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Saturday, October 24, 2009

July 07, 2009 Lynn Menard-Mathieson Email

Lynn Menard-Mathieson of Griswold, Connecticut was on the Board of Directors and was elected as this alleged Cowasuck/Pennacook Abenaki groups so-called "Tribal Protector", "War Chief" and also as their genealogical researcher/ verifier of incoming applicants who wished to joined this groups membership. Obviously, Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise, his new wife, trusted Lynn Menard-Mathieson and KNEW Lynn's ancestry, accepting her application for membership repeatedly throughout the years previous. The minute Lynn Menard-Mathieson began to inquire and then began to demand to obtain and review the financial records of incoming and outgoing monies into the Incorporation, Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise began to conduct a "smear campaign" to distract anyone and everyone from why Lynn Menard-Mathieson was upset. She'd overheard they were going to try and "get rid of her". Obviously someone had something to hide in this situation. It certainly wasn't Lynn Menard-Mathieson doing the hiding either. She was attempting to gain some kind of accountability and responsibility but of course, Paul being the President and his wife Denise being the Treasurer.....well when questions are asked, and the monies that are incoming from unsuspecting people who are seeking credible groups of legitimate Abenaki descendants, is not shown and provided to the groups very own Board of Directors on an Incorporation.....Lynn Menard-Mathieson felt that were there was smoke there was fire, and she resigned from the organization altogether. So did James Lafontaine and his wife.

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