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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Volume 2009/Issue 4-October-November-December/Penibago-Mzantanoskas-Pebonkas - 2009 Alnobak Newsletter:

Document 01 and 02: Pages 01 and 02 of The Aln8bak News is published quarterly by COWASS North America, Inc. the non-profit cultural and social services organization of the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People.
This Issue - Headline Articles:
"Abenaki Community Under Attack."
1. For the last several months, the Abenaki community has been under attack by the malicious efforts of an individual that is filled with negativity against many of our leaders, groups, and People.
My Response: This "blog" was begun on May 31, 2008. The alleged and re-invented "Abenaki Community" is not "under attack" by my person per se. Its is these people from these alleged "Abenaki Community" groups that imply that the effort with this "blog" is "malicious" and that I am allegedly "filled with negativity" against many of these group's so-called "leaders", "groups", and "members/citizens." Obviously, these group's have every right to be concerned. It is these re-invented groups of alleged Abenakis, that these documents on this blog pertain to. These groups, their so-called "Chiefs", "Grand Chiefs", "Reactivated Retired Chiefs" and their so-called "Abenaki Ambassador's" who created these documents. Not I. Threats, Intimidation, Hostile Comments, and Insinuations will not stop this process from continuing. The documents as they are located, secured, scanned and uploaded to the blog will be put into the PUBLIC view. Genealogical research documents will be shown and provided. Financial documents will be shown and provided. I do not need permission nor authorization. I will show and provide that the Incorporating of these person's and/ or groups of alleged and re-invented Abenakis of Vermont and New Hampshire (etc) has merely been a multi-layered license to perpetuate the identity theft of the Abenaki Ancestors and the legitmate descendants of the Abenaki People. A multi-layered system of lies, manipulation, deceitfulness, and deception against the Commonwealth of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts to name just a few.
2. This person is using an internet "blog" site to post internal tribal correspondence, personal emails, genealogical information, newspaper articles, tribal membership records, court records, governmental records, and a wide variety of other documentation.
My Response: Yes,  indeed I have used and am using this "blog" site to post correspondence, emails, genealogical information, newspaper articles, INCORPORATION "member/citizen" records, court records, governmental records, and a wide variety of other documentation.
3. This person has been working with other disgruntled people that have been submitting some of these documents.
My Response: This is an "assumption" by Paul Wilson Pouliot, in his seemingly paranoia. No one is "disgruntled." It is a reality that people are beginning to realize that the historical documentary TRUTH has to be SHOWN and PROVIDED.
4. It appears that every Abenaki group has at least one member that has contributed to this effort. Likewise, many unsuspecting people have been duped or otherwise misled to provide this person with information that is being used in a negative way.
My Response: Another paranoid "assumption" on the part of Paul Wilson Pouliot as to the dynamics and foundation of this "blog". The "anonymous" person(s) who have decided to provide further enlightening documentation for my review, have done so with their own free will and intentions. These person(s) are not "unsuspecting" of what I would or may do with the documents. They are not "duped" nor "misled" to provide my person with information.
It is another false conclusion that Paul Pouliot makes, to conclude that such information has been used in a "negative way". The TRUTH is not negative.
Water can save life, it can also terminate life.
5. We will not identify the "blog" site or any of the people involved because they seem to enjoy the personal notoriety and controversy that is being created.
My Response: Actually, no one needs to be "identified." The "blog" documentation and TRUTH OF SUCH FACTS stands on its own merits, of its own accord and foundation. Paul Wilson Pouliot has published my article(s) "The Problem with the Alleged Abenaki of Vermont and New Hampshire" in his retrospective Aln8bak News 2008 July-August-September newsletter on Page 06,07 and 08. Also of interest in this particular July-Aug.-Sept. Aln8bak newsletter is "Speaker Speaks" on Page 14. Quote from the mouth of Paul Pouliot himself, "The latest call from the alleged groups and their hypocritical followers is that "They know who they are, and they don't need to prove it...." or "To prove who you are is paper geneocide," was is all this talk? All you have to say is that you are Abenaki?, end of discussion! But when it comes to our Band and members, we are always forced to prove our relations. It seems that those individuals and groups that have no true heritage or family histories are the most outspoken.
