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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update to this Blogspot.com The Reinvention of the Vermont Abenaki.

I have had to temporarily cease adding documentation to this blogspot, because Nancy Lee Millette has decided to put forth a stalking charge against my person in Haverhill District Court in Haverhill, New Hampshire at 2:30 p.m. Case Number 454-2009-CV-34. Her allegations are/were as follows: (In RED is my commentary to her allegations/accusations against my person)
"For the past three years Douglas Buchhlutz (she can't spell?) You would think she could at least know how to spell my name Douglas Lloyd B-U-C-H-H-O-L-Z has followed me in the newspapers and all over the internet I NEVER followed anyone in the newspapers and all over the internet, I was notified of Nancy Millette's media articles by other people such as Lynn Menard-Mathieson and most especially by her cousin Rhonda Lou Besaw-True, who sent me the website links via emails or the actual newspapers; I wasn't stalking following her or anyone else! And even if I had "followed Nancy Millette's newspaper and media articles, when did that become a Criminal Act to read the freaking newspapers or online news articles? where he has constantly harassed me no, I was not harassing her or anyone else, I was merely adding my editorial commentary to the sites such as the www.cowhampshire.com and www.burlingtonfreepress.com, the Caledonia Record, and the Coos County Democrat newspaper's "editorial sections" in a obvious exercise of my right of Constitutional Free Speech and as such my editorial commentary to Nancy Millette's publicly made statements were not just about her, but about others as well. Today no I posted Nancy Millette's historical divorce record (which is PUBLIC REOCRD) on this blogspot.com site on Monday, June 22, 2009, not on June 24th, 2009 he has posted a blogspot with copies of my divorce which are a matter of PUBLIC RECORD and within the public domain or obviously I would not have been able to obtain them from the Littleton Family Division Court Clerk under my own legal name of Douglas Lloyd Buchholz on August 20th, 2008 & death certificate of family members no, I obtained the death record of Flora Eunice Ingerson - Hunt via an email attachment from Rhonda Lou Besaw-True on June 25th, 2008 at 1:10 PM. He now has purchased public records so this constitutes "stalking" & now has SS# of myself, children, and X-husband and have I indicated or shown at any time, that I would use such information maliciously towards Nancy Millette or the other three parties listed on the divorce record? The answer is no I wouldn't; the SS#s on the Documents are there because the Littleton Family Division clerk did not redact/remove them, simply because it would invalidate the actual Petition for Divorce and the Divorce Decree Certificate; I did redact/remove said SS#s and the middle part of the birthdates of all four mentioned on the documents. He constantly harrasses me & my family publically if by responding to newspaper articles and internet articles where Nancy Millette Crurger Lyons has made public statements about her own ancestors such as Flora Ingerson Hunt or Flora's mother Almira Rines Ingerson, then it is my right to free speech to respond to her publicly made statements; this is not "harrassment" nor is it "stalking" Nancy Millette or anyone else who historically has associated with this woman & uses the internet & newspapers as instruments of intimidation hardly the situation at all, my editorial articles not only addressed the publicly made statements by Nancy Millette herself, retrospectively-speaking, but also others as well, such as Frederick Matthew Wiseman, John Moody, April St. Francis-Merrill, Howard Franklin Knight Jr., Walter Watso, etc. My editorial articles in newspapers or on blogs, were not just about Nancy Millette Cruger Lyons but about all of these so-called Vermont and or New Hampshire Abenaki groups and their "public representatives", etc. He has developed a 220 page genealogy he says is mine contrary to her statement here, it is not that I have stated this genealogy belongs to her, rather the ancestors have said she belongs to them; I know this because we share common ancestors, and both Nancy Millette's and my own ancestral relations were neighbors in Littleton, Dalton, Whitefield, and Jefferson, New Hampshire. has posted it all over the internet no specifically I placed the genealogical report within two very specific genealogical websites, they being Genforum.com and Ancestry.com. Then http://www.rootsweb.com/ "picked up" the postings on Ancestry.com because the two are connected somehow, and http://www.google.com/ picks up nearly everything, but I am not responsible for what these companies do with what I put onto specific genealogically-oriented websites, looking for the Abenaki ancestral connections which Nancy Millette herself has publicly proclaimed in numerous newspaper articles etc stated she descended from. with defamation of character narrative. It took three weeks for me to get some of this off the internet by reporting abuse Nancy Millette forgets to mention