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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MY RESPONSE to HB 1610 in New Hampshire:

NH Recognition Bill HB1610

Message from Sherry Gould
I am the person under Wijokadoak, Inc. (of which she created and promotes) the nonprofit that has been organizing the alleged NH Indian community for a Commission on Native Affairs in NH since 2006. Wijokadoak, Inc. supports the New Hampshire Native American Inter-Tribal Council (which is merely another Incorporate. whose President is Peter Newell, who also sits on Widjokadoak, Inc. as well) who has been doing the work for over 20 years to make this Commission happen. There has been an incredible outpouring of community support from hundreds of American Indian Tribes, bands and individuals in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and New York and also from major non-native nonprofits, individuals and NH State department heads and workers in support of this Bill. What a blessing it has been to see Indians of good will set their differences aside and work hand in hand for the good of all. The handful of detractors all claim to be Native American and show no good cause to oppose the bill or its supporters. It is a shameful thing in my opinion that a few bad apples seek their own good at the expense of thousands of New Hampshire residents who want this Commission and support HB1610.
One person sending 100 emails cannot drown out 9,999 (Exactly, just who are these person's and their resident addresses?) strong beautiful voices and prayers.
Together we have drafted the following fact sheet. It should silence the anti-gaming movement in New
Hampshire that would like mis-informed people to think this commission would lead to Indian Gaming in
New Hampshire. HB1610 has nothing to do with Indian gaming. It will do nothing to grant special privileges of any sort to any Indian resident in New Hampshire.

But it will allow Federal Funding to come into the State of New Hampshire, into DCYF, of which Widjokadoak, Inc. Executive Director Sherry Gould has PUBLICALLY stated, that she works with.
So who BENEFITS from HB1610's passage in the New Hampshire Legislature?! The "trickle down affect" of Federal Monies will benefit these Incorporation's who are deceitfully trying to imply that they are legitimate Native Tribal Communities of Abenakis and/or Pennacook's from and of New Hampshire.

Please DO NOT support NH House Bill 1610 for a NH Commission on Native American Affairs
Before You Vote - Did You Know?

The original inhabitants of New Hampshire were the Pennacook and Abenaki Indians who, though they were not acknowledged to survive, still live among us today.

Factually and truthfully, anyone claiming to be "Pennacook" obviously doesn't know the Pennacook historical record within the State of New Hampshire. ONLY in or around October-December did Paul Wilson Pouliot, President of COWASS NORTH AMERICA, Inc. based at that time in Franklin, Worcester County, Massachusetts (and their now personal residence that they call their "Headquarters" based in Alton, Belknap County, New Hampshire as of merely two years ago when Paul Pouliot and his 2nd wife Denise nee: Beauregard-Mehigan-Pouliot relocated INTO the State of New Hampshire). In Oct-Nov-Dec 1995, in Paul Pouliot's newsletter entitled Alnobak News, Volume 95/ Issue 4 - Page 1, Pouliot states "Cowasuck Band-Abenaki People" COWASS North America, Inc. - 160 Dailey Drive in Franklin, MA 02038-2951.

Then in Jan-Feb-Mar 1996 of Alnobak News Volume 96/Issue 1-1 on Page 1, Paul Wilson Pouliot claims by title in this newsletter, he switches to "Cowasuck Band - Abenaki/ Pennacook People" COWASS North America, Inc. - P.O. Box 554, Franklin, MA 02038.

Then in November 15, 1996 "Chief" Paul Wilson Pouliot of the alleged Cowasuck-Abenaki-Pennacook / COWASS North America, Inc. with his 1st wife Linda (nee: Whites) Pouliot bought 137 acres in Goshen, Sullivan County, New Hamsphire. Paul Wilson Pouliot did IN FACT, call it TRIBAL PROPERTY in writing in his Alnobak News, yet the property was PRIVATELY OWNED, under his name!

Again, this Non-Profit Incorporate "group" (like all the 'others', both in Vermont and in New Hamsphire) are NOT legitimate historical Tribes, or Bands of the Abenaki. At least to my thinking. These "groups" are Alleged and Re-Invented so-called Abenakis of recent extraction. 

There are several distinct Indian groups in New Hampshire; each group has a Speaker or Chief that represents them. No single Chief speaks for all groups.

The majority of Native American Residents in NH are not associated with any of these groups. The New Hampshire Native American Inter-Tribal Council is the oldest group (that such organization is merely an Incorporated SOCIAL "INDIANIST" GROUP led by Peter Newell) which has always been located in New Hampshire and has continually served all Native American individuals and groups in the state.

IF the majority of Native American Residents in New Hampshire are not associated with any of these groups, then how could this New Hampshire Inter-Tribal Council (incorporation) serve all Native American Individuals and groups within the State of New Hampshire?!

They imply to the State of New Hampshire Legislature, etc., that this N.H. Inter-Tribal Organization "represents and speaks" for us......and yet the majority of Native American Residents in NH are not associated with ANY of these Incorporated groups!

SOURCE: LINK: http://www.bunnellgenealogybooks.citymaker.com/NHRecognitionbill.html

The N.H. House Bill 1610 on March 10, 2010, passed by a vote of 201 (for it's passage) and 132 votes (against it's passage). Based on "sympathy votes."

So much for supporting genealogical evidence, cultural markers, social and historical record verification that these "groups" are alleged legitimately the Real Deal Abenakis from and of Vermont and or New Hampshire.

Again, these "groups" are now closer to being State-Sanctioned to "Play Indian" and or "Abenaki"

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