In regard to our Band's direction, we are going forward and cleaning up our citizenship records. Our historical and genealogical research is critical to determine who we are as a People. (That is because they don't know who they are as a People, because they are also of the frauds, fakes, and wannabe's). The frauds of Vermont and New Hampshire and their rhetoric have given us a wake up call, now is the time to weed out the phonies and wanabes that for years have claimed to be Abenaki."
6. They claim and believe that the documents are "public records" available for public distribution, review, and ridicule because most tribal groups are associated with a non-profit organization.
My Repsonse: I do claim that the documents are PUBLIC RECORDS, or else I wouldn't have been obtaining these very documents, from outside and WITHIN the so-called "Abenaki Community over the years historically or contemporarily-speaking." It is MY RIGHT to distribute these documents, to the PUBLIC and to other "Abenaki", for evaluation-review-inspection. Yes, at times the content of these documents deserve "ridicule" in that the "self-importance," "delusions" and "created illusions" of these alleged/re-invented so-called "Grand" "Chief's" and their so-called "Ambassadors" of the alleged and re-invented "Abenaki Nation," etc. was and is blatantly (and obviously) absurd!
7. This is not a valid legal argument for documents that were unlawlfully obtained or that are personal or tribal property.
My Response: Actually, to claim that the documents on this "blog" are alleged from "tribal groups," is misleading. These so-called self proclaiming "tribal groups" are merely Incorporations-Under-the-State-Laws of Vermont, etc. as Non-Profit Organization's. According to the IRS, ALL documents pertaining to the Non-Profit Inc. Organization, including membership/citizenship applications, submitted genealogical records to that Inc. organization, financial records, EVERYTHING are supposed to be OPEN to public evaluation, inspection, and review" at the request of ANYONE.
This "group" led by so-called "Chief"/Inc. President Paul Pouliot obviously has his "Band Headquarters" located in his own personal residence in which he lives fulltime with his wife. That being ex-wife Linda nee: Whites - Pouliot first in their home "The Red Hawk Lodge" of 160 Dailey Drive in Franklin, Massachusetts; secondly, at P.O. Box 54 in Forestdale, Massachusetts with Denise nee: Beauregard-Mehigan. Both spouses of Paul Wilson Pouliot are documented as being the sole Treasurer's of COWASS North America, Incorporate.
The documents in my possession have not nor have ever been obtained "unlawfully" by me. Obviously these documents are not "personal records" or I would not be in possession of them in the first place. 
For these documents to be "tribal property," the documents MUST come from a bonefide legitmately historical Native Community that has been documented through time, not from a mere "layered" multi-incorporate. 
A. Abenaki Self-Help Association, Inc. (Homer St. Francis Sr. etc)
B. K'dakinna Pobatamwogan, Inc. (R. Kent Ouimette, etc.)
C. Green Mountain Band, Inc. (Richard Blackhorse Phillips, etc)
D. Northeast Woodlands Band, Inc. (Richard Blackhorse Phillips, etc)
E. Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc. (Richard Blackhorse Phillips etc) 
F. Coos Band, Inc. (Howard Franklin Knight Jr., etc)
G. Northeast Woodlands-Coos Band (Richard Phillips etc+Howard Knight Jr.)
H. COWASS North America, Inc. (Paul Wilson Pouliot, etc.)
8. The laws that pertain to non-profit organizations are very specific about organizational records and financial disclosures. Except for required IRS and state reports, what is being posted is unlawful.
My Repsonse: Again, what has been and is being posted on this "blog" is not unlawful. There is no "confidentiality clause" relevant to any of these genealogical documents, etc. Genealogically-speaking, no one "owns" their ancestors.
9. It must be clearly understood, tribal records are not non-profit records.
My Response: Only if a group is FIRST recognized and documented as a legitimate bonefide Native American tribe BEFORE becoming an Incorporation, can a group have so-called "tribal records". Indeed, Paul Pouliot is correct in his statement that "tribal records" are not non-profit records.
