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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Abenaki Natural Beverage, Incorporated V-059450 November 06, 1997:

Articles of Incorporation:
Corporate name: Abenaki Natural Beverage, Inc. (V-059450)
Name of Registered agent: Sherry Vance
Address of registered office: P.O. Box 276, Depot Street in Swanton, Vermont 05488
Number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue: 100
Classes of shares and num. of shares authorized to issue, in any class: Common
Dated: November 07, 1997
Incorporation purpose: Production, marketing and sale of beverages.
Directors" See Attached List. (See Below in this posting)
Signature of incorporator: William G. (?)
Address: 7 Main Street, Essex Jct., Vermont 05452
$75.00 Filing Fee must be attached to this application. This Articles must be typewritten or printed and filed in duplicate. Unless a delayed effective date is specified, the document is effective on the date it is approved.
Articles of Incorporation, Office of Secretary of State Filed: Nov. 6 1997. Filing fee of $75.00 dollars has been paid.
Abenaki Natural Beverage, Inc.
Board of Directors:
Jeff Benay of 14 First Street in Swanton, Vermont 05488
Jane Kiser of East Fairfield, Vermont 05488
Roy Bergeron of 47 Fourth Street in Swanton, Vermont 05488
Doug Teater of 154 North Main Street in St. Albans, Vermont 05478
Amie Hakey of 40 Pine Street in Swanton, Vermont 05488
Priscilla Jeffrey of Church Street in Enosburg Falls, Vermont 05450
Mary-Ann Marshall of 37 Grand Avenue in Swanton, Vermont 05488

Abenaki natural Beverage, Inc.
Corporation Status: Inactive
File No. V-59450-0
Incorporation Date: 11/07/1997
Corporation Description: Beverage Sales
Registered Agent: April A. Rushlow
Address: P.O. Box 276, 100 Grand Avenue
Swanton, Vermont 05488
President: Frederick Wiseman
Vice President: Roy Bergeron
Secretary: Jane Kiser
Treasurer: Anna Louko
Director 1: April A. (nee: St. Francis) Rushlow - Merrill
Director 2: Harlan LaFrance
Director 3: Anna Roy (Frederick M. Wiseman's wife and mother to Aaron York)
Principal Street Address: P.O. Box 276, 100 Grand Avenue in Swanton, Vermont 05488
Last Annual Report: December 31, 1998
Terminated: May 17, 2000
Reinstated: July 27, 1999

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