)

Genealogy can not prove or disprove anything alone (Genealogy can prove Native Connection, ties to Native Community as well as support Oral and Socially historical records of a person and or family)

and anyone who is a true genealogist knows that for a fact. (No, what Nancy Doucet assumes is FACT is a self induced delusion on the part of herself, DNA Testing Results can not prove or disprove anything, itself alone, and anyone who is aware of DNA Testing knows that for a fact. DNA Testing is a "tool" that "alone" means nothing, but in conjuction with genealogical documentation, one and the other can support each other. This is a FACT. Yet, even if one has an identified Haplogroup that indicates Native Ancestry, that may not be the reality. Haplogroups identified in Native American populations are also idenitified in strictly Asiatic and European populations as well, though in less frequency.)

Most Indian Nations and TRUE Indian People support the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples Rights. (Most Native American Indian Communities and People support the FACT that GENEALOGY PROOF needs to be shown and provided BEFORE Offical State or Federal Recognition is granted to anyone too!)

Maybe people should take stock in that if they truly support Real Indian Issues!
(Supporting Native Issues is quite a different ball of wax, than claiming one is "Abenaki" when one has not documentarily and genealogical proven that connection to Abenaki ancestry and to a known documented historical Abenaki community).

Nancy Millette Doucet

Obviously, this is just another one of Nancy Millette - Doucet's Rants and Raves simply because she is NOT Abenaki, let alone Indian - Nor is she from a legitimate historical Abenaki Community.

"My Band and I...."

More Bullsh** More Lies, More Distortions, More Deceit....

Eric Scott Floyd emailed me something awhile back, hmmmmm....

let me see here...I know I have it in here somewhere....

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