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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cowasuck of North America National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation, Inc. Application for Citizenship

All I have to ask is....WITHIN the Abenaki People, anywhere at all, documentarily or otherwise such as up in Odanak or Wolinak....has anyone ever heard of the "Thunderbird Tribe of Many Nations"?
Must be like the "Burning Arrows" or "Flaming Arrows" Clan of the Abenaki?!

Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. was making this ASSIGNMENT: Thunderbird Tribe of Many Nations B.S. up as he went along. Anybody with a brain-cell left upstairs can "see" this by now. I went WTF? when I pulled this out of the closet last night, amongst other paperwork I have here.

This very document's existence, is proof enough that the Abenaki Circus is in town! Homer St. Francis Sr., Howard Knight Jr., Paul Wilson Pouliot, Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet, and so many other "Chiefs" etc are the Ring Leaders of this Abenaki Circus that is coming to a town near us all, attempting to deceive, manipulate and lie to everyone about their made-up-as-they-go-along Abenaki culture, heritage, ancestry, and history. It is such a disrespect to the legitimate Abenaki Ancestors and Descendants, such a mockery and insult to the Abenaki People.

Then again, Liars and Theives know no shame or guilt in what they have done or do.

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