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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preliminary Report on Abenaki Petition for Tribal Recognition - [Exhibits]: March 12, 2002: Exhibit 2 - Continued:

An Alphabetical Enumeration of the Indian Tribes and Nations
ABENAKIES, over Maine till 1754, then went to Canada; 200 in 1689; 150 in 1780.
Indians and Tribes Page VI (06).
Mass.--AGAWAM (Wampanoags), at Sandwich, Mass.; others at Ipswich, ii. 46.
Maine--ALSIGUNTAKOOK (Abenaki), on sources Androscoggin, in Maine. iii. 136, 152.
Maine--AUOSISCO (Abenaki), between the Saco and Androscoggin River. ii. 48, iii. 93
Maine--CANIBAS, (Abenaki), numerous in 1607, and after, on both sides of the Kennebeck River.

Indian Tribes and Nations VII (07).
ECEMMINS--(Canoe-men) on River St. Johns; include Passmaquoddies and St. Johns.
Indian Tribes and Nations VIII (08).
GANAWESE, on the heads of Potomoc River; same as Kanhaways, probably.
GAYHEAD, Martha's Vineyard; 200 in 1800; in 1820, 340.
HASSANAMESITS, a tribe of Nipmuks, embraced christianity in 1660. ii. 51, 115.
Mass.--HERRING POND, a remnant of Wampanoags, in Sandwich, Mass.; about 40.
LENNA LENAPE, once from Hudson to Delaware River; now scattered in the West.
Indian and Tribes IX (09).
MANHATTANS, (Mohicans) once on the island where New York city now stands.
MARACHITES, (Abenakis) on the St. Johns; a remnant remains.
MARAPEAGUES, once on Long Island, 8. side of Oyster Bay; extinct.
MASHPEES, (Wampanoags) 315 in 1832; Barnstable Co., Mass.; mixed with blacks.
MASSACHUSETTS, the state perpetuates their name. ii. 42.
MITCHIGAMIES, on of the five tribes of the Illinois; location uncertain.
MOHEGANS, or MOHEAKUNNUKS, in 1610, Hudson River from Esopus to Albany. ii. 87, 97.
MONTAUKS, on E. end of Long Island, formerly; head of 13 tribes of this island.
NARRAGANSETS, S. side of the bay which perpetuates their name. ii. 21, 23, 38, 53.
NASHUAYS, (Nipmuks) on that river from its mouth, in Massachusetts.
NATIKS, (Nipmuks), in Massachusetts, in a town now called after them.
NIATIKS, a tribe of the Narragansets, and in alliance with them. ii. 67.
NIPMUKS, eastern interior of Mass.; 1,500 in 1775; extinct. ii. 18, 40, 100; iii. 91--Mass.
NORRIDGEWOKS, (Abenakis) on Penobscot River. See Book iii. 119, 127.
NYACKS, (Mohicans) or MASHATTANS, once about the Narrows, in New York.
Indians and Tribes X (10).
PAWTUCKETS, (Nipmuks), on Merrimac River, where Chelmford now is; extinct.
PAGANS, (Nipmuks), 10 in 1793, in Dudley, Mass., on a reservation of 200 acres.
PENOBSCOTS, (Abenakis) 330, on an island in Penobscot River, 12 miles above Bangor.
PENNAKOOKS, (Nimpuks) on Merrimac River, where is now Concord, N.H. iii. 94, 95.
PIQUAKETS, (Abenakis) on sources Saco River; destroyed by English in 1725.
PEQUOTS, about the mouth of the Connecticut River; subdued in 1637. ii. 101-110.
QUABAOGS, (Nipmuks) at a place of the same name, now Brookfield, Mass.
QUODDIES. See PASSAMAQUODIE.--3 Coll. Mass. Hist. Soc. iii. 181.
RIVER, (Mohegans) S. of the Iroquois, down the N. side of Hudson River. iii. 97; v. 14.
Indians and Tribes XI (11).
SCATTAKOOKS, upper part of Troy, N.Y.; went from New England about 1672.
SHINIKOOKS, a tribe of Long Island, about what is now South Hampton.
SIX NATIONS, (Iroquois) Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, Shawane.
SOKOKIE, on Saco River, Maine, until 1725, when they withdrew to Canada.
STOCKBRIDGE, NEW, (Mohigans and Iroquois) collected in N.Y., 1786; 400 in 1820.
TARRATINES, E. of Pascataqua River; the Nipmuks so called the Abenakis.
Indians and Tribes XII (12).
TUNXIS, (Mohegans) once in Farmington, Conn.; monument erected to them, 1840.
WAMESITS, (Nipmuks) once on the Merrimac River, where Lowell, Mass., now is.
WAMPANOAG, perhaps the 3rd nation in importance in N.E. when settled by the English.

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