10. Specifically, Band member records, are not non-profit organizational records.
My Response: If in fact the "Band" is really just a Non-Profit Incorporation, then the said "Band" documents/records are the Non-Profit documents/ records.
11. Non-profit records, are only related to the organization's officers and board of directors.
My Response: Not true. ALL documentation/records connected in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM to the Non-Profit Organization are related; and subsequently are OPEN to inspection, review and evaluation BY ANYONE, according to the Law.
12. Tribal band records are never available for public inspection as public records and that includes all genealogical and membership documents.
My Response: First of all, a group has to be a legitimate bonefide tribe to have "Tribal band records."  I quote, as per the Aln8bak News 2009-1 Jan.-Feb.-Mar. on Page 08 entitled "Editorial-Identity Crisis"Why did we, as a People, go on for so many years without doing our own research to prove who we are? Other than the Abenaki in Canada, no one challenged us. It seems that these original "chiefs" were really reaching for power and money at the expense of reality and the awareness of who they really were - as Indians. With many promises of the "good things" that they were going to get from being tribal members it was easy to find like-minded followers to created a "tribe" With ALL of these "groups" including the one being led by Paul Pouliot, etc., they are all created first via Incorporating UNDER STATE LAW, and one DOES NOT find any documentary evidence that these "groups" existed until shortly BEFORE their Incorporating. Our Band is now attempting to change past deceitful practices of "creating" Indians. We are in the process of doing what should have been done thirty years ago, the definitive and detailed family research and genealogy that is fundamental to prove who we are as a People and group. Simple family organizational or pedigree charts are not enough for definitive genealogy. Definitive genealogy requires actual birth, marriage, death, and other related records to back up the pedigree charts and the relationships that are shown.
As a by-product of our research we have also been doing genealogy on all of the contemporary so-called Abenaki "chiefs" and other community leaders. What we are finding is that many of these people are either not Abenaki by ethnological or genealogial standards or not Indian at all.
This is not "genealogical genocide" or "paper genocide" as our critics may claim. If you are not Indian, then stop making those fraudulant claims. When people maike false claims of being Abenaki they are actually displacing the real Abenaki, so they are really the guilty parties committing genocide."
Additionally,"So when the oral traditions, genealogy, and DNA still do not prove Abenaki or Indian ancestry what do you do? The answer is to legislate your way to Indian status by creating a law that makes you an Indian or tribe."
The State of Vermont (and New Hampshire) should challege these leaders, "chiefs," and their related groups to produce clear genealogical evidence that supports their claims. If they do not, or otherwise take a position that their family histories are a secret or confidential information, then the state should not allow them to further promote or identify themselves as Indians or Abenaki." So with this coming from the very mouth of Paul Wilson Pouliot in early 2009, it has to inquiried....IS Paul Wilson Pouliot even mindful of his own words and proclamations? If he stated this to Vermont, why isn't it being demanded of in New Hampshire as well in regards to HB 1610?
13. With each posting this person is making libelous and negative comments and opinions relevant to the subject matter of the documents.
My Response: Some person(s) would have a perception that my commentary on this "blog" is allegedly "libelous" and/or "negative." That conclusion is not shared by others.
14. In most cases the comments are not rational statements and you can not make the same conclusion from the facts presented.
My Response: Having talked with many Native and Non-Native People who have been evaluating and reading the "blog" documentation and my commentary regarding the records, people have stated that I am totally rational in my statements.
15. Even more insidious is the fact that some of the documents are being modified. "cut and pasted" or amended by adding or deleting words to distort the facts.
My Response: "insidious" means to operate in a deceitful, cunning way, to work or spread harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner, intending to entrap with misinformation. Hardly the truth of what I am doing. I am not attempting to "ambush" anyone. The fact is, that when I "add" into a document either grammatical correction(s) or commentary I do so "in red." If adding emphasis I "bold type" the wording. I do sometimes "delete" and/or "trim" documents of "source email address" of the sender at times. I do not need to provide the identities of every document's "source"
16. The personal comments being posted mis-state and mis-represent the facts and expound an agenda of contempt towards Abenaki community groups, leaders, and tribal members.
