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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Even MORE Genealogical Records Pertaining To Paul Wilson Pouliot's Ancestry:

Document 01: Paul Wilson Pouliot Chart (I placed this earlier on this blog).
Does ANYONE locate/ find and secure ANY Native Ancestry from these documents? I do not find any indication of Native American, Indian, Abenaki, Cowasuck or Pennacook Ancestry at all.
So, IF anyone out there can share with us, that there indeed is some 15th Generation Native American ancestry that is an ancestor to Paul Wilson Pouliot.....
does that make him a "Native American" or an "Abenaki"?

That mosquito died ever so long long ago that carried that alleged Native blood.

Paul Wilson Pouliot's family was NOT living as Native People.
They were NOT associating with known Native People.
The very fact he grew up, went to school, had friends, got married, had kids,
as did his brother,  
as did his folks
and no one mentioned Indian,
or interacted with Indians,
or worked with Indians,
got involved with Indians ....

well it strongly indicates that Paul Wilson Pouliot has been
"Playing Indian"
Inc. President/ "Chief" Paul Pouliot speaking at the mic
with his "War Chief"
Alan "Spotted Wolf" Champney at the 2006 Winter Social of the COWASS NORTH AMERICA, Inc.
Paul Wilson Pouliot with his 1st wife Linda Andrea nee: Whites  at a Pow-Wow.
Paul Wilson Pouliot
(The "Chief" just had to wear that T-Shirt like some Super COWASS Indian Chief)
It is illegal (in the USA) for unlicensed individuals to possess any wild bird for any reason. Birds are very easily stressed by handling.

Perhaps COWASS "Chief" Paul Wilson Pouliot, who is NOT a federally recognized Indian nor from a Historical/Contemporary Native Community, was seeking to obtain a sacred Eagle Feather, for his Laurentian Iroquois "ceremonies," that he got so deseperate to get a feather.....any feather....
he decided to "downsize"

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