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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nancy Lee (Nee: Milette) Doucet vs. Douglas Buchholz Audio File Regarding July 06,2009 Grafton County, N.H. Family and District Court Case 443-2009-CV-00015 at the Probate Courtroom:

In the matter of July 06, 2009 Grafton County, N.H. Family and District Court Case 443-2009-CV-00015 at the Probate Courtroom at 2:50 PM. Go to the 3rd link to where the documents and my subsequent "commentary" are, regarding this case are, on this blog. This particular case was ultimately judicially dismissed by the Honorable Judge.


BTW, to those on the Olidahozi Yahoo Message Board Group, and to the particular persons Carollee Reynolds, Jeanne Kent, Milo Paquin and Daniel B. Osgood who have made outlandish libelous accussations against my person on the aforementioned site....

I have NOT been in jail, I have committed no civil or criminal crime(s), nor have I have been "bailed out" by any Judiciary, for any reason(s).

IF, such libelous allegations and accussations were truthful and documentarily factual, ANYONE would be able to access, obtain, and secure Coos County, New Hampshire PUBLIC RECORDS, as to these libelous bullshit "attacks" by these alleged and reinvented Abenakis of Vermont and New Hampshire.

on another note:
Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Doucet, as of April 05, 2009 was paying a Resident Tax Bill of $10.00 dollars USD cash, in the Township of Bath, Grafton County, New Hampshire according to this document, sent to me by Beverly Woods, Tax Collector P.O. Box 165 in Bath, N.H. 03740.
Nancy Millette - Doucet was or is residing at address: 45 Pioneer Park in Bath, N.H. 03740.
Also it has been indicated, that Mrs. Doucet registered her vehicle(s) in the township of Bath, N.H.
Is she a resident of the State of Vermont ~or~ New Hampshire?
She did take me to Haverhill District Court, Grafton County Courthouse in North Haverhill, New Hampshire 03774, as a resident of NEW HAMPSHIRE, NOT VERMONT.
Has Mrs. Nancy Millette - Doucet relocated/ moved over to Vermont since July 2009, much like Paul Wilson Pouliot having, within the previous two years relocated to Alton, Belknap County, New Hampshire from the state of Massachusetts, in order to "imply" that these incorporate Chief's and their "followers" were "from here," saying that they are from the historical Abenaki Tribes and or Bands?

John Prescott, on the White Pine Association Board of Directors, Trustee Member and member of Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Doucet's Incorporate group refers to his residence (162 Evergreen Drive in Newbury, Vermont 05051) as the "Headquarters of the Koasek Traditional Band of Koas Abenaki Nation." 

In simple:
Howard F. Knight Jr.'s residence = Territorial Headquarters/ Tribal/ Incorporate Office.

Paul W. Pouliot's residence = Headquarters/ Tribal/ Incorporate Office.

Paul J. Bunnell's residence = Headquarters/ Tribal/ Incorporate Office.

John Prescott's residence = Headquarters/ Tribal/ Incorporate Office.

So...to have residence an alleged and reinvented "Abenaki Tribe" or "Abenaki Band" in the state of Vermont, all one has to do is to have the "President/ Executive Director" Nancy Millette - Doucet be a resident of the state of New Hampshire and at the same time, have her Board of Director (of her White Pine Association Inc.) John Prescott physically reside in Newbury, Vermont.

Let's get this straight, looks to me that they are "river-hopping" across the Kwenitegw (Connecticut river) from one state to another (N.H.-VT) when she was seeking official state recognition for her group through HB1610 (but when HB1610 didn't benefit or recognize her group, she protested against HB1610). "Chief" "Co-Chief" "Chief-for-Life" Nancy Doucet seemingly claims residence in N.H., yet when she now seeks official state recognition via S.222 from the state of Vermont, she uses John Prescott's residence address as her "Tribal Headquarters." Interesting......seemingly Nancy Doucet may have one foot in New Hampshire and the other in Vermont, "double dipping" for official state recognition from one state or the other, for HERSELF and HER group of alleged and reinvented Vermont/N.H. Abenakis?

Is it not one of the REQUIREMENTS of the S.222 Abenaki Bill, that their whole group be documented bonefide legal residents of Vermont BEFORE these groups are officially recognized by the State of Vermont?

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