My Response: Absoloutley untrue. The fact are the facts, they speak for themselves. I only have "contempt" and a profound dislike for the many "pretend Abenaki" and "Playing Indian" types, who take advantage of so very many naive people! Especially alleged and re-invented so-called "Abenaki Chiefs"!
17. As the "blog" is being updated it has become more and more twisted as this delusional person attempts to make the case that all Abenaki are part of a great "collusion" conspiracy.
My Response: The "blog" is not twisted per-se, it is showing the documentary FACTS. If it reflects a "twistedness", it is merely because of the deceit, deception and dishonesty reflected in the historical records of these "Chiefs", their "Ambassador's", and "followers." I am not delusional nor am I irrational in my statements in my commentary on this "blog." Again,  the FACTS speak for themselves. The collusion dynamic is not directed at legitimately documented Abenaki people, but rather at the people who have been pretending and continue to pretend to be Abenaki. Playing Indian.
18. It is apparent that the intent and purpose of the "blog" is to discredit all U.S. based Abenaki groups, to create discord, in-fighting within the community, and to ultimately destroy the Abenaki community.
My Response: The "intent and purpose" of this "blog" is not to discredit all U.S. based Abenaki groups, to create discord, in-fighting within the Abenaki community, nor to ulitimately destroy the Abenaki Community. I am not that powerful nor am I that arrogant to think that I am that powerful. The intent and purpose of the blog is to show and provide the documentary historical records of these alleged and re-invented so-called "Abenaki" Incorporated groups who continue to proclaim they are legitimately bonefide Abenakis from the historical Abenaki People and Communities. I have yet to see the foundation of these proclamations and assertions from any of these alleged and reinvented Abenaki groups within Vermont, New Hampshire, etc. as discussed in this blog. Does not Paul Wilson Pouliot stand by his own words "The state should challenge these leaders, "chiefs," and their related groups to produce clear genealogical evidence that supports their claims. If they do not, or otherwise take a position that their family histories/genealogies are a secret or confidential information, then the state should not allow them to further promote or identify themselves as Indians or Abenaki." If the state of Vermont and/or New Hampshire nor the Federal Government will not challenge these leaders, "chiefs," and their related groups to produce the clear and convincing genealogical, historical and social documentation/family histories.....then the blog will do so.
19. So far, all that this ranting "blog" has proven, is that the person is very "disturbed" and filled with cynicism.
My Response: I am not per se "disturbed" yet I must admit that to "address" the historical documentation of these many alleged "Abenaki," their "Chiefs", their deceit, deceptions and dishonest activities obvioiusly does create a disturbance within the ability to relate to any of this "business" in any unbiased way. Naturally "cynicism" or the dynamic of distrust, frustration, and disillusionment towards anything these alleged and reinvented "Abenaki" groups (Inc's) has become an every increasing conscious reality within my mind, having had to deal with the contradictions, lies, deceitfulness, dishonesty, and deceptions that I have had to relate to, personally and in reviewing the historical documentation of these Inc. groups. Can anyone blame me for becoming ever more distrustful and filled with cynicism? Can anyone say that they are not also cynical in their newfound perceptions and possible conclusions after having reviewed what has been placed on this blog?
20. In particular, our Band has been repeatedly attacked using a wide variety of tribal and personal documents that are being unlawfully or unauthorized to be used and distributed. Some records appear to be relevant to those records from the 1990's that were stolen from our headquarters in 2005.
My Repsonse: Again, Paul Pouliot now implying that his Inc. group has been repeatedly "attacked" by the documents and commentary on this blog is inccorect and at best a "distortion". The wide variety of alleged "tribal and personal documents" are not "tribal or personal records." The documents have been and are coming from within and outside a documented Non-Profit Inc. Organization COWASS North American, Inc. as well as other Incorporated Non-Profit Organizations and other Abenaki Peoples within and outside the USA; and as such, are OPEN to PUBLIC REVIEW by anyone. The records are not being used unlawfully. I do not need authorization from anyone to post these documents having come from a Non-Profit Organization. If such an Organization such as COWASS North America, Inc. was a legitimately bonefided documented historical-to-contemporary Native American/Abenaki tribe, then the evidence documentarily, genealogically, and socially would be shown and provided without hesitation or protest. Obviously this group implying they are the Cowasuck Band - Pennacook/Abenaki People are not legitimate. We would see the evidence of their existence BEFORE their "layered" multi-Incorporating within and Under-the-Laws of Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and various western States.  
