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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Saint Lawrence Iroquoians Pages given to Lynn Menard-Mathison by Paul Wilson Pouliot:

More information on the "Laurentian Iroquois."
Repeatedly, "genealogists" that were appointed within the "group" led by "Chief" Paul Wilson Pouliot calling itself the Cowasuck Band - Pennacook/Abenaki People, such as Norm Lavaillee, Jeanne nee: Lalime-Lincoln-Kent and later still, Lynn Menard-Mathieson asked for Paul Wilson Pouliot to SHOW and PROVIDE the necessary documentary evidence of his Native American/Cowasuck/Pennacook/Abenaki/Indian ancestry. Such was repeatedly NOT shown or provided to any of these "genealogists" to connect Paul Wilson Pouliot "clearly and convincingly" has any connection(s) to Native People's of New England. All three (3) of these genealogists have left the "group", two of which did Paul Wilson Pouliot's genealogy, and found NOTHING to even hint or indicated connection to Native Ancestry in Paul Wilson Pouliot's ancestry.
Neither did I.

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