that right along with her complaining to http://www.genforum.com/ and http://www.ancestry.com/ "List Monderators" there were her associates/allies Luke Willard, Raymond Lussier, and forget Peggy Fullerton who were making complaints and requesting the information be removed as well. Now he has a blogspot where he has shown some receipts where he purchased my divorce papers (again, these are a matter of PUBLIC RECORD and in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. ANYONE can obtain said documents) which also gives him all of our SS#s I did not seek these documents to obtain anyone's Social Security numbers but was actually seeking to documentarily solidify when Nancy Millette had left to go reside at Tom Porter's Mohawk Community in Fonda, NY...nothing more and nothing less than that. The documents does show historical "PLACEMENT" of my investigation of this alleged Koasek Chief Nancy Millette Lyons, leaving us with a fear of identity theft ANYONE can obtain, with a credit card and $14.99 up to $29.95, Public Document Information, Background Records, Court Records, Marriage Records, Death Records etc RIGHT ONLINE on ANYONE. From what I understand Douglas suffers from a mental illness and what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?! The question is, does Nancy Millette also suffer from a mental illness? My conclusion is Nancy Millette is obssessed about my having a mental condition and I am in fear of her going to snap. Maybe I ought to run to the White Man's Court and seek a Temporary Order of Protection against HER, so she will not try to harm me anymore. Anyone want to check out the PUBLIC COURT RECORDS of Windsor County, Vermont on Nancy Millette and see who has "snapped"?! I have seen his obsession yeah Peggy Fullerton, Luke Willard, and Carollee Reynolds etc., all said "obsession" and the same terminology in their harrassing emails to me between 2006 and August 2008 and hate for me no, I do not hate Nancy Millette Cruger Lyons or anyone else, I simply have demanded she substantiate her publically made statements in the newspapers, etc., not with what comes from the mouth, or from living descendants but from her Rines or Ingerson ancestry showing the evidence of this woman's statements esculate I have not escalated anything, my "address" has been pretty even and stable all along towards all those claiming to being Abenaki over the last three years, that I now fear he will snap Again, want to take a look-see down at the Windsor County, Vermont Court Records on a Nancy Lyons Court Record file? Let your investigative brains decide whose "snapped" and who hasn't. Suggestion: Let's ask Howard Lyons. That court file is also PUBLIC INFORMATION and in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. At this time he has followed me via the internet and when did that, if such can be proven, become a criminal act against anyone? All I did was respond to publicly made statements in publicly published articles wherein Nancy Millette was making her public statements, he knows where I volunteer my time (such as the Committee at Burlington Quad Centenial) yeah, so what? That information is right in the VCNAA Newsletter; I have not owned a vehicle in quite a while, nor have I really given a hoot where Nancy Millette resides in either the State of Vermont or the State of New Hampshire. On this blog I am merely documenting HISTORICAL RECORDS related to these REINVENTED ALLEGED ABENAKI REPRESENTING THEMESLEVES AS THE REAL ABENAKIS and he has written letters against me to those I work with Really?, when?, cause I think the ONLY email I have ever sent to anyone was to Nancy Millette's supporter and ally Frederick Matthew Wiseman PhD over in Burlington, Vermont and that was in-part, specific to my concerns regarding Nancy Lee Millette publicly made statements in the media, but again that was quite some time ago, NOT recently thats for sure! Since at least September 2008 I have not communicated in any way with Fred Wiseman nor Nancy Millette in any way, shape, or form. Nor do I care to in the future either. He has gotten (paid for) vital records of my family Actually, I did not pay one red penney (cent) for obtaining Flora Eunice Ingerson - Hunt's Death Certificate; I obtained it from Nancy Lee Millette - Cruger - Lyons own cousin Rhonda Lou Besaw-True on June 25th, 2008 at 1:10PM and has it posted all over the internet I just LOVE the way Nancy Millette says "all-over-the-internet" as if I am somehow responsible for the actions of www.google.com or other search engine's but no, I did not do as she accuses me of, I merely put the HISTORICAL documentation here on this specific blog such as death certificate of her great grandmother Flora (nee: Ingerson) Hunt. These are only a few examples". Qoute.
Simply and plainly said, this was Nancy Millette Cruger Lyons Doucet's attempt to JUDICIALLY HARRASS, INTIMIDATE, and GAG ORDER by Court order.
Well, anyway, this is WHY I have not placed further documentation on the blog since June 24th, 2009.
I will be putting the TRANSCRIPT of the Court Hearing here on the blog when I get it from the Court in the near future.

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