21. The use of these records is considered to be a criminal act, one of an "accessory after the fact" of the theft.
My Response: The use of the records on this blog is not a criminal act, nor one of an "accessory after the fact" of an alleged theft in Febrary 2005 or 2006.
Quoting the Aln8bak News2006-1 Jan.-Feb.-Mar. on Page 04,
"Cowasuck Band Headquarters"
The locks at the Band headquaters were also changed during the week of February 12th, 2006. Our Band Headquarters office was allegedly burglarized on or about February 14th, 2006, during the time period we were dealing with the deaths of Band members and the over throw of the Franklin Food Pantry Board of Directors.
COWASS North America business and Band historical and membership documents and records were reported to be taken. The Pouliot family delayed filing a police report until March 06th (2006) because they accused Paul W. Pouliot of taking the records when he was locked out of the headquarters?
During the break-in it appears that our computers were used to broadcast messages using our email address files. Email messages and other correspondence, had been sent using our mailing list. Statements and other slanderous comments have been made by an individual using an alias name of barry enenemaie/nativelies@yahoo.com
This individual is presently our lead suspect in the theft of our records and the distruption of our internet access. If you recieve email correspondence from this source please forward them back to us at cowasuck@adlephia.net.
On March 08, family members reported that Linda Pouliot was allegedly attacked. No further details are available on this incident.
If anyone has information about the headquarters break-in, stolen Band records, family genealogies/ records, or the personal attack please call the Franklin Police Department, Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 (508)528-1212, attention of Sargent Drake, the Police Report is #8528 dated 3/6/2006 (March 06, 2006).
On March 14th, (2006) we recieved an anonymous letter about the stolen Band records, this letter was given to the Franklin Police Department for their investigation. We also received an email message that contained a message with the same wording so we believe we know who wants to destroy our Band.
Tribal Actions and Government
~Cowasuck Band Office Relocation~
Please note, as a result of this disruption we have temporarily relocated to our southern New England office at:

2007-2 April-May-June on Page 04, "As we reported since early 2006, all of our Band and corporate records were allegedly stolen in February 2006. This theft was reported to all state and federal authorities and the matter is being considered a serioius federal crime, not merely an internal Indian community matter as some have claimed.
Those parties that stole or that have our records in their possession will ultimately be identified and dealt within the federal legal system at that time. At present we believe that our stolen Band records are being or will be used to establish another Cowasuck or Abenaki group.
Notice: If any Cwasuck Band members have been contacted by another Abenaki group in an effort to solicit you for membership or to change your membership to another group please notify us at once. We honor your privacy to your family history, but the theft of our records was no random act and was a deliberate act against you and our Band, possibly for fraudulant purposes. If any member wants to join antoher group, please do so, and notify us accordingly. We have no patience for those that want to maintain multiple group memberships which is in direct violation of our national Constitution.
Please note, we have temporarily relocated to COWASS North America
Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People at P.O. Box 54 in Forestdale, MA 02644"
22. As we review the documents and continue our investigation, it may lead to the prosecution of the party or parties involved in the 2005 theft and those that are accessories to this crime.
My Response: Again, this is an alleged burglary/theft.
23. Unfortunately some documents are also being made public by one of our past genealogists.
My Response: Indeed, some documents came from Lynn Menard-Mathieson yet they are few that have been placed on this blog. Sources of these documents are many, and some come into my possession from other un-named anonymous persons.
24. In May of 2009, a Grand Council meeting was held and that genealogist was specifically requested to return all genealogical records that were in their possession.
My Response: The operative word is "requested"
25. Boxes of records were returned but apparently some original records and some digital copies were not.
My Response: Indeed boxes of original and photocopied records were returned to the possession of the Inc. yet it was NOT a requirement by law to do so. The return of the boxes of records was witnessed in the home of Arlene Andresen of 252 Summer street in Brockton, Massachusetts 02302 by Ron Sevigney and Arlene Andresen, as well as James LaFountain and his wife Janet. The boxes of records were given back to Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise, as per the request.
26. Later, this person began a campaign of discontent within our Band and started working with the "blog" creator, and eventually resigned. We consider the use of our documents and the conduct of this former Band member to be unlawful and unethical.
My Response: No, Lynn Menard-Mathieson did not begin a "campaign of discontent" within or outside such Inc./Band, nor did she start working with my person regarding this "blog" on any level, shape or form. The blog has been my endeavor and my work from the very beginning. Lynn's "issues" with Paul Pouliot began at or after the blog was begun in late May 2009. It does not matter what Paul Pouliot and Co. considers as in regards to the use of these documents nor what they assume/think about the alleged conduct of their former Band member/genealogist Lynn Mathieson nor myself really. Their assumptions that Lynn or my alleged conduct as having been or is allegedly unlawful and unethical, is an allegation that is downright absurd and pathetic .
In summary, our Band is not alone with this type of problem.
My Response: Obviously.
27. It appears that every Abenaki group has someone that is willing or unwittingly contributed to this negativity.
My Response: This is clearly another delusional assumption by Paul Pouliot and Co. No one has been unwittingly contributing any documentation to my person for this blog. The blog's intent and purpose is in itself, and stands on its own merits/foundation. The Truth is the Truth is the Truth (aside from my biased commentary of course).
28. We are also hopeful that this negativity will "enlighten" our community and it's leaders to finally see that it may be more important for all of us to work together in a cooperative way.
My Response: Liars and Theives know no shame or guilt.

Tribal Actions and Goverment 
COWASS North America
The Abenaki Nation of Vermont
~Band Citizenship Review and Approval~
The review and approval process for Citizen applications and Band identification cards is still in progress by our part time volunteers. We expected to have more time to devote to this process, but our work load related to other and more essential issues have taken precedence, as this newsletters can attest.
Those that re-applied to the Band should not be concerned at this time because the Grand Council is considering various options to deal with citizenship issues.
29. We are also being very cautious in this process as we review the unethical actions of a past genealogist that may have mislead people into believing that they were Abenaki.
My Response: Still "pounding the sand", with allegations and slanderous statements "that the actions of Lynn Menard-Mathieson was being unethical in her words and actions, that she was allegedly misleading people into believing that they were Abenaki? Quite the contrary/opposite. It was Lynn Menard-Mathieson that was telling these people/applicants/resubmittal's, that they needed to show and provide clear and convincing evidence genealogically-speaking, to that Abenaki/Cowasuck/Pennacook/Wabanaki Native ancestry.
30. Those that are concerned about citizenship status should contact us at our headquarters directly.
My Response: "....contact us at our headquarters"? hhhh. That would be their physical residential home that both Paul Pouliot and his 2nd wife Denise reside in year-round, in Alton, Belknap County, New Hampshire. They recieve Inc. mail via P.O. Box 52 in the same township. "Band Headquarters" just happens to be wherever they happen to reside.

~Leadership Resignations~
31. In September 2009 we received letters of resignation from Lynn Menard-Mathieson, and James LaFountain, both sub-chiefs.
My Response: Indeed the Inc.'s remaining Board of Directors, did in fact receive letters of resignation from both James LaFountain and Lynn Mathieson, both of whom were on that Board of Directors, and both of whom were sub-chiefs. The resignations from James J. LaFountain and Janet R. LaFountain were dated September 17, 2009 by Certified Mail. Nearly 3.5 months AFTER I began this blog.
32. The resignations came after several months of turmoil that they created within the Grand Council and on the internet.
My Response: No, the turmoil was created due to a lack of financial transparency and turthfulness to the two Board of Directors/sub-chiefs James LaFountain and Lynn Mathieson by the Inc. President Paul Pouliot and Inc. Treasurer Denise Pouliot, Paul's 2nd wife.
33. They left under a cloud of accusations of financial and other personal misconduct.
My Response: Actually it was neither Lynn Mathieson nor James LaFountain that left/resigned under a cloud of accussation of financial and other personal misconduct. It was the very reality that Paul Pouliot and his 2nd wife were being questioned as to the dynamics of the Inc financial records (monies coming in, who was putting that monies into the Inc., and where it was going, etc) that was at issue. The resignation landed on the table, only after Paul Pouliot and Denise Pouliot refused to meet in a neutral place, discuss the turmoil going on, and to provide/show to the two Board of Directors James LaFountain and Lynn Mathieson, the financial records of the Incorporation. Apparently, Paul Pouliot has concluded that, since he created the Inc. in February of 1993, that he owns the Inc. "lock-stock-and barrel" and how dare anyone question anything about finanical dynamics of the Non-Profit; and in conclusion, nothing was ever shown and provided financially other than what Denise Pouliot, the Treasurer chose to show and provide. How convenient.
34. Unfortunately, Lynn Menard-Mathieson was also one of our primary genealogists.
My Response: Unfortunate for who? and why?
35. In this position she had unrestricted access to member and Band documents.
My Response: Not entirely true. Lynn Mathieson could not get Paul Pouliot's genealogical ancestry to show ANY connection to Native Ancestry. Nor was he going to give that proof to her, not without repeated excuse that "the records were stolen" or "it's still being worked on" without hesitation and/or protest.
36. Her discontent has become more and more public as she has been commiting many unethical and unlawful acts against the Band related to the public disclosure of genealogical and Band documents.
My Response: Lynn Mathieson's alleged discontent was caused by the failure of Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise, to be honest and forthright with the financial records, monies coming into and out of the Inc., as demanded by two Board of Directors of said Non-Profit Incorporate. Lynn Mathieson has not committed any unethical nor unlawful acts against anyone related to the alleged public disclosure of genealogies and or "Band records to my knowledge. She has not publically disclosed any genealogical or other documents that were not part of the Non-Profit Inc. of which she was a Board of Director, "War Chief" and primary genealogist.
On the other hand, it has been strictly I that have publically disclosed what documents Lynn Mathieson has retrospectively shared with me prior to her resigntion from Paul Pouliot's Inc. group.
37. If you made direct contact with her about your genealogy during 2009 or if she contacted you directly to request your documents or money, please contact our Band headquarters.
My Response: The "processing fee" for Membership/Citizenship Cards to this Inc. group were minimal at best per person/per family. What, $20.00 dollars for the Aln8bak News newsletter? As a sanctioned and approved "Band genealogist" (a primary one at that) it was the obligation and duty of her to have contact and communication with those applying for membership/citizenship into the Inc. group, directly/or indirectly, and after reviewing of such genealogical documents, perhaps she would request further substantiation of Native Abenaki Cowasuck Pennacook Wabanaki ancestral connection(s), if they didn't submit clear and convincing documentary evidence of their ancestry being native.

I have posted the first two (2) Pages of this particular so-called Aln8bak News newsletter, solely for the reason that so-called COWASS President/"Chief" Paul Wilson Pouliot (and his Treasurer Denise nee: Beauregard-Mehigan-Pouliot) have made certain specific "assumptions" about my person, character and integrity, making certain accusations and statements that are distortions and/or blatantly incorrect. Also other assumptions, accusations and statements by the Pouliot's regarding/about James LaFountain and his wife Janet, and Lynn Menard-Mathieson and her husband David also need to be addressed in this posting.
In Conclusion to my posting, this so-called "Chief" of the COWASS North American, Inc. Non-Profit, is the one who is unethical and malicious. He was perfectly fine to have conducted his own "investigations" into other Incorporate groups (this is NOT to imply or insinuate that I was employed or working for that Inc. group or Paul Wilson Pouliot whatsoever) yet when the "lense" of investigation and demand for genealogical proof from him, of his Abenaki ancestry, including Inc. financial transparency and truthfulness is demanded by two of his own Board of Directors on that Incorporate Non-Profit......

Well, as I said before, theives and liars know no shame.
They will point, their will distort, they will twist and turn
there is reason Aln8bak call these people......
Snakes in the grass
Snakes in a fur neck lined coat!

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