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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Pouliot Family: More Genealogical Work On Paul Wilson Pouliot:

Today, I recieved "anonymously" some further paperwork regarding Paul Wilson Pouliot's ancestry. Whoever mailed this documentation recently, I extend a thank you kindly. The documentation is most interesting indeed.

There is some uncertainty whether or not Jean Claude Landry was actually "Landry" or simply "Jean Claude". It is also an uncertainty whether on not the man Jean Claude was Mik'maq Indian who married to Marie Salle.

LINK: http://www.cs.uiuc.edu/homes/friedman/genealogy/Landry.htm

The name of Marie Sale', age 86, appears in the 1686 Census of Acadia living with her son "Rene." This is somewhat based on the information obtained in the 1686 census where Marie Sale' (widow of Jean Claude) is shown residing next door to Rene Landry and beyond Rene's oldest son, Antoine. In discussing Marie Sale's relationship to Rene Landry, Father d'Entremont states the following:

"The listing of Marie Sale', age 86, in close proximity to Rene Landry and his family in the 1686 census, for some time caused confusion, amongst early genealogists, concerning the parents of Rene "le Jeune" Landry." Father d'Entremont continues "that Bona Arsenault, in his 1978 publication, p.624..footnote71, says that according to Father Godbout, Rene Landry [husband of Marie Bernard] would have had as a mother Marie Sale'.

This prompted a series of errors, one of which was to create a fictious Jean-Claude Landry, because Marie Sale' is said to be the widow of Jean Claude, who is in fact believed to have been a Micmac Indian. NOWHERE in any census or other documents is there to be found an Acadian by the name Jean-Claude Landry."

In a recent letter dated July 30, 1997, to Dr. Don Landry, Father d'Entremont reinforces this by the following "Jehan (or John) Claude was an indian, of the Micmac tribe. His name occurs twice in the Port Royal Church registers, ALWAYS as Jehan Clause, NEVER given as family name Landry. As a matter of fact, if "Clause" had not been his family name, it would mean that a register gives him his first and SECOND name. Moreover, the registers of old ALWAYS give the WHOLE name of persons; but the fact is that Jehan Clause has his name given thus, NEVER with another name added to those two. If the family name had been omitted in the registers, it would be the only time that such a thing occurs in any register. Thus CLAUDE was the family name.

Just because one can find a distant genealogical connection to a 1600's POSSIBLE Native Ancestor/ Mi'kmaq, does NOT make such a descendant a Mi'kmaq Indian.

The "envelope" dated January 26, 1996 from SNEC (meaning Southern New England Coos) at the address of 810 Newport Ave. #2 in South Attleborro, Massachusetts 02703 is obviously that of Raymond "Looking Glass" Lussier. This material was mailed Priority Mail Postal to Howard F. Knight at Alderbrook Road RFD #2 Box 530A in Newport, Vermont 05855 for the amount of $3.00
There is no indication on the envelope that this "envelope" was within, to indicate whatsoever as to the "identity" of the sender of whom mailed this to my person.
It is interesting to note that "RCMP after Tom O'bomsawin, Paul Wilson Pouliot, Homer St. Francis and David Andrew Hill."
Additionally, written on this "envelope" is that "Richard David O'bomsawin (Rick)....He is a stool pidgeon for the RCMP. The (RCMP) gave him an offer that he couldn't refuse." Even moreso, is written "We've got to Clean House" and "Speaker of the House" "Money Hungry" "Worse than Wright" "Wants"
Obviously, on the front of this "envelope" it is written "Pouliot Genealogy" which is twice under-lined.

The Pouliot genealogy I will post in 8 page sections in the following postings here on this